Bank Of America = 6.66

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Can we all just fast forward to Tim Geithner making apocalyptic threats if he doesn't get TARP 2 to bail out Bank of America (which in turn will "help" Rick Perry) please?

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I'm watching Final Destination 6... starring Bank of America.

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Blight on Americas problem now is everyone hates them, no one wants to sign over their kids futures to save the rats.

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I've been saying BofA is going to zero for months now. Not that I want them to. When they do, it will be Armageddon. BofA is the red headed step child of the banking elite.

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"Not that I want them to"

I want them to ....america needed to see this evil bankers induced horror show 3 years they'd know who to HANG

....oh, and "Fuck China" (testing the PRC response team...)

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sorry to be contrarian to y'all, but i don't think there's any chance of BoA bailout. why? that would be another goldman-j.p. rival taken OUT! they'll let barclays, goldman, hsbc and jp strip the carcass...

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They don't give a flying fuck what we want.

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I joined the BAC short club today. Short BAC, Long XLF hedge. let's rock and roll!!! 

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You should tell IQ145.....he went long last week.

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I love it when a plan comes together!

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Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of banksters.  Maybe the FDIC can step in Friday afternoon? 

Wish I had some money to pull out of Bof A, but all I have there are mortgages (CFC legacy loans).

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 A couple weeks ago I suggested to my 89 year old father that he pull his cash (250,000K+) out ofBAC and move it to secure credit union. He talked to my dumb shit older brother who told him I was over reacting (the same dumb shit brother who convinced my father to sell his physical gold which he bought on my recommendation back in 99 ($350/oz) but soon sold it after my dumb shit brother told him to do so (relic and all that) So, instead of having over $1,000,000 worth of physical gold he is now going to loose the rest of the inheretance. Older brothers suck!

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Jesus, what a horrible story.  And I'm sure you're older brother will not be able to help out your father when he is destitute.

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Don't ever give a penny to your father or brother. Teach em some financial dicipline!

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I hear you on older brothers.. My father had a patriarchal sense that son #1 should be entitled to the business and opportunity.  I had to go out into the private sector while the idiot that was born first poisoned my father's ear with the same dumb shit you speak of.  

There is no common ground dealing with a self rightous pharisee.  

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at least Geithner is so short he won't have to get down on his knees to suck Pelosi's dick

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Glad to see them take Merrill fucking Lynch down the toilet with them.

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"Bank of Amerikkka, we'll help you out!"


"All we require is the souls of a thousand children, and 10 pints of virgin blood."

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Speaking of Rick Perry ("my" governor), here's some dirt on the coke snorting, stripper-tipping, porn-investor. The consensus among gay guys in Austin is that Rick swings that way, too, but nobody has stood up to say they had carnal knowledge with "governor goodhair",... yet.

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And it's gone!


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Awesome, 342/356 CDS - and those long Nov puts posted a few days ago are probably working as well.

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Henny Penny Timmy: "The sky is falling, the sky is falling."

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"Their" sky is indeed falling, so he is telling the truth to some extent.  The problem is that the machinations they use to keep their sky up is pulling "ours" down.  I look forward to the paper bugs wealth destruction coming to its final conclusion.

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CNBC, Bloomberg, BofA, Wall Street = Henny Penny
Timmy, Bernanke and Obama = Foxy Loxy

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 my post this morning CCB and Bac

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If you're '555', then I'm '666'!

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If you're dumb, dumb, dumb buy our shit, shit, shit.

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and you move it all about

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"This monkey has gone to heaven..." -Pixies

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BOA bank shares falling is a non-event.

Either the bank will be bailed out, and investors reimbursed.
Or it will go down with all investors on board.

It really boils down to WHO are the dominant shareholders.
If their last names don't start with 'R', then it could go down!

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Take your anti-semetic race hate elsewhere!!!!!

ho ho ho

Herbert_guthrie's picture

Sorry I don't take criticism well, but I am working on it.

How does a last name starting with R make me anti-anything?
Banksters know no nationality or crede, so why would I care where their heritage lies.

I am an equal opportunity child of the universe.
Take your narrow mind elsewhere baby.

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It's called I am an idiot........

Apologies Oh Worthy Knight.

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Does anyone know which back Jom Rogers was short? BOA or JPM??

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Funny not to see a collapse in the BAC preferred series L which with the common at 6.66 should be trading much lower than $793 (par value $1000).   Equities markets fear a dilution of common stock, but not the elimination of preferred dividends.  This is not as bad as 2008-2009, when BAC-L traded down to below $300 on BK fears. 

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If the preferred shares are dependent on a recapitalization which can't happen because the common shares are poop?

Patience, leafhopper.

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Im not in equities, but if its anything like the BACORP bonds, its cause the prefs are nowhere near as liquid as the common which trades what, like 500mm ADV. Im sure anyone wanting to make a market in an illiquid share would have moved the b/a wide enough to off-load any particular risk there would be..

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BWAHAHAHAHA Cunt Tree Wide Bitchez!

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Peter Griffin to Quagmire: "Quagmire, uh, doesn't the word country have an 'O' in it?"

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I guess BTFD doesn't apply to zombie banks?

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Not unless you mean Burn the Fucking Dollars.

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Burn the Fucker Down?


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I hear there's lots of boats needed for hastily-arranged shipments to Caracas.

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Removal of Gaddhafi's gold is a big job