Bank Of America Locks Out Its Online Clients For Second Day In A Row

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No, this is not due to everyone pulling their money online at the same time. Uh uh. Not at all. Nosireebob. And no, those rumors that BofA will charge you $4.99 to access your account online are just that - rumors. At least for now.

Luckily, if you want to access your online account, you can. Oh wait, we meant to say you can't.

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My daughter has an account there.  Just tried to sign on and it is unavailable.  

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It's actually worse than I thought:

"Tara Burke, Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC) spokeswoman, said that, “The website is now fully operational. The recent problems were not the result of hacking, and no customer information was compromised”."

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Read the fine print: "..... company reserves the right to close any part or all of the website for routine balance juggling and number jiggering"

"No customer information was compromised.".

Just sold to the highest bidder. : - )

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I ended a 30 year  involvement on last thursday and the little woman began to sever ties on saturday.

We both opened accounts with BECU.

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Fuck you Buffet. Fuck you Mozilo. And fuck you Bank of America. There, I feel better.

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So every time someone access their bank account online, BAC gets to buy back a share of their stock?

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Won't let me in.


I started to get worried for a second but then I remembered I clear out my account every payday and buy gold.


what me worry

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me too. i just use them to xfer $ to gainesville coins, provident metals, et al.

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Bank Failure Bitchez!

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BOA foreclosed on an anjoining property to mine 2 years ago. They have not done anything with the property. The weeds are so tall you can barely see the house now, so I went down to the court house to find out the status, last tax payment was 12 months ago...waiting to see if they make this years tax payment... ;)

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@Rusty Shorts - Good luck on that tax lien certificate purchase. ;)

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Rusty, SInce you already have the varmints moved in due to the overgrown lawn break a few windows - it will lower the value of the property for BOA and your varmint problem won't get any worse.  Hell I'd throw in a road flare too.

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You're probably looking at a 2 years wait for the property to be certified to the state.  Then you're probably waiting another 2 years for it to be auctioned...

Check out your state commissioner of lands' website, or the equivalent.  See what vintage they're selling in your county...  my guess is it's either 2006 or 2007...  keep your powder dry and don't fire til you see the whites of their eyes.

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Rusty, I recommend you read up on Adverse Possession.  At the rate things are going, you could end up owning the neighboring property free and clear, depending on what state you're in.

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Not really...  kind of a fruitless endeavor if anyone intervenes during your period of possession (e.g. tax authority, bank, popos, city for condemnation, home owners association, you name it).  The tax sale route will net him the property more quickly and all the bozos who want to run their mouths can file a lawsuit if they want to object.  Here anyway, you're looking at 7 years for adverse possession and only 4-5 for tax sale...

as long as the proper parties are notified, it's game on. 

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BOA is definately transferrings accts... just bought credit card business from FIA Card Svcs with transfer effective Oct 1. Not sure if this was all cc business or just the dead-beat customers that pay on time. 

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Just tried to get on (ine of our CCs ended up with them). Got this mnessage:



We apologize, but Online Banking is operating slower than usual.We are working to restore full service as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience

If you like, you can:

Continue Online Banking.

Access Merrill Lynch Online .

Find a Bank Of America ATM or branch."


Clicked "Continue Online Banking"


Answered a challenge question, got my sitekey, then screenw ent blank and 5 min. later has not changed.

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Why would anyone for any reason bank with BAC C, etc. Just do not get that. When 95% of banking is online. Direct deposit of checks, some small banks have free ATM withdrawal from other banks. You can scan company checks on your computer, Iphone. What am I missing guys? This does not take a PHD like Krugman has to figure this out.  You support a stinking thief, one that has robbed from millions and continues to rape every chance it gets.

Makes absolutely no sense except being "lazy".

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Who wants paper and digital vapor anyway?


"The U.S. Mint sold 112,000 ounces of American Eagle gold coins last month, the most since January."

"Gold is in the 11th consecutive year of its bull market, the longest in at least nine decades, after investors accumulated 2,236 metric tons of bullion in ETPs. That exceeds all except four central banks’ reserves, data compiled by Bloomberg show. HSBC Holdings Plc expects gold to average $2,025 next year, compared with $1,875 for platinum, an 8 percent premium."

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cannot find platinum anywhere right now. got any leads on that?
and silver is a better "buy" than gold right now.

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And platinum has fallen farther than gold.  It's more of an industrial indicator and gold is being bought by nations and central banks still:

Found this on and also a Martin Armstrong interview is linked there to

Qatari wealth fund plans $10bn gold buying spree


KWN Martin Armstrong

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Citi doesn't appear to working either.


try to select an account and you're rerouted to an adverstisement.

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Normal BoA customer service, I see.

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just a website and you make it a bad news......

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does Ken Lewis still have access to his BOA online account ?

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You may call it doom and gloom. We call it reality.

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indeed, it's only "doom and gloom" if your mindset needs that "happy happy" fix. . .

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good lord man, it's called grammar, if you're going to yell here at least make an effort...

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He's texting via Teletype.  Give the poor guy a break! :)

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Tried to access ATM at BOA at local branch here in MASS on Friday.

The ATMs were not available; they all had the "blue screen of death".

The irony.

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That would scare the shit out of me if I saw "temporarily unavailable" during banking hours. And this is an informed blog. What is wrong with you good people?

BAC a 5 handle today???

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Fucking morons will likely add a $5.00 monthly charge to acces accounts online.


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there's that $5.98 print 

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Don't walk, run to your local BOA branch. AS FAST AS A LEOPARD.

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But, But.. What about my free checking? Hal!? Hal!

S&P broke bad so I'm cracking open a cold one.


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So seriously what will happen if BAC fails? I assume they will shutter their doors, bank holiday then what?

Can we have a serious discussion as this appears extremely likely?

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1. The bank will be taken over;
2. History as our guide tells us the new owners of the bank will limit cash withdrawals to a max daily and monthly allowance;
3. It will be revealed that Bank of America was, indeed, the official Bank of America and that we are now all Warren Buffet's adopted step-children;
d) Anyone with a BOfA pension can get the fudge out.

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I'm thinking nationaliation.  Who would touch it with the Countrywide issues?

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Lots of rotating lights seen charging up Sixth, plunge protectiom team?

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its almost an electronic bank holiday...this wont get BAC many romantic dates, imo.

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"A stitch in time saves nine."

Confucius, 459 BC

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You can still log on, just click the continue to online banking link. Its very slow.

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QE3 is Coming brothers....... Put on your rally caps.

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Actually, I believe the quote is: "If there is going to be a PANIC, be the first one to panic". I am not sure who said it either.