Bank Of America Locks Out Its Online Clients For Second Day In A Row

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No, this is not due to everyone pulling their money online at the same time. Uh uh. Not at all. Nosireebob. And no, those rumors that BofA will charge you $4.99 to access your account online are just that - rumors. At least for now.

Luckily, if you want to access your online account, you can. Oh wait, we meant to say you can't.

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I recommend all bitchez swich to Everbank.  You can even bank in other currencies.

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I'm sure everything is "fine" over at BAC.

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I got lucky from all their technical difficulties. apparenty, my BAC credit card completely vanished from their system. i was on the phone with them for 1 hour friday trying to pay the damn thing, and the 4 employees I talked to said the account didnt exist.

this bank is toast

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BAC is transfering accounts.

You'll soon get a new bill in your mailbox....from Goldman Sachs!

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Pay the Vampire Borg Squid, Bac!

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Anyone that has a bank account with BofA is either not paying attentions or plain stupid.. Or both..

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Not when your BAC debt disappears

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shit, your disappeared debt just showed up on my federal government liabilities statement.

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The website is slow, but it is working.  I've performed transactions.

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HIt the ATM.  Made a large withdrawal.  No problemo.

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Just substitute 'website' with call-girl and that's exactly how I would describe my last encounter with a hooker.

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What did you do beside change your mailing address?

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My sister in-law works at Fannie Mae and said there has been some strange activity with BOA in the last few days.  My sister is a realtor and is hearing about BOA loans being unable to close or be underwritten.  I know, it's not reliable info and it's barely even info, but I'd just like to throw that into the mix.  My sister just closed her BOA account today.

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Exactamundo!  I recall, around several years ago, I happened to turn on the godawful faux crat (phony dem) Bill Press show, and some douchebag self-described "savvy professional Black Woman in her mid thirties, was switching from B of A to JPMorgan Chase!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfrigging believable how ignorant these Ameritards are????

Yes, anyone still with the criminal, and insolvent, Boink America is truly bereft in the neuron and synapse department.

But as to their IT --- I was interviewed for a network controller job there, and the douchebaggers asked me if I knew what a 1099 was (I faked it and acted like I was thinking about all the hardward I worked with as I didn't want to work in an all-males department.0

BofA deserves to go down, and go down hard......

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savvy professional Black Woman in her mid thirties

guess we have a strong contingent of that demographic posting regularly here, as the BoA weekend thread proved - still letting the TBTF use their "money" by holding balances large enough to escape monthly fees - "savvy" - /sarc.

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A friend who was laid off a couple weeks ago applied for unemployment for first time - been working 30 years.  Said process easy, on-line, took about 35 minutes.  Was surprised to have just received a BofA debit card to access her unemployment benefits that will automatically be put there.

Really?  BofA is the government's arm for delivering unemployment benefits now?  Not a check, but direct deposit to BofA.  At least in Northern California.  So . .  could everyone accessing their unemployment for 1st of month have crashed their system?  

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I am just outside Chicago and my unemployed friends have Chase debit cards for unemployment.


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I am just outside Chicago and my unemployed friends have Chase debit cards for unemployment.

Texas uses them here also.

Guess what, in NORMAL times we had 52 weeks total if you had worked enough quarters.(unless you were illegal)

And if there was a balance on the card(for any amount),you could not get it by going in the bank and to a Teller.

Had to use ATM,and if you had $19.99  left in (Min W/D was like $20.00),YOU LOST IT.


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uncle sam, ben, and cousin tim, love spreading the wealth..its the wealth effect, y'know..TBTF=the banks that fuckya

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"in NORMAL times we had 52 weeks total if you had worked enough quarters"


really? I worked for over 20 years at the same place and when I was laid off I received 26 weeks of unemployment. THAT is the norm, not a whole year!


No Shit

I was on unemployment in June 1989 in texas and it was 26 weeks, not the 52 and 99 weeks that some people have. Texas is notorious for paying low unemployment. When you need it , it sucjks but you also don't get hooked on the crack pipe for 2 years


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So Texas' low unemployment payments is a crackpipe? 

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Or the system is being "crashed" in order to prevent people from accessing benefits?

Testing... 1... 2... 3...

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In the day when people would start a bank run, you would know it due to everyone trying to get to a teller window. Is this how an electronic bank run plays out?

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Now it's the 15 minutes to load a page gimmick or asking for your user name and/or password a couple of hundred times.

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i went to deposit a small amount on friday and bofa offered me $100 to transfer funds of at least $25,000 from my "other" bank accounts into my bofa account. my short response was: wait, so now you want ME to bail you guys out?
the look on that teller's face was priceless as he tried in vain to keep his chuckling to a minimum.

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"Really? BofA is the government's arm for delivering unemployment benefits now?" Its different from state to state.  I'll look it up.

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oh well, can't find it anymore.

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Thanks for trying.  I'll look too.

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Thanks Carmagnole!  Great article.  You other folks should read if have time

In a letter dated August 9, California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) announced it was discontinuing the practice of mailing unemployment claim checks to EDD recipients. Instead, the letter explained, the EDD was introducing “electronic benefit payments” that could be tapped via an EDD Debit Card. 

EDD cited only one argument for the change: “You will no longer be waiting for checks in the mail.” 

What the EDD’s letter did not fully explain was that, under the new system, in order for the state’s 2.2 million unemployed to retain access their all-important EDD checks, they must first agree to become customers of Bank of America. 

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So, in Northern California anyway, BofA will "make" $60/year on people unemployed by them being forced to access benefits through the debit card and therefore incuring the $5/mo fee.  Sure sure BofA said they won't charge for ATM use, only debit card swipes elsewhere . . . but how soon will that be adjusted?  And if Illinois and Texas push unemp bennies through Chase, who soon until they charge for same.  

Our government sure does love the big banks.  

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BofA, formerly the NationsBank Corporation (that's who bought them in a clever and snarky backroom maneuver, involving DB Shaw, Mellon Bank, Goldman Sachs and failed Russian bonds, etc.), owns North Carolina, and JPMorgan Chase handles the majority of those cards elsewhere.

Not a reliable excuse...

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Exactly right.  B of A will simply be absorbed by another member of the mafia banking cartel which owns the privately-held Federal Reserve.

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another member of the mafia banking cartel


you're such a gentleman Tuco   *smile*

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Thats exactly what is happening, they are in the process of liquidating, but who will hold the toxic debt that BOA was "asked" to swallow from Countrywide.  I know Goldman will only want bank accounts to take over.

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I had something similar happen in June -- my only remaining account with BofA was a credit card with 20+ years of history on it. Their explanation was that there was an undisclosed hacking incident and they had to replace something on the order of 250K credit cards, and mine was one of them.

Perhaps they got hacked again, but at this point I'm inclined to believe that people are leaving in droves to the point it's overwhelming their systems.

In my case, it was the last push I needed to move over to a credit union, though my primary banking was already outside BofA.

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Wish they would lose my home mortgage!

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A bank holiday will mean all banks close.  Take away the trill that BAC has in deposits and you take out $10 trillion from the system, due to their fractional reserve leanding tactics; and yes, they are fully leveraged.  Run tell dat.

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a virtual rehearsal for a virtual hearse

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I don't think this will be a 'bank holiday'. It's more like 'bank sick days'.

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You can even bank in other currencies.

Oh, good, that makes me feel so much better,more paper.

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Actually,  Everbank also lets you bank directly in Gold and Silver accounts.  Even *allocated* gold and silver accounts.

I'm no fan of banks -- but Everbank is on my short-list of banks to 'not hate'.



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Midas Mulligan -- refreshingly, only one branch.

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Heck, even Monex provides PM storage. It's been going on for hundreds of years. Everyone wants to hold your PMs. The problem is that they can cheat on that a little and create enormous potential to make themselves wealthy without taking on any of the risk. You take the risk.

And they'll tell you it is all insured by Lloyd's of London. As if PM buyers take action based on what the brochure tells them. Well, some do, unfortunately. Boggles the mind.

Rent a safe deposit box. Or use a shovel and lots and lots of concrete. Don't use someone who can say, "Lloyd's of London".

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Keep your PMs cool, dry and nearby.  A safe deposit box does not qualify!

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Who will insure lloyds when they go down