Athens By Night

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The Troika went to bail out Europe's banks (for the nth time) and all we got was this postcard of night time Athens...

courtesy of Aris

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burn baby, burn...

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Greece: once the origin of Western civilization.  Now, a burned-down debt penal colony owned by Goldman Sachs...

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Coming soon to American cities across the entire continent. When our coddled, spoiled entitled masses find out they will actually have to work for a living, they will become enraged. Think L.A. riots on an epic scale. It will be an order of magnitude greater than the crusades.

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To poly to taka taka kani to pedi malaka!

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Paris by night ... still a lot prettier ... but for how long?

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Greece has imported all of europe's tear gas.

When TSHTF in Paris, they'll have to use napalm.

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you're sorta weird, aren't you?

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Mmmmmmm, fried frog legs.  Oh wait.

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The French are verrry sensitive about their legs and feet.

They use them quite a bit ;-)

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Greece is so ripe for Marxist takeover the old Soviet Union would have been licking their chops.

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As if that's never happened before ;-)

Actually, I like the Greek people (all kidding aside)'s the thieving pols & bankers I have the problem with. It's the same across the globe now...socialists allied with bankers and so-called capitalists allied with bankers.

Both intend for their failures to be born by any nations people while any success will be enjoyed by them.

Its pretty apparent.

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so-called socialist - It's like a double negative without a postive result 

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I just got in and it's 10:18 pm eastern standard time U.S.

What's that you all say? Athens is in flames, riots are spreading, Greek riot police have run out of tear gas, and this is a mere preview of what's to come in Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain & Italy (and probably France, at some point thereafter)?

I don't believe it. The local news made no mention, not a single iota of this, but the fine institution that is that which most Amerikans depend on to get their information did harp obsessively about the Grammys and Whitney Houston.

And Adele's 'Rolling In The Deep' won Federal Reserve/ECB song of the year, as the masses begin to awaken to the scam of fractional reserve globalist banking, and they sing in unison:

Pointless demands running at full mark
Reaching fever pitch, Spartans light up the dark


Finally they see your Ponzi crystal clear
Puppets of Banksters sell PIIGS & Northern Europe out and they'll lay your ship [shit] bare


See how Northern Europeans leave with every piece of you
Don't underestimate the things that they will do


Massive fiat printers running at full mark
Reaching a fever pitch
Ultimately bringing all Europeans out at dark

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U.S is in worst shape than Greece!  --Nouriel Roubini




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Athens in ruins again.     Been that way for centuries.   Kinda rhetorical if you ask me.

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If you see the plume of smoke on the left, just in front of that is a square building with a flat roof. In there is a crackin' good kebab house...

The Big Ching-aso's picture



I think pretty soon that's gonna be a crackin' good kebomb house.

Harlequin001's picture

Yeah, you can get some real hot stuff in there...

Don't you just love the smell of fresh charcoal in the morning...

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I like the Greek people too! I think they eventually get the bankruptcy ahem, I mean freedom they deserve. I am constantly complaining about living in the US. We near BK ourselves.....and we demand the OWS to stay in line. The Greeks go out and burn the city! Who do you think will get their bankruptcy first?


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SONG OF THE FURIES (from "The Eumenides")

by: Aeschylus

      UP and lead the dance of Fate!
      Lift the song that mortals hate!
      Tell what rights are ours on earth,
      Over all of human birth.
      Swift of foot to avenge are we!
      He whose hands are clean and pure,
      Naught our wrath to dread hath he;
      Calm his cloudless days endure.
      But the man that seeks to hide
      Like him [1], his gore-bedewèd hands,
      Witnesses to them that died,
      The blood avengers at his side,
      The Furies' troop forever stands.
      O'er our victim come begin!
      Come, the incantation sing,
      Frantic all and maddening,
      To the heart a brand of fire,
      The Furies' hymn,
      That which claims the senses dim,
      Tuneless to the gentle lyre,
      Withering the soul within.
      The pride of all of human birth,
      All glorious in the eye of day,
      Dishonored slowly melts away,
      Trod down and trampled to the earth,
      Whene'er our dark-stoled troop advances,
      Whene'er our feet lead on the dismal dances.
      For light our footsteps are,
      And perfect is our might,
      Awful remembrances of guilt and crime,
      Implacable to mortal prayer,
      Far from the gods, unhonored, and heaven's light,
      We hold our voiceless dwellings dread,
      All unapproached by living or by dead.


AldousHuxley's picture

Whitney Houston's death takes priority over sovereignty of Greek citizens


On sale this week: greek olive oil.

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Yep. I was clicking through the cable news channels to see if any had coverage of Greece. Nope. All focused on mourning the passing of a burnt-out crackhead "diva." Made me want to throw up when I heard someone on the radio this morning calling for a global minute of silence. The only thing we should be morning is the death of critical and independent thinking.

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Yeah ain't that funny that NOW all people care about Whitney Houston when nobody gave a fuck enough when she was alive to help her get out of her drug addiction? If all those assholes REALLY loved her like they say they are, they would have helped her instead of acting like they care now that she's dead... bunch of hypocrites, all of them.

El Oregonian's picture

Look. I feel sorry for Whitney and her addiction but nobody held a gun to her head, she held that proverbial gun herself, then if the reports are correct, she pulled the trigger. Nobody is responsible for me but me. Yea sure its sad, so is the poor guy who joins the Army because the civilian job market sucks right now, just to get his face blown off because of an I.E.D. explodes while he's on patrol. It's all very sad.

We all have choices. Some paths are easy, others much harder. You choose what you choose because life itself requires it. In the end we're all accountable...

Spastica Rex's picture

The Western myth that free will accounts for the entirety of one's life is childish. Would that it were true.

- Former and Native Oregonian

El Oregonian's picture

Kind'a dense on your part, right?

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Especially when you can be brainwashed through TV on priotizing bullshit over important matters.


Last month gay marriage, so gays can now get in five figure debt spent in <8hours in a ritual called "weddings"

Last weekend the superbowl, so advertisers can have a field day with attention from 1/3 of US population.

This weekend dope fiend clown "singer", so Americans ignore Greek austerity and the fact that US will need it also and portray OWS as the foreign problem.

This week, hallmark holiday called "Valentines Day" where you are pressured to buy shit to prove your love.


Seriously, MSM misleads you away from important things in life to being a consumer for corporate profit.

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'This week, hallmark holiday called "Valentines Day" where you are pressured to buy shit to prove your love...'

I love me, no pressure...


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There is no choice.


Fat people are confused by choice


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Tears manufacturing just kicks in ....



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"Where do broken countries go?"

IndicaTive's picture

The Island of Misfit slaves.

Harlequin001's picture

To a Republic that thrives on bananas...

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Fried frog legs are people!!!!!!

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A great sense of humor is not correlated to weirdness...

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Yes, the obese american will put down the Krispy Kremes, double lattes, flip off the plasmas and take to the streets, to the degree of the crusades!

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Baaaaaa     Baaaaaaa     Baaaaaaa

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They will when the SNAP cards aren't refilled, the power company shuts them down for non-payment, Krispy Cream and Starbucks barricade the doors against the great unwashed onslaught, and their credit cards are declined for the latest in a long series of plasma teevees.

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Why attack the "americans"?  Do you mean the U.S.?  Chances are when the world has capitulated to the jackboot of the global banking cartel the citizens of the United States of America will be the ones who take up arms to overthrow the evil.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Ummm no chances are that your expectations kind of like Chris' expectations are not only inaccurate but are inaccurate to a degree not normally associated with anything or anyone who's prognostications should ever be taken seriously.



oldman's picture

What's that shit you're smoking? I want some of THAT!

americans are just going to write their congressman, vote, and pay their taxes like always

It is the 'jackboot' that your fucking government continually sucks you dry for that is THE problem, dude

Please, wake up dear friend    om

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However, there is a high correlation to absurdity!