Bank Of America Locks Out Its Online Clients For Second Day In A Row

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No, this is not due to everyone pulling their money online at the same time. Uh uh. Not at all. Nosireebob. And no, those rumors that BofA will charge you $4.99 to access your account online are just that - rumors. At least for now.

Luckily, if you want to access your online account, you can. Oh wait, we meant to say you can't.

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So you are buying something just to burry it? If you are hoping to grow more, I think you are doing it wrong.

Man gold bugs are crazy!!!

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Safety deposit boxes are rendered useless in the event of a bank holiday. And the fuckheads @ IRS can access them.  However, the thought of keeping real money in a ponzi/fiat facility would be somewhat thrilling...

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my favorite is my piggy bank..used for ag and au.

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LOL, hehehe....go for the Greek Drachma.....

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I was the first here, and that is why so many negatorials.  Just Pissed off bitchez that don't bank anywhere.  losers.

Everbank is really good.  If you've got cash to stash put it with Everbank.  Currencies, commoditiy backed accounts, you name it. 

Do those shills at BofA give you those kind of choices?  BofA is the all American Drive through liquer store of Banking.  It's really good for underaged drinkers out in a cruise in mom and dad's car.  And that covers most of Americas Banking needs.   IMO 

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The chief is right folks.  Been with EverBank ever since they absorbed the (failed) NetBank.  It's a good bank.

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Thunderchief Rant - Sponsored by EverBernank!

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Most folks are better off with a local credit union.

Did I just say 'folks'?, that sounds like Barry O in jivin' mode...jeez.

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What do you know...EverBank is an owner of MERS (with a lot of other bad company):

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what about buying diamonds as a safe way to protect cash?

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What a load of crap. BAC is freaking doomed. Get it over with already.


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What a load of crap. BAC is freaking doomed. Get it over with already.


Even with a 3+Trillion( NON APPROVED) secret loan?.............sheeesh, what a clustefoxtrot they must be in.


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So THAT is what is making the market go up?  BAC sidepocketing their retail deposits for a one-day ES pump!  Oldest trick in the book.

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Oh boy...


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blogging and excerpting suskind's new book conmen here


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Burn BAC, you bitch, BURN............

bania's picture

there must be other "if you like, you can:" options, no? WB7???

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who do they think they are, e-trade? lulz

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Read that Anon was responsible for the outage the other day. Don't know if its true.

pan's picture

Bank run bitchez!

Cassandra Syndrome's picture

Ever notice there logo looks like 3 elevens or 3 twin towers?

scatterbrains's picture

That's 11/11/11 which is the same as 666  digitally.

Fukushima Sam's picture

11 = 3 in binary

110 = 6 in binary

bid the soldiers shoot's picture

That's what the Arabs told us when we bought the zero from them. I always liked those Xs,Vs, and Cs better.

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Aw, what's a bit here and there really amount to, between friends.  That's what checksums are for!

scatterbrains's picture

0110110110   maybe then ? I was trying to make it easier on the eyes.

pointer's picture

November 11, 2011 is upon us - could be.  These elitists love to use symbolism...and if everything is rigged they can destroy anything whenever they want.  Will 11-11-11 be BoA's day of fate?  11+11+11 = 33 (as in 33rd degree freemason) AND add all the 1's up and it = 6 (as in 666 - which is short for 60, 60, 60 which are the degrees of each angle on a perfect triangle - as found on the back of a dollar bill.)  Hmmm....

This might raise some eyebrow's of anyone who has looked into "conspiracy theories" and the "occult".  9-11-01 was an occult ritual in my opinion.

It could all be a bunch of BS, but I'm just a slave/peasant guessing what my "masters" will do next.

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I use symbolism also, but my extended middle finger is starting to get sore.

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It is also the release date for Skyrim, which should be a nice distraction from the craziness of the real world for a while.

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Maybe today we will lose the 6 handle on BAC.

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Just once I'd like to see the MSM reporting on this, naw, that would really push J6P over the edge in the middle of his TV dinner

SilverRhino's picture


Forgive the double entendre on that one but it's so true.

marcusfenix's picture

+1 for getting the lethal weapon reference in...

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

They film you while they fuck you. Who knew...BofA is a porn producer as well!

Hot upskirt ATM action.


Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

Yes, I position the actual penetration in front of the convex mirror for maximum entertainment.

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"Corporate customers have pulled out of BAC.  A frustrated BAC could not be reached for comment."

bid the soldiers shoot's picture

What's the skinny? Are they a good fuck?

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looks like Anon, and script kiddies are attaking BAC with their low orbit ion cannons. occupy wallstreet, online.

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LOIC is so last month.

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The quickest way to stop a bank run is to chain the doors!