Bank Of America A Perfectly Symmetric $8.88

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For the sake of John Paulson, we sure hope he sold his BAC holdings which are now well below his cost basis. For the sake of everyone else, we also hope they sold their BAC stakes, if any. That said, we can't wait for the Fairholme Capital's conference call with Bank of America's Brian Moynihan on August 10 from 1 to 2:30 pm in which they explain to the market why it is oh so wrong on the most insolvent bank in America.

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Heading to 0.00

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as long as they get their guaranteed gravy from the fed lending window, it will always be worth at least 0.01

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Does Fairholme own this bag of shit - BAC? 

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Conference call on Aug. 10.

Jackson Hole on Aug. 9th, correct?

BOA soars on free QE3 crack rocks the day before the call.  All is right with the ponzi bank of america

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I bank with that insolvent rotting piece of shit bank!

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BAC will still be around on Aug 10th?! BWAHAHAHAHA! Not if the TPTB have anything to say about it...PREDICTION:closes at $6.66 tomorrow dies over the weekend...Cannibalism Bitchez!

fuu's picture

Trying hard not to print a big fat -500 on the day.

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SPX down 59 with 3 minutes to go? Not much shortcovering here, and none tomorrow probably either, and then a tough weekend for the long-n-wrong crowd.

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I've just advised some of my co-workers AGAIN to close their Bank of Ponzerica accounts as they might not be able to get at their money on monday... They were all chuckling till i showed them the 6 month chart for BAC and now they all just headed over to shut their accounts LOLz


Bank run bitchez XXX

konputa's picture

@fuu, No doubt. This bitch is in the bag though.

IQ 145's picture

Bank of America; the "British Petroleum" of the financial world; it couldn't happen to a more deserving suckah. I'm going to laugh when they choke.

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Here are the sector wrecks in today's Black Thursday prelude to tomorrow's Black Friday:,iday[Y]&disp=SXA


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Wow....... thanks Franzpick. That says it all. Look at the Internationals.

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Fast Money @ 5:00PM.

Get your bibs ready, spitting everything everywhere

franzpick's picture

We'll be needing barf bags and maybe moonsuits to get through a week more of this.

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Were stocks down today?

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BO2=Bail Out 2. Already had QE2......

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Wait BAC holds my mortgage.  Does this mean Obama is gonna pay my mortgage?

franzpick's picture

Eventually, and maybe sooner, even the wealthier homeowners will see the advantages of strategic default, and owebama will be paying everyone's mortgage through the new federal home support administration, with rules and paperwork resembling a chapter 7 filing.

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BAC does hold my mortgage, and you are right, I have decided just last month to let the bastards eat my house. I have watched my house value go down faster then a 2 dollar whore, and it is still falling. No end in site with 30 months of housing inventory in the system and growing. I can rent an equal sized house for a fraction of my mortgage. I decided to sit on my money, and save until 3 or 4 years from now when the market finally hits bottom then pay cash for something at dirt cheap prices. Better then paying 24 more years and hope to break even. Looks like Obama is succesful at something after all.....Making the rest of the united states look just like Detroit.

Seasmoke's picture

they may service your mortgage, but most like those frauds do not hold your mortgage

tahoebumsmith's picture

Happy Birthday Mr. President.. I hope the party theme was keynesian? Now you can have your cake and eat it too....

the black arrow's picture

Can somebody post the video of the supreme dolt Cramer telling us" Bank of Amerika is a great bank"

Cult of Criminality's picture

This I admit was a trade I blew.The big crash it went to $3.00 and change

I knew to load up and did not Knowing, they would be bailed.Did not act saw one day it was $17.of which seemed way high but any sell above 15.00 would have been major cash so.

So there is a trade I blew if it makes anybody feel better.No blown trades today however.

BAC ................Bank of criminals


HelluvaEngineer's picture

Anyone seen any news clips involving Momofader today?

IQ 145's picture

Yeah, happy fucking birthday, you clueless moron.

NuckingFuts's picture

You beat me to it.  I was humming it while reading the thread. The song for tommorow.



Critical Path's picture

"Bank of Oppotunity" gone by this weekend?  Good riddance...

Doyle Hargraves's picture

I don't know for sure but if today is any indication, it is totally possible if tomorrow looks like today BAC may not survive another day like this. If people are looking at the situation and pulling their money out of that shithole then the demise would definitely be a lot faster a matter of hours. Those bastards will eat their own (TPTB/fed/house of morgue/gs, et al.) if they can consolidate power and further enslave the rest of us and loot the the feeble treasury completely dry. As I said I don't know for sure but sure sounds like a play out of their playbook. I would laugh if I am right though, well not laugh just be dumbfounded at how far those who run shit will go to get the sheeple behind their MAD plan of printing and borrowing to oblivion. BTW I hate BAC and hope they burn in hell just because of the sordid dealings I have had with them over my lifetime.

karzai_luver's picture

Burn in hell - lock that down!


There are some who saw  the inside of a few of those BAC bored-rooms and now on the outside KNOW that shit is weak and going to burn.




Stochdoc's picture

For those guys 6.66 is more appropriate.

Grand Supercycle's picture

Bearish daily and weekly equity charts strengthen further.
S&P500 head and shoulders target is 1,176 and further downside

As mentioned for some time - S&P500 monthly has been tracking
sideways this year. This extensive distribution signified a
bearish big picture and that a significant downtrend would follow.

Woodyg's picture

I guess Vampires don't live forever. Someone put a wooden stake BAC and get it over with!

JPM next hopefully.

ghostzapper's picture

Juat drill this piece of s%^t down to 0.01 and get it over with already. 

johnnysize's picture

You should exercise your put option on your home. The Bank doesnt care...they willnegotiate to get the last penny out of you. Next time, borrow at a community bank a reasonable amount and let them HOLD the loan... MAKE SURE OF THIS!!!!!!! Its part of our recovery as a nation.

Grand Supercycle's picture

S&P500 Financials Index has been giving warning signals for a long time.

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