Bad News Is Bad News Again

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We explained last week why the initial exuberance from QEternity was likely to fade since it basically removed all suspense from futures FOMC announcements - i.e. that bad news would once again become bad news as opposed to bad news stoking the hopes or more-er QE. Well this morning's bad news - to wit: China PMI, Europe PMI, and US initial claims - has indeed had a detrimental impact on S&P futures as they approach fresh post-FOMC lows.


S&P 500 futures face quite a cliff here...


Charts: Bloomberg

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Tense INDIAN's picture

Thanks ...I can enjoy my shorts for the next 2 weeks

greyghost's picture

oil under $ long before the peak oilers return and tell us this isn't about manipulation of price, but a fifty year old story about running out of oil? don't talk that book...don't talk that book

JPM Hater001's picture

I think I can speak for most everyone

WTF are you talking about?

Can you at least make an effort to keep it Germain?

greyghost's picture

wtf are you talking about????? please fell free to follow "all" the non germain topics below!!!!!! kiss off clown

Hohum's picture


Am I to assume that you think world oil production will rise indefinitely?  Do you think the net energy from oil extraction is getting better?

doubledutch's picture

Indeed unlimited,because crude isn't fossill and peak oil with the related CO2 story a hoax.

Hohum's picture


Please give me some of what you're smoking.

aint no fortunate son's picture

I think you meant you can enjoy your shorts for the next 2 HOURS - heeeeeerrrrre comes swifty, right on schedule..............

you forget, you're shorting the coldest, most bloodthirsty and desperate cretins in the history of "finance"

JPM Hater001's picture

Sniff sniff- I smell 13000.


disabledvet's picture

For WHOM you idiots?????!!!!

Shizzmoney's picture

Please just crash.  I don't have the patience to deal with this shit for another 4 years.

krispkritter's picture

Yeah, I wish QE stood for 'Quick Ending'...

Nussi34's picture

Bomb the PIIGS!

Catullus's picture

It's stick save season

malikai's picture

PPT to battle stations STAT.

Doublescythe's picture

Long $AAPL. BTFD!!!!!

Dr. Engali's picture

              <------Send in the drones

              <------go golfing.


The U.S embassy in Pakistan is under siege. It's nice to see we are loved throught the world. Obama will....



malikai's picture

Not fair! I can't chose both.

JuliaS's picture

<------Send in the drones and go golfing.

<------Send in the drones and go golfing.

Problem solved.

goldinpenguin's picture

Time to give them a good droning, teach them some manners.

LULZBank's picture

US embassy in Pakistan is CIA Central. Theres another one, in Peshawar, right in the heart of the shit storm.

For those who didnt know, a CIA safe house was also on the same road as Osama's alleged compound, along with Pakistan military academy.

Everybodys All American's picture

... and Al-qada safe house is the rest of Pakistan .

LULZBank's picture

So they can spread peace and democracy to places like Libya and Syria...

Scalaris's picture



Will any embassy damages be paid by the Direct Overt U.S. Aid Appropriations and Military Reimbursements to Pakistan fund?

Which is ironic, because this paper says that U.S Taxpayers have been funding Pakistani corruption.


DroneGolfer 2000™  - Coming this Christmas in stores Nationwide

LMAOLORI's picture



Noooo say it isn't true that's obama's Good War (sarc)

PaperBear's picture

And the cartel bashing gold/silver.

yogibear's picture

Yawn, the FOMC already threw all their cards on the table. No more surprises.

The FOMC can talk about Jackson Hole and their golf games.

Threeggg's picture

It's called the Quadwitching rinse cycle !

and then Wash, rinse & repeat.........then......

LULZBank's picture


S&P going down on this news? I was wrong...

GolfHatesMe's picture

I certainly would like Sept 20th to be the day I can stop banging my head on the keyboard.

Vincent Vega's picture

Bad bad news is now bad news again or is it bad good news is bad news again or is it good bad news is bad news again? Fuck it...drunk again tonight.

Count de Money's picture

Diageo (DEO) is bucking the trend and is up today. So there's your answer: Go get drunk!

MillionDollarBogus_'s picture

Off topic - was looking at an old ZH post and found this;

Thu, 12/09/2010 - 11:08 | jimgcpa

Gold mania will pop in the first quarter of 2011.  All you idiots who can't get enough at $1400 will be puking it up for $1175 very shortly.


WhiteNight123129's picture

Gold mania will have a correction when Corporations are scared about Gold mania. Circular but I believe it will be true. Gold mania ==> scares corporations and rich into dishoarding their ~dollars~ (help with yield curve manipulation by the Fed) and get them into spending or into capex despite low rerturn==> increase circulation and nominal wages ==> removes the incentives to print ==> sharp knee-jerk sell-off in Gold. ==>Ben has stopped printing because inflation rain is coming on dry land, people realize that inflation is forcing even more dishoarding which is feeding more inflation so people buy back Gold to ~protect against inflation~ ( whatever BS,it is true because it is true, circular as well), gets into parabolic upward move while GDP is printing 4% and inflation at 5% sell because not threat of Gov bond collapse or deflationary turning into hyperinflation. 



Quinvarius's picture

Looks like the shorts are back for another beating.  Mr. Bad News...Mr B...He's biting me!

toady's picture

Interesting ...

Now that the fed has shot its wad, where do the next funds to price-in come from?

The political pimps better find a new john for the financial whores quick!

FuzzyDunlop21's picture

Markets are acting kind of sane....BLACK SWAN

Temporalist's picture

Looks like the effects of the enemas from the QEouches are losing their duration and potency.

john_connor's picture

what about decreasing IOER?  The suspense is killing me and I await with baited breath!

indio007's picture

QEternity for MenTM

"Because hard money smells funny."

Lost Wages's picture

LOL. Bonds in the 401K. Silver at the bottom of the lake. To think Bloomberg almost brainwashed me into buying stocks last week. Glad I sat on my hands and didn't fall for the MOPE. What almost pushed me over the edge was Marc Faber saying equities were better for inflation.

PivotalTrades's picture


We are Opening Our ES vs CL Compression Trade once again:

Short December ES 1450 and Long December CL $92.50


Jeremy Roenick's picture

So the new shelf life for QExuberance is about a week or less....  OK, got it!


At this rate, will need weekly reminders of QEternity to keep the market moving sideways.