Bachmann Wins Ames Straw Poll With 29% Of Vote, Ron Paul Takes Second With 28%

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The Ames Straw vote results out of Iowa are in, and Michelle Bachmann appears to have won with 29% of the votes, or 4,823 of the 16,892 votes cast. Bernanke nemesis Ron Paul placed second, just 150 votes behind Bachmann, at 4,671, or taking down 28% of the total. For those stupefied by this result, a source on the ground informs us that Bachmann proceeded to hand out 6000 free tickets at $30 each with a mandatory registration at her booth to gain concert entrance. Furthermore, final results were probably tabulated by the BLS. As for other frontrunners, Pawlenty came in a distant third with 14% or 2,293 of the votes. The Hill has more: "A House member has never finished in the top two; extraordinarily, two House lawmakers finished nearly neck-and-neck toward the top. Bachmann is the first woman to ever win the straw poll. "We’re very excited," said Alice Steward, a spokesman for Bachmann. "it’s a very emotional night for her, she’s excited and thankful all the hard work of the supporters and volunteers paid off...Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) won about 10 percent, pizza magnate Herman Cain finished at about nine percent, and Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) drew just 35 total votes. Murmurs of huge crowds at Waterloo native's splay on the campus of Iowa State University persisted throughout the day, suggesting that momentum was with — and never waned — from Bachmann's campaign." Rounding off the field were Santorum with 10% of the vote, Herman Cain with 9%, write ins Perry and Romney with 4% and 3%, respectively, and Gingrich getting 2%. We are not quite sure if this is the cue to laugh or cry. Our money is on the latter.

More from The Hill:

A rousing late-day speech that stressed social conservative credentials and Bachmann's ties to the Hawkeye State culminated with Bachmann beckoning undecided voters to her tent, which boasted air conditioning, seating, and performances by country star Randy Travis.


"Join me, I'm heading over to the voting booth right now," she said. "Come with me now."


Pawlenty's failure to finish in the top spot raises new questions about the core health of his campaign. The former Minnesota governor has failed to raise his poll numbers outside the single digits, and had poured most of his remaining resources into the straw poll, where he hoped a victory would infuse his campaign with new momentum. 


"We made progress in moving from the back of the pack into a competitive position for the caucuses, but we have a lot more work to do," Pawlenty said in a statement. "This is a long process to restore America -- we are just beginning and I'm looking forward to a great campaign."


Pawlenty had set expectations at a finish somewhere in the top-tier; he's said repeatedly that a first-place finish wasn't essential. But even Pawlenty acknowledged Friday that a disappointing finish would force him to "reassess" his campaign, which has set itself up as more of a traditional, nationally-oriented campaign.

As for Paul...

Paul's showing caps off an effort of almost five years, dating back to his first bid for the Republican nomination way back in 2007, when he started to assemble the vast grassroots organization that propelled him to victory in today's straw poll.


He made a midday speech to straw poll participants that was heavy on playing up the Texas congressman's opposition to abortion rights; he also emphasized his opposition to the war in Iraq and criticism of U.S. monetary policy — views that tend to place him outside of the Republican mainstream.


Paul's finish Ames makes Paul's candidacy look less like a longshot, and more like a realistic possibility. The straw poll is a good, if imperfect, indicator of Republicans choice to win next February's caucuses, and Paul's finish on Saturday makes it seem increasingly plausible that he could win those contests.

Of course, if Paul were to eventually become president, we would advise him to not come within 100 miles of any school book depositories. Also to avoid prepared food, theaters, public speeches, pope mobiles (in fact any form of transportation that goes over 15 mph), to run like the wind from any and all hot tubs, jacuzzis, swimming pools, and baths, and in general to conduct his long overdue gold standard policy from a bunker several miles underground if possible.

Alas, this may all be just a tad optimistic.

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High Plains Drifter's picture

that picture says it all............

nonclaim's picture

Between that and the Palin video where a turkey gets the head chopped off in the background I don't know which is worse...

WestVillageIdiot's picture

The caption for that picture should read, "Barney Frank, Eat Your Heart Out". 

caconhma's picture

These voting results are bogus.

whstlblwr's picture

LOL, Ron Paul spend 1/10th the money Bachmann, and she round up 200 in tent at last minute take them to vote, so she win! Now Chris Wallace say top in race are Bachmann, Perry, Romney, not Paul, LOL. If Bachmann win primary we vote Obama, she control freak, if you want big brother and surveillance in bedroom, vote Bachmann. Perry crazy and oil pocket man, not change, plus he probably not able win because gay. Romney status quo.

Only problem with Paul now is his words to give nuclear to Iran. What? Fuck. But son say would follow constitution need approval congress.

rocker's picture

Like a Shark.  The Eyes Roll Back and Gulp, all in one swallow, gone.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Well, boys and girls, it looks like we have a window, for those of you interested, in revealing to even the most sheeptastic of the sheeple (or sheople) just how pathetic and corrupt the Main & Lame Ass Stream Media really is.

I consider it no exaggeration whatsoever that the Main & Lame Ass Stream Media is one of the three pillars that's "in on the scam" that is everything forming the Greatest Ponzi Ever Known.

Lies & deceit, propagated 24/7, on an endless loop, using repetition and redundancy, to reinforce the 'story' that TPTB hope to keep spinning in some relatively successful manner.



damage's picture

He never said we would GIVE nuclear weapons to Iran, just that who cares if they develop them? Not that they could cause the mossad would sabotage them in a skinny minute.

whstlblwr's picture

Think let them have nuclear is just as bad to many.

But Rick Perry reason in race now clear. Status quo scared of tea party, so get Perry, who have evangelical hallelujah, get in race to peel votes from the socials in Tea Party for Obama win. Sound like strategy.

Votewithabullet's picture

you go now you been here for hour.

nappy hair is not allowed

ho pung yow

whstlblwr's picture

Hey racist pig, I'm not Chinese and if you don't reply, then wife can edit to your satisfaction. I speak five languages, how many do you speak?

Fractal's picture

Speak one language well more benefit than speak five languages poorly.

whstlblwr's picture

He speaks better than he writes. Writes too fast.

Chappaquiddick's picture



My ribs!!!!!

Rbh110's picture

Ron said he understands why they are pursuing nuclear weapons, not that they are entitled to them or that they should have them.

whstlblwr's picture

Pretty sure he said entitled, but we'll watch debate again.

Ted K's picture

whstleblwr----How are those Chairman Mao English class for Shanghai losers going???  Hope you kept your receipt for the refund.  Tell the Shanghai travel bureau westerners like not to have to carry toilet paper on person 24 hours a day, and at least 2-ply is preferred. Oh, yeah, tell the Shanghai Municipal Government the squatting toilet went out of style together with the extinction of monkey brain species around 400 years ago.

This was a public service announcement for Chinese downtrodden. 

American Dissident's picture

And vice versa as so creatively symbolized by the action photo.  With just a wee bit of imagination we are all reminded that the more you blow the higher you go! WE-WEE-WEEEEEEEEEEEEE

FEDbuster's picture

Newsweek eat your heart out, Zerohedge always has the best pictures!

A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000's picture

Matt Tiabbi has a good piece on her. He says that she is crazier than Sarah Palin but more dangerous because she in fact really does want to be President

goldfish1's picture

Among those on the fair circuit on Friday was Sarah Palin, who again told Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity she is still considering entering the race but was not at the fair for that purpose.

knukles's picture

A-Maze-ing (pun!) how the MSM vilifies the Tea Party.... Must be the Party line, so to speak of the entrenched interests.  (giggle giggle duh duh)
Even Tiabbi labels her as Tea Party when in fact she's about a solid, middle of the road fucking hard core, bombs away today LeMay, screw the peasantry and limit  their rights neo-conservative as can be found. (Evidence, voting record)

Thing TPTB don't get are that as many more (becoming seemingly a humongoloid percentage just so fed up with business as normal) identify more and more with this strange amorphus Tea Party, villifying it only tends to move more folks into that camp.  "Say what?  I like a lot of those idea, I identify and so now I'm a dangerous fucking member of society when all I want is to be left alone?"
Keepit up, fellas. 

AnAnonymous's picture

Or maybe teapartiers should admit for some of them that what they see in the tea party is not what the majority of the other tea party want the tea party to be.

This US citizen woman is the new idol of the tea party. A few within the Tea Party can not admit this fact but it wont change it. No misrepresentation.

whstlblwr's picture

No, Bachmann co-opt. She not talk social now to try and win Tea Party support because popular. But if debate question her, you see she not Tea Party, she ultra conservative social bitch.

AnAnonymous's picture

That is to the Tea Party to decide.

Her ideas do not matter much. All what matters is that she is empowered (or not) by Tea Partiers.

BigJim's picture

If she's the new 'idol' of the Tea Party, why'd she win less than 30% of the vote?

The Tea Party was originally a Libertarian movement, but it got co-opted by the neo-cons and neo-liberals. That's why it appears so schizophrenic.

Hulk's picture

wanting to be president should be an automatic disqualification for the job...This is a job that we want to drag people kicking and screaming into...

Gargoyle's picture

Very well stated. Sad but true.


XenoFrog's picture

Local news station reporting on the straw poll. They say it was a big win for Michelle Bachmann, then they discuss the candidates that came in 3rd-8th. Only at the end of the report do they put up an infographic that shows Ron Paul as 2nd place, and even then, they don't mention his name once.

glenlloyd's picture

IMO she attracted a lot of voters because she essentially claimed 'home state' status with her big info-push about being born in Waterloo. The real truth will be the next where she can't make such a claim.

Ron Paul made a good showing, the difference between 2nd and 3rd was about 2k votes, so not even remotely close. The rest of the group paled in comparison to the first and second place people.

I'm disappointed because she's one of a crowd of pundits / candidates who've latched onto the issues that Paul's been talking about for years...where were all these clowns when this house of cards on sand was being built? Find me some commentary from Bachmann, or any of them for that matter, from back in 2005 when Paul was nailing Bernank's butt to the wall for creating too much money / credit. Sorry, it doesn't exist.


Gringo Viejo's picture

If I'd been there watchin' her eat that corndog...hell, I'd have voted for her too.

Rumor has it McCain was walkin' around the midway with mirrors on his shoes.

knukles's picture

Truth is she's really born in Kenya (Somalia if you listen to The Donald) was married off to a white Holy Roller Missionary Reverend from The Westboro Baptist Church at the age of 13 and was later sold to the Chalulla Mexican Hot Sauce Cartel for use as a sex slave.
Let's focus here, I'm tryin' to keep it all straight.

Temporalist's picture

Even the advertising, direct marketing and outreach for all "Tea Party" wannabes mimic the Ron Paul campaigns and slogans over the past 4 years.

MyKillK's picture

No, she attracted a lot of voters by handing out 4000 tickets and saying they couldn't listen to her randy jarvis concert until they voted for her.

AnAnonymous's picture

Only at the end of the report do they put up an infographic that shows Ron Paul as 2nd place, and even then, they don't mention his name once.

Makes me laugh.

What else should have been expected? It is funny how all the pseudo people out of the system still want to believe they act convincingly.

US citizens acting in this registry, the pseudo out of the system gimmick, are as transparent as the others.

This act no longer works. It is been a while.

Paul is as system as the others, his followers are as system as the others. His part is to pretend to be outside the system, and this is the way it is staged: pretending to be put him aside. That is Paul's function.

Because how do you stage an pseudo out of the system candidate? By staging a pseudo treatment given to out of the system candidates. And that is what is happening.

The expectations are met. 

If this guy was really against the system, that would have been a long time he would have been confronted and crushed.

That is the way it is.  The US People do not sit on their hands when it comes to destroy potential threats to their US world order.

US citizens who are in the out of the system pseudo theatrics should also realize their act is no longer convincing. Just like every other US citizen.

Jason_1sandal's picture

That would mean.... OMG.... That would mean they have been grooming Ron Paul for 30 years !! It's a total f*#&king conspiracy man...!!


AnAnonymous's picture

That is not the way it works.

Some US citizens want to perceive themselves as out of the system while they belong to the system.

The place to represent there is there for the taking. There is no conspiracy in grooming one candidate for the job.

Carreer politicians (as Paul) fight over this kind of position. The best gets the position.

What is happening is by popular will.

It made me laugh because the system delivers exactly what the pseudo out of the system US citizens want: a candidate who  looks outside the system.

Would it not strange that the political representative to the pseudo out of the system US citizens is openly within the system?

whstlblwr's picture

Who came up with this line of thought? You should stay with the electronic voting story. That voting is rigged anyway, so there is no point in voting. It's easier for people to understand.

TwelfthVulture's picture

You do realize that the ideas put forth by Paul for years, long before there was a "tea party," are the very same ideals now being proposed by the tea party?

FOX news online poll: Paul crushes all others; IOWA straw poll: Paul finishes 2nd with 150 less votes than Bachmann; CNN poll: 51% of respondents disapprove of "tea party."

DosZap's picture

Twelfthvulture,@ 15:06,

Yes, your correct,the 51% eat the shit the MSM feeds them.

No one bothers to look at the facts anymore,they just grab the bait, (lies), and swallow.

That 51% is likely made up of .gub workers, Welfare recips, and young folks who are clueLESS.

They have been brain screwed by the Federal NEA school systems.

Never read the Const, BOR's, or the Amendments to it.

The system has been Marxed.

optimator's picture

Our news headline was "Bachmann wins - Pawlenty in".

goldfish1's picture

Our news headline was "Bachmann wins - Pawlenty in".

Around here: "Rick Perry spoils Bachmann Win"
The fraud is pervasive and all encompassing.

whstlblwr's picture

It's how scared they are.

goldfish1's picture

Pawlenty withdrew today.