Art Cashin's "Friends Of The Fermentation" Subcommittee Meets, Decides "To Hell With The Kids"

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Some pure poetry from Art Cashin today which explains why future US generations may want to hold a referendum on being born...

From Art:

Partisan Politics Postpones Or Poisons Potential To Help Our Kids And Grandkids - Things turned a bit more philosophic at last night’s convocation of the Friends of Fermentation. It was not a plenary session but rather a more intimate group - about the size of a sub-committee. And, as often happens at watering holes, folks drifted in and out, going to a meeting or coming from one.

The core of the group was a trio of card-carrying members - a hedge fund veteran, an institutional floor broker and yours truly.

After running through the day’s events and action, the topic drifted, naturally, to the stunning leadership vacuum, both here and in Europe. Another bowl of peanuts was ordered and the conversation began to drift toward the possibility of the Fed doing a reprise of Operation Twist from the 1960’s. We began to focus on the Fed’s lengthening maturities when another shift took place.

For two decades, we have heard that “we” are saddling our children and grandchildren with a mountain of debt that would burden them potentially for their entire lives.

Study groups (e.g. Simpson/Bolles) tell us that there is no quick fix to these deficits and that they may take decades to rein in.

The group wondered aloud why the Treasury and the Congress were not being more opportunistic. Rates are at historical lows. Why aren’t we issuing 50 year or even 100 year treasuries? At these exceptional rates, that would allow us time enough and room enough to put the debt in order - a chance to structure the debt hodgepodge in an almost logical manner. It would give us a chance to hand off to our children something far less burdensome.

More ice cubes were marinated and the brain trust (ex me) concluded that the primary deterrent probably was that going to a 50 or 100 year might raise interest costs somewhat. That would yield, quickly, to political finger-pointing.

So, here it was again - politics. I don’t want to be accused of “busting the budget” by auctioning something that yields
several basis points more. “The kids? The hell with the kids! They ain’t voting in this election.”

Say, Sean, ya got any pretzels back there?

Source: UBS

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Azannoth's picture

If things progress they way they do the kids will never get a chance to cast a vote, or at best it will be a 'vote' like they had in the USSR

Crisismode's picture

By the time the grandkids have to find work, the only work available (if they are fortunate) will be on the family homestead.


In 30 years this world will look more like 1841.

SheepDog-One's picture

The kids? Hell with em....we got red nosed old worthless billionaires who need bailin' out!

Bicycle Repairman's picture

The kids?  We've been providing them with a relatively (to boomers and before) gild-edged upbringing and education.  Granny?  She planned on earning 3% on her retirement funds.  She's getting 0%. 

Enough with the generational warfare crap.  You know who the real villains are.

malikai's picture

This god he speaks of, does he not want that outcome? Are we not, collectively, doing God's work by being this way?

Maybe Blankfein was right after all.

darkpool2's picture

Out of choice in many cases---- for those that are able ( and plan wisely )

Jumbotron's picture

Crisismode says...In 30 years this world will look more like 1841.


Not quite....we have a fair bit of technology that can transistion down with us in the collapse.  Through hoarding and reuse....I think in 50 years, with a little luck, some personal home power production (solar, wind, geothermal, water) and a LOT more local production and selling of EVERYTHING, with a fair amount of bartering thrown in the mix.....we can come up from a 1931-1941 living standard to 1951-1961.

But who knows....what with the complete and utter insanity that our world leaders operate in and the fact they will bring the world to flames to save their global utopian dream of debt based prosperity and global colonialism through rapacious capitalism and global wage arbitrage......1841 could very well be the standard..

Just hope to God it's doesn't end up as 1861.....if you know what I mean.

ElvisDog's picture

I'm not attacking you, just curious. How does one go about personal geothermal and water production? I understand digging a well, but what percentage of people live in areas where it's even possible to dig a well?  And how many people can afford to dig deep enough to tap into geothermal power? Same goes for wind power. Wouldn't you need a big-ass turbine to generate enough wind power and how do you get the permits to construct such a thing on your property? Solar I can see in some areas, particulary since all that Solyndra product is going for pennies on the dollar.

Trying to Understand's picture


There are lots of folks aready doing this - perhaps a peek at either "Mother Earth News" or "Homesteading" or other like minded magazines may point you in the direction of "ground zero implementation" over "mass production implementation", big differences as I'm sure you know.

The "key" to the referenced 'lifesytle' in the post you question is working together as a community, not as a lone wolf, and that also makes all the difference.  One example is "barn raising" - a large, two story barn would take one man several months to build, but if a community got together to do it, then it commonly goes up in one day - the Amish are famous for this "cooperation" and "community building" - luckily no one "must be Amish" to enjoy or partake of such a lifestyle, whether by necessity or choice.

If TSHTF, many people will have to relocate to rural areas, and considering the % of government owned real estate, there is plenty to be had.  And "squatting" on some government lands is still legal.  My guess is - should TSHT - the govt. will be encouraging to demanding everyone move to the cities where they are "easier to take care of"...  Should that happen the Ds and the Rs will continue to be separated by "political/character" views.

Those who can "control" window lighted warehouses in the cities may end up controlling the food supply for that city, for without light, plants do not do well.... there are a varity of ways to get heat or cooling for year round production, but plants need sun light...


Thomas's picture

I also am wondering if such a reach to an even longer end of the yield curve might over the proximate trigger to the end of the secular bond bull. Right now there is a ruse going on. It might be brought into the light of day by that one.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Some of us are pretty sure that day has already arrived.  Do you feel like the candidates who are thrust upon us are even remotely what people really want to vote for?   Do you notice that when someone like Ron Paul emerges on the national stage, the entire media machine and the party machines do everything possible to crush him (quite successfully so far, I might add).  Our system is just a heck of a lot better at hiding what it is because we have staged debates and most importantly, two parties who supposedly represent different things.   As long as people believe they are electing people of their chosing, there is no revolt.  Pretty damn clever if you ask me.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

" As long as people believe they are electing people of their chosing, there is no revolt. "

People rarely if ever revolt because they dislike the political situation...

People revolt when they get hungry.

Ponzi Unit's picture

I got news: Our vote doesn't count. The same interests control both parties. If you hold views with material differences, then, like Ron Paul on the right and Bernie Sanders on the left, you are marginalized. It's a one-party fascist enterprise cooperatively managed by transnational cartels. Call it National Socialism, American style.

ImnotPOTUS's picture

Say what you want of the tenants of National Socialism, but at least its' an ethos.

BTW Did you see metah world peace on DWS? OMG LOL FAIL.....

pupton's picture

Save our children with The ultimate Jobs Plan - abolish the federal government - I saw this article on Whiskey and Gunpowder and had to share it with you all.  An interesting proposal, yet there is no implementation plan.  It starts with removing the shackles of unsound money and replacing it with Constitutional money; gold and silver coin.  If they don't control our money they will find it harder to control us.

flacon's picture

That is a very well written and good article. I agree with it completely. Thanks for posting it. 

mochadick's picture

how do I get my eyes on his regular missives...? or are they only for the well to do?  and Rosie's too?

Conrad Murray's picture

Vote with a bullet.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Flawed logic, vote with your currency and 'buy' money...

Bobbyrib's picture

Yeah, until the "recall" happens and they outlaw real money.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

We're not there yet are we? Until that happens let's see if we can get them to join us instead of beat us. Gold before lead is all I'm saying...

traderjoe's picture

Why does a sovereign country have debt at all?

Conrad Murray's picture

Because nobody is willing to rush the money changer's temple and flip their printers.

Ponzi Unit's picture

TraderJoe asks the most provocative question of the week.

Bananamerican's picture

the answer is less provocative...because it is NOT Sovereign

falak pema's picture

'cos as a sovereign it can by definition do what it likes; make war with  other people's money for other people's oil; buy, buy buy; with other people's sweat and cash on borrowed trust. You know whom I'm referring to as the profligate sovereign...n its not China. Live like a sovereign with divine rights. Right?

Now the catch is does a sovereign state then say : i don't have debts that I don't want to pay and walk away from ANOTHER sovereign state? Or will there be retribution like at Huntsville prison.... for the common man?

Think Greece today, Others tomorrow...all the way up to the top.

MachoMan's picture

Because, despite thousands of years to develop a better solution, humans have never developed or implemented a governmental mechanism which maintains a fair and balanced stasis...  for lack of a better term, we still believe in magic...  and don't really care to learn the follies of our predecessors.

SRV - ES339's picture

to line the banker's pockets... everything else is noise

ToNYC's picture


To the voter with a bullet:

Please vote for yourself first, amigo!

Corn1945's picture

Great idea! Why not go all out and issue 1000 year Treasuries?

Do people actually pay Art Cashin for his advice or skills?

FreedomGuy's picture

Actually, Art is correct. IF, if, if we are ever really going to do anything about our long term debts and deficits we need to lock in these stupid low, artificially low, probably never seen again low rates. It buys time. However, we have idiots at the helm of the Minnow and we will do the dumbest possible things. We will do the short term stuff because it is at virtual zero.

Our kids have it good but it's supposed to be that way. I have it better than my grandparents. However, we have an economic structure that will soon collapse...then we will have it worse and have to decide the way out. This is where democracy is weak. It is most likely the majority will vote for an autocrat, not a Ron Paul or libertarian.

"There is the notion that a democracy gets what is wants...good and hard."

H.L. Mencken  (Paraphrased)

Peter K's picture

Naaaa. The real gem is the following monologue from Rush yesterday:

That's why he's been on top for the last 23 years..... and counting :)

Spastica Rex's picture

That's some really real wrestling there.

Crisismode's picture

"The reason that we are in the fiscal position that we're in in this country so that people who work in government have been irresponsible, totally and 100% irresponsible. Now, being honest you could lay a majority of this blame to the Democrat Party. They live and breathe off the notion of ever-expanding government, government running more and more of people's lives."


Yeah Rush, that's the ticket! It's ALL the democrats fault! Republican administrations from Nixon to Reagan to Bush have exhibited exemplery fiscal responsibility and they all SHRUNK the government whle the Democrats expanded it!


What absolute rubbish.

LetThemEatRand's picture

90% of the population is perpetually caught up in the Red Team/Blue Team crap.   At least when someone tells you they are a Rush fan, you can save yourself the time of wondering if they have anything valuable to tell you.

Bananamerican's picture

same with the guy who says "Obama was handed a really shitty situation..."

FreedomGuy's picture

The blame is shared if you read it correctly but more is assigned to Dems. That IS correct. Frankly, we seem to have a one party system with two wings. The Dems run left and the Republicans grouse but walk left.

Ron Paul and libertarians are the only true conservatives.

snowball777's picture

Partisan putz puts pathetic platitudes public pacifying puerile pinkertons' petulant pathos.

snowball777's picture

Nah...he has talent and bow-ties; I have my hair and a penchant for alliteration.

Ponzi Unit's picture

Let's comically assume that party affiliation is meaningful and take this statement from Rush about the Democrats: They live and breathe off the notion of ever-expanding government, government running more and more of people's lives.

This is true if you can overlook Medicare drug expansion, runaway military spending, the Patriot Act, to name a few. But then I am taking this clown at his word.

Uncle Remus's picture

You're exposing his strategery.

pupton's picture


Yes people, the Democrats are the ones pissing more money away in BS entitlement programs over the last 80 years.  Social Security and Medicaid/care are ruining America's balance sheet, and those wouldn't have happened without Democrats backing them.  Yes both parties have some responsibility, but get your heads out of your asses, the Dems have been driving the socialist agenda.  Not only that, these are the people who want to divide us into categories and pit us against each other; class warfare.  The people who vote Dem are MORE responsible for the spending, yes!  I can't believe the number of people here who refuse to assign the same blame that the Dems are assigning to you.  I'll take my down arrows from you assholes now.  Are you fucksticks defending the Democrats actions of the last 80 years?  If so maybe I'm on the wrong site.

Uncle Remus's picture

pissing more money away in BS entitlement programs

The bankers and MIC are certainly not taking being #2 sitting down, no sir.

SRV - ES339's picture

He's been on top for 23 years because of the amazing number of intellectually challenged listeners... ignorance is indeed bliss Peter.

Dr. Engali's picture

Art you've seen some pretty good days. Unfortunatly those days are behind us as the system breaks down. Hopefully something better will be rebuilt but I kind of have my doubts with the current crop of leaders we have. I fear something much worse is on the way.

Ponzi Unit's picture

Dr. Engali, regrettably, I agree -- "something much worse is on the way."


Papers, pleece?

Uncle Remus's picture

It seems comrade, that your papers are not in order. Step this way.

Pool Shark's picture



Hogwash! My children's future is secure; I've invested their entire legacy in Netflix,... er,.. uh,... or was that Qwikster...