Many Shot In Front Of Empire State Building - Live Chopper Webcam

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Update: from NYPD scanner:

U/D Manhattan: 5 Ave & West 34 St/Empire State Bldg Total of 7 people shot Perp DOA 1 in serious condition All others in stable condition.

Also, according to ABC, the shooting was apparently a result of a "workplace dispute":

A workplace dispute that erupted in gunfire left as many as ten people have been injured, at least four of them shot, near the Empire State building in Midtown.


A fire department spokesman says it received a call about the shooting just after at 9 a.m. Friday and that emergency units were on the scene at Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street within minutes.

Breaking news that the 5th Avenue and 34th street area in New York has been closed after 5 people were shot outside of the Empire state victim, including the gunman. According to police scanner reports, the perpetrator has been shot by NYPD ans is is DOA on scene, with EMS assistance requested.

From Reuters:

Two people have been killed and at least eight others were wounded in a shooting outside of the Empire State Building in New York City on Friday, according to a New York police source.


One of the dead was the shooter, the source said, adding that there was no apparent link to terrorism.

From NBC New York:

Police say at least two people were shot outside the Empire State Building Friday morning.


Authorities said emergency personnel received a call about the shooting at Fifth Avenue and 34th Street just after 9 a.m.


The circumstances of the shooting weren't immediately clear. The conditions of the people shot also weren't known.


At least one person was seen being taken away in a stretcher.

And from Fox NY:

There are reports of multiple people shot outside the Empire State Building.  FOX 5 News has learned that at least three people have been shot. The scene is chaotic as people make their way to work in the heavily trafficked area. One person is in police custody. FOX 5 News and SkyFoxHD are headed to the scene. is updating this story.

Live webcam from the SkyFox helicopter:

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LawsofPhysics's picture

Wasn't the mayor recently bragging about how "secure" his fascist piece of shit city was?

Stackers's picture

It's a good thing its illegal to own, possess or carry a gun in New York City .........        (sarc.)

Dalago's picture

There was a shooting because the person shooting knew people would be victims of restrictive gun laws.  These law biting people were victims of horrible laws that rendered them defenseless.  If conceal carry was instated this bitch would have thought twice about shooting people.  He would have been shot after the first round.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

I drastically curtailed my visits to NYC years ago. One big reason was their retarded gun laws.

Precious's picture

Somebody ordered a 32 ounce Coke.

malikai's picture

Wait, how could that happen? Guns are illegal there!

SeverinSlade's picture

This is most likely another false flag.  Betting on another "lone gunman" case despite multiple eyewitnesses saying otherwise, only to get zero coverage in the MSM.

Pladizow's picture

Come on guys, the UN gun ban wont pass itself!

Comay Mierda's picture

luckliy, the police department will respond in time and save lives, so law abiding citizens need not worry about protecting themselves, their children, their spouses, etc

ok i couldnt type that with a straight face

GetZeeGold's picture



Hope so....if not the disarmed citizens are going to be like ducks in a barrel.


Manthong's picture

If guns are outlawed then only hot dog vendors will have guns.

--  I just yanked the first story that popped up on that food cart story from yesterday..

Check out the graphic..  the artist might want to check out how a cartridge works.  : )


goat's picture

Re: Empire State Building shootings (as reported by CBS-New York): Maybe some of the reported details have changed now, but I found the same parts interesting that this commentor did:

"At least nine other people on the street were also s


"Police said it is unlikely that Johnson fired during the shootout. One witness told investigators that Johnson fired, but ballistics tests don’t back that up, authorities said."

“This is a terrible tragedy and there’s no doubt that the situation would’ve been even more tragic but for some extraordinary acts of heroism”

So... Stay with me... The shooter didn't fire during the shootout, and 9 people were shot??? That means the cops shot 9 people!!! And Bloomberg says the situation would have been even more tragic but for the extraordinary acts of heroism of the cops who shot 9 unarmed civilians? Are you kidding me?


Oh regional Indian's picture

Crazy, the volume of "Git them thar guns" type incidents. Shameless. 

Crazy country in a crazy world.

Because of course, as someone pointed out above, IS IT EVEN REAL?


Or just another piece of media fakery...

Check out the link above, the more curious, intelligent and cynical ones will have their minds blown.


DRT RD's picture

fish in a barrell. I fixed it for ya!

HardAssets's picture

On that very topic - - lives lost waiting for the police to arrive:

Seer's picture

I didn't read this (sorry) cause I'm kind of busy, but... I have to wonder whether it tries to factor in how many people die because of all the (mis-)allocated police funds for all those tanks and whatnot.  Opportunity cost.  How much food or medical assistance wasn't available because those $$s went to buy toys for the police?

Dr. Richard Head's picture

The police in my area, as well as other areas around the country, are more concerned about generating revenue than they are as it relates to protecting and serving -

Red Heeler's picture

When seconds count, the police will be there in minutes.

Seer's picture

And, really, it's always been a pretty stupid concept (misperception?) that the police can STOP crime.  Hm... perhaps it's just taken a LONG time for the programming to take affect?  With the recent strides in thought crime I suppose that they're now poised on fulfilling the "stop crime" propaganda...

fuu's picture

"One person is in police custody."

"One of the dead was the shooter, the source said, adding that there was no apparent link to terrorism."

Precious's picture

They have the corpse of the perpetrator in custody and will conduct further interrogation at the police station with his lawyer present.

sickofthepunx's picture

"doesn't apper to be terror related"


translation:  the shooter was not brown

sickofthepunx's picture

"doesn't apper to be terror related"


translation:  the shooter was not brown

fuu's picture

Well that wraps it up, danish?

Seer's picture

And then the "word" gets mangled and it comes out as "link to terrorism"...  OK, effective propaganda doesn't really require such manglings, only the mention of the word ("terrorism") is sufficient to build on prior programming, as it triggers the reflex over the word.

Or think of it as being, "there's no apparent link to the NRA."  Well, if there's no apparent link then why mention it?  See how it works?  They've got us programmed to always expect it to be about terrorism...

Ace Ventura's picture

Same here. Additionally, the obvious corruption of the NYC cops who look the other way while contraband/counterfeit products are sold on every street corner, but stand ready to haul a visiting tourist aside for daring to drink a beer on a sidewalk outside a manhattan storefront.....after local vendors told said tourist it was perfectly OK as long as the can was 'brown-bagged'.

Hilariously, street-side restaurants have tables on the very same sidewalks, with customers happily chugging away all sorts of alcohol. The ridiculousness blatantness of it all was enough for me.


malikai's picture

LAW: If you don't do it my way, you're going to the Gulag!

bobnoxy's picture

Yeah, if they had much more liberal gun rights like they have in Colorado where there have been several mass shootings...I seem to have lost my train of thought. I think you did too.

DosZap's picture

Yeah, if they had much more liberal gun rights like they have in Colorado where there have been several mass shootings...I seem to have lost my train of thought. I think you did too.


Did you leave off your SARC tag?.

Colorado does not allow CCW permits.

Ever wonder why these mass shootings occur at places where they know they will be free to murder at will?, because their chicken shits, and they have the upper hand for WAY too much time.

IF they thought they would be having to cover their six, do you think they would choose these places where the lambs gather?.

Police are reactive, not proactive at these events.They are not responsible for your safety and protection............SCOTUS ruled on that a long time ago.


A Lunatic's picture

Anybody who looks to the State for either protection or permission to protect oneself deserves to be shot. I don't give a shit if Colorado "allows" CCW. We have a RIGHT to defend our life and liberty anywhere at any time in this country. Obviously the criminal element is not law abiding..............

Seer's picture

And, really, CCW means Concealed Carry... it doesn't mean that you canNOT carry!  I'd think that a possible nut would be deterred more by seeing a bunch of armed people than a bunch that have bulging bodies (most of which are more likely from being obese than carrying [CCW]).

blunderdog's picture

It's possible to get a CCW in NYC.

Have you ever been correct about ANYTHING?  Maybe by accident.

Totentänzerlied's picture

Show me someone who has done it and 1) is not a millionaire or heir of same and 2) does not own or work for a security/secure transportation company of some sort and 3) is not a retired cop.

Totally disingenuous to compare getting a CCW in NYC, or any part of NY, to, say, Arizona or Texas.

blunderdog's picture

I don't see how I could "show you" anything, but I did used to drink with a guy who had one.  He was retired Army, did work as a bounty hunter.  Big tall fat Latin guy.  His name was Michael. Funny thing--he didn't carry often.

I remember watching him lock up a rowdy drunk one night and escort him out of the bar.  He was very protective of the young waitresses.

The big catch for most folks is some kind of criminal record.  Even just a "drunk and disorderly" makes the whole process a royal pain in the ass, not unlike going through admissions for the police academy.

MUCH easier just to get an illegal pistola, ese.

bobnoxy's picture

''Colorado does not allow CCW permits.''

Well, that certainly seems to be doing a lot of good there, huh? Didn't seem to stop those mass shootings, or any other shootings there.

StormShadow's picture

Colorado does allow concealed carry. It's been a shall issue state since 2003. Perhaps the previous posters meant the theater management doesn't allow ccw, which is correct.

The only state w/o ccw is Illinois.

Chump's picture

Aurora has a municipal ban on CCW.

Although the state says such laws are unenforceable, that would hardly matter to someone who actually obeys the law and would like to avoid confrontations with the police.

TraitorsHang's picture

Chump and StormShadow are correct. CO enacted a preemption law in 2003. For those who don't know, preemption laws cause the state law to override the laws of the municipalities within it when there is conflict. IL is *NOT* a preemption state. CO is. So Denver can pass all the gun laws it wants, but if it came down to it in court (hopefully) the gun carrying in public would win the argument.

akak's picture

Hey BobNoxious, why don't you add to your credibility here and tell us all once again how Ron Paul is opposed to ending the Federal Reserve, despite him having made such a call innumerable times for nearly 40 years and even after having written an entire book advocating exactly that.

bobnoxy's picture

Well, first off, thank you for using my proper name. As for the rest, where in this thread did I refer to him? Or any thread in here? Confused again?

Renewable Life's picture

Ok I'm for CCW and actually I would feel safer if we could just all wear a sidearm on the hip, for all the cops and criminals to plainly see! say that phychopaths and mass murderers "think" about the gun laws of a state before they do a mass shooting, is insane also!!!!

The Columbine shooters were in CO, because their parents worked at Lockheed Martin, the Aurora shooter was in CO because he was a student at U of C for the last several years, this idiot today in NY, I'm sure we will find out, has been living and working in NY! Terrorist might sit around and "pick" their targets from a militarily vulnerable standpoint, but then again, the only terrorist attack since 911 that did any damage in this Country was at Fort Hood Texas and the shooter was on a military base and killed 13, wounded 30+, and still walked out alive!!!! That place had more guns, with experts who are trained to kill, then anywhere in this Country!! Explain that shit???

So to pretend that gun laws have a single fucking thing to do with where the next mass shooting will occur, is dillusionsl and nieve, and frankly is nothing more then political bullshit invented to get cash donations for politicians and organizations who bankroll themselves ON BOTH SIDES of this issue!!!!!

TraitorsHang's picture

It's not so much a question of "where" or "if" someone decides to break down and shoot up a bunch of people. That is not the argument many of the pro-CCW people care about. That *might* matter if the shooter wanted to get out alive, but (I agree) that this is not always the case.

The thing that you have not addressed is:
How many innocent people get cut down before someone who is willing and able to take responsibility for their surroundings kills the shooter?
Look at the case in AZ where Congresswoman Giffords was shot. Go read about the circumstances that stopped the guy.