Average February Gas Price At All Time High; Follows Record January Gasoline Costs

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Since everyone is buying everything that is not nailed down, preferably with both hands, on massive margin if possible, and since the global reflation trade is on full bore following trillions in cheap money dumped by central banks to prevent another re-recession within the broader Depressionary downtrend (offset for the time being only courtesy of $7 trillion in consolidated central bank funny money), it only makes sense that following record January gasoline prices, that February would see an all time high in gas as well (a detailed breakdown can be found at the AAA's website). But fear not: as the laws of supply and demand have also been usurped by the Fed, as has common sense and basic economics, both these data points indicate that Q1 GDP will also come at an all time high, because the entire economy is now purely a reflection of Apple, which as noted previously is almost bigger than the entire retail sector by market cap, and today hit an all time high as well. In fact, we are now seeing a record in new all time highs across the spectrum (if not volume - shhhh about volume), it means that even as IBM just laid off another 1,000 North American employees, that the economy has never been better either.

February gasoline costs:

and January:

Charts courtesy of John Lohman

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Bring on IRAN!!!! Horses for everyone.

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Post this quote on every page you can, every social media account you have:

"Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe"($8+/gal) - Steven Chu, Obama's Energy Secretary

Steven Chu's Europe gas quote haunts President Obama - http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0212/73138.html

And a Conrad Murray Top Tip, find the lowest gas price near you: http://www.gasbuddy.com/

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Ohhhh, I can't wait for the record $5+ gas coming during the summer months. Thanks CBs everywhere.

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Bonus laughs: BoA + Chu = "Energy Secretary Steven Chu intervened last year to push forward a government loan guarantee for a $1.4 billion project backed by Bank of America Corp. to put solar panels on rooftops" - http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142405297020405980457722966133822182...

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"How many fingers, Winston?"

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"I want to see five...I really do."

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If this recovery picks up much more we will be around $6 a gallon.

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All aboard the $8/gal Chu-Chu train or you're gonna have to ride your bike to work.

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but it will be Iran's fault so no worries Oblahblah can still win with both Diebold and the banksters supporting him.

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"U.S. Voting Machines":  Sequoia and Diebold - Election System's and Software? ___ Voting machines in U.S. proven to have been extremely,... ? [10/26/04]


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keep the horses get me a gig at your job

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We are already paying $10 a gallon for diesel In the UK (£1.40 a litre).

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If we didn't have our collective heads up our asses when the last big Western finds, Prudhoe and the North Sea, were brought on-line we would be a lot better off now...

In the future, historians and people will gape in disbelief when they see how we burned our precious oil endowment...

Shelly's Ozymandius comes to mind....

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it's exactly like a substance addiction because it is a substance addiction. The tolerance and need keeps increasing, the rationale and mental health over buying, using and fighting over it deteriorates and the necessary steps to move beyond it get harder and harder to grasp 

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I think they will be a lot more amazed that we didn't burn our central bankers at the stake like they do.


Flakmeister's picture

Central or otherwise.... gotta agree

Check the last figure and get back to me...


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Flak, you'll know this better than me, why do I keep recalling a lot of lectures saying 2012 / 13 is a shit hits the fan year?

tmosley's picture

It's always a "few years" away.

Funny, I was scrolling through old TV programs on Netflix and found one of those old "end of the world" shows that used to lay every now and then.  I remembered watching it on TV when it first aired in 1993.  They concluded the world was going to end in 1995.

To think, we've all been living in a post-apocalyptic world for almost 20 years and didn't even know it.

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My you are on a roll with the strawmen tonight...


tmosley's picture

How is that a strawman?  All predictions of unending and eternal doom and damnation turn out that way.  You don't like it?  Stop making them.

Flakmeister's picture

It certainly is...

You set up the strawman of me being a doomster, all previous doomsters being wrong, ergo I am wrong...

tmosley's picture

So what, you DON'T profess that peak oil will be the doom of any and all economic growth forever, amen?

Flakmeister's picture

Now you play with semantics...

You really do miss the PM trolls....So much so that you are now a troll in your own right...

Ciao for niao... 

tmosley's picture

I see, you don't even want to answer.  Clearly because you examined your truthful answer and realized that it just looks terrible to any observer, so you pretend to "take the high road" and bug out like a coward.

I will remember this.

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Continued from the other thread:

The difference between you and I is as follows: In technical matters, I make sure that I am informed about something before posting on it. This allows me to make factual statements and in the presence of a real expert to put myself in a position to ask pertinent questions...

Whereas you literally type bullshit as fast as you can, e.g. your classic "dissolve oil"...  

Your arguments rely on the use ad hominems and strawman...Sure, I use Ad Homs only after blowing away the Strawmen like the big bad wolf...

You are too intellectually lazy to at least inform yourself first in the most cursory of ways about 1/2 of the shit you type up... and it shows every time....

You are a clown and now you are a troll....

And you know what they say about trolls....

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What, they lie and pretend to be superior while ignoring the arguments of others in the thread?  Yes, that is what trolls do, troll.

Nice job on ignoring my arguments AGAIN.

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Hey DJ...

They could hold this plateau for C+C a few more years... IIRC,  The DOD, the Bundeswehr and the "secret" U.K. Parliment report point to 2014-2015....

I think the IEA once made highly qualified noises about 2012-2013....

In any event the falloff will likely be slow at first but there is reason to believe it could accelerate...

A lot depends on what the real potential of Iraq is and how fast they ramp it up....

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That may have been a plan.


The internet is the game changer and many, many are watching in stunned disbelief as our central (bank) planners destroy our currency and governments launch us on a string of wars inflaming the world. 


The markets are not as stupid as many central planners in their vanity may believe and it looks like they (the markets) aren't hanging around much longer.


Commodities and the stock market are going to replace the bond market.

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Interesting to see total liquids at an all time production high in Jan. , but as they pointed out, things are not always as they seem. When you look at rising population, declining net exports, and falling EROI, then the higher prices start to make more sense.  The fact that the central bankers are going bat shit crazy on the money printing doesn't hurt prices either.  The C&C number is the critcal one IMO, and that is a flat line since 2005. When C&C starts to fall, the EROI effects are going to start hitting hard on prices and economic growth, but I get the feeling nobody will understand why.

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How much do you get paid per post, and how much do you donate back to Tyler?

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Simple, add 85% taxes, it 'works' for us...we just love it..

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Very bullish for Bikes and Appalossa.

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Don't you at least have to be a High School graduate to be head of DOE??

Bunch a dumbfucks...........

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Yep... Didn't W. want to make Ken Lay (of Enron fame) his DOE guy?

Now that would have been great!

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- B. Bernanke, 3-2-2011

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Everyone knows that it's because we're in a recovery and employment's picking back up.

See Cdad's post below.

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I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue...

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... and he'll probably try to say the same thing tomorrow ... he might even get away with it if Ron Paul isn't around to shut him down ...


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Just lay off every working person, lets run companies with Robots.

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Yes---maximum efficiency and 99.9% productivity...

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Soylent Green.....it's the other 99%

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Soylent Green...the other white meat!!!

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(In the voice of Sam Elliot)

Soylent Green....it's what's for dinner.