Bank Of America Scrambles To Shore Up Capital: In Negotiations To Sell $17 Billion China Construction Bank Stake

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Bank of America is doing all it can to delay the inevitable equity issuance. Reuters has just broken the news that the bank is in active negotiations with Kuwait and Qatar sovereign wealth funds to sell its $17 billion China Construction Bank stake. There are several problems with this approach: first, the petrodollar sovereign wealth funds just lost over 20% of their AUM courtesy of the global equity rout and of the plunge in oil by more than 20% in less than 2 weeks; Second: everyone recalls what happened to Alwaleed when he bought his "Blue Light" citi stake; third: if BAC does indeed sell its CCB stake, it will leave it with zero disposable assets and will have no choice but to approach the equity market. Fourth, the fact that it needs this cash is validation of all the rumors that the bank's capitalization may be urgently strapped very soon, and that today's Berkowitz call was nothing but lies (in typical BAC style); last, since the final cash need when all is said and done, when all the litigation is over and when the NY AG is done with the bank, BAC will need far, far more cash than $17 billion. Which is why any BAC bounce in the AH session should be viewed very skeptically.

More from Reuters:

Bank of America Corp <BAC.N> has held exploratory talks with the principal investment funds of Kuwait and Qatar about selling part of its stake in China Construction Bank <0939.HK>, sources with direct knowledge of the talks told Reuters.


Bank of America, which owns about 10 percent of CCB's <601939.SS> Hong Kong-listed shares and is scurrying to raise capital for its mortgage-scarred balance sheet, will be contractually free to sell the bank shares after Aug. 29. They are valued at about $17 billion


The bank, the largest in the US by assets, is likely to sell half its stake in order to shore up its Tier 1 capital. Analysts believe Bank of America needs about $50 billion to meet new capital requirements


Talks about the Chinese bank have been held with other investors in addition to the Kuwait Investment Authority and the Qatar Investment Authority, the sources said


It is unclear if any agreement with the sovereign wealth funds or other investors have been cemented.


Bank of America, whose shares have fallen 20 percent in the past week, did not mention the China investment during a widely followed conference call that top executives held Wednesday with thousands of investors. Chief Financial Officer Bruce Thompson said on the call that asset sales are being considered to boost capital.


"These stakes will be sold eventually," one source said of the Chinese bank shares. "They have been shown previously to funds who matter."

For those who are actually confused what this news means, this is precisely what Lehman started doing a few months ahead of its own bankruptcy filing.

We look forward to one of two outcomes: i) the spin off of CFC (to the Fed and/or the GSEs), making BAC less than TBTF, or ii) the implosion of the entire monolith. At least the company's Bryant Park NY HQ should fetch about $0.25 per share.

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aVian's picture

please go bankrupt...I get a free house

MarketTruth's picture

Tyler, i did e-mail this to you a few hours ago:

BofA Sells Part of Mortgage Portfolio to Fannie Mae

Bank of America Corp. has agreed to sell part of its home-loan portfolio to government-controlled housing giant Fannie Mae, as the bank looks to shed assets and pare its exposure to an array of mortgage woes.

The deal, finalized last Friday, will deliver the rights to process and collect payments on a pool of 400,000 loans with an unpaid principal balance of $73 billion, people familiar with the deal said. The purchase price is more than $500 million, one...

Use of Weapons's picture


So the US government now owns X thousand mortgages?


And the USA pretends it doesn't "do" socialism or state owned housing projects (outside of the ghetto)?



Fish Gone Bad's picture

I swear I could hear Fascist Bank of America crying, even from where I live.  I took a look outside.  It was only someone's belt squealing on their POS car.

Freddie's picture

I want to go to my local Bank of (Many Illegal Aliens in) of America and piss all over their front door at night. 

All their collateral is in the back of a pickup headed to Mexico on mtgs, credit cards and auto loans to illegals.

F*** Banco de America.

cowdiddly's picture

You mean European mortgages. This is a derivatives timebomb from Europe, mostly France. And, our sorry assed politicians took out any meaningful reform from Dodd Fwank sellout and there is still 850 TRILLION with a T, of these WMD that the banks are still exposed to and still playing with. Now we have the Bear Stearns moment part 2 European version.  We do not have the money to bail out  the entire financial system again without destroying the dollar. With Obama picking grapes and congress touring Israel their motherland. We Are PHUCKED and going down this time hard. I hope to see everyone on the other side, the excrement is starting to hit the fan blades. 

MsCreant's picture

This needed editing, I have gone to the trouble to correct the text of the posted excerpt:


BofA Sells Sack of "Empty Boxes" (AKA Unsecuritized SHIT) to The United States

Bank of America Corp. has agreed to sell the non performing part of its home-loan portfolio to government-controlled housing giant Fannie Mae (which is already loaded down with underperforming and unsecuritized shit), as the bank looks to shed assets and pare its exposure to an array of mortgage woes.

The deal, finalized last Friday, will deliver the rights to process and collect payments on a pool of 400,000 toxic loans with a never to be paid principal balance of $73 billion, cocksuckers familiar with the con said. The purchase price is more than $500 million, one...

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Contrary to opinion, most articles are greatly improved with four letter words.  Bank of America really should have been called Piece of Shit Bank of America and Fannie Mae should have been called cocksucking Fannie Mae.

Taku's picture

Why is BAC still around?

Oh, right, had to bail out the bankster elites.

Using taxpayer money.

YOUR money.

They still aren't in jail, are they?

Now that they've cashed out, and left you holding the bag, they'll let her fail this time.

To be cleaned up with, you got it, your taxpaying dollars.

Yes_Questions's picture

rights to process and collect payments on a pool of 400,000 loans

Collect payments?


Process write offs is more like it.


Breaker's picture

"please go bankrupt...I get a free house"

Careful with that. Michael Milken might do a hostile BOFA takeover and then sell off your mortgage to an organization that can actually do foreclosures correctly :)

darkstar7646's picture

Or, worse, you get the door knocked down by Xe as they basically open the FEMA camps and start with the selective defaulters...

Hephasteus's picture

Buy syringes. All sizes. From your local medicine store for people who have to take insulin and from your local vet for people who have to dope up bulls. You'd be surprised what a 100 cc syringe with the right household ingredients and needle that is visually stunning will make a guys ball sack look like. You can learn chemistry and physics. Which chemial makes his nuts purple. Which makes his nuts green.

Homeschooling. It's the wave of the future.

Transformer's picture

You do not get a free house.  The story of what happened around failing banks in the 30's is not widely known.  A bank in the midwest would fail.  Say, a farmer who keeps his money in the bank, and has a mortgage on the farm with the same bank, loses all the money he had on deposit.  But his mortgage is bought by some other bankd for 5 cents on the dollar and that bank then comes after the farmer, foreclosing because the farmer can't operate without his funds and can't pay his mortgage.  This is why the people hated the banks, and loved the bank robbers like Bonnie and Clyde and Pretty Boy Floyd.

j0nx's picture

My one credit card is with BoA and I have used it for staples and other equipment in the past 3 months and have no intention of paying it off if BoA fails. I will offer to pay the company who absorbs BoA the same percentage of the debt that they paid for BoA plus 3% for their trouble. That is only fair. If they don't like that deal then they get DICK. Why the F should I have to pay 100c on the dollar for it when they didn't? Screw that shit.

laomei's picture

because doing that is "immoral" according to most americans.  bank can pay jack shit for the debt, companies can "restructure" their debts and pay nothing... oh, but you the consumer had better pay every last dime plus interest and penalties or else!

johngaltfla's picture

This is looking more and more like a STEARN BEAR is in the house....

NumNutt's picture

Same here! But alas, I suspect when this evil beast falls there will be several more behind it, that will pick the carcass clean, then direct you to start sending your money to them......

Freddie's picture

BAC is a "buy." Paulson loves it and Bruce Berkenstein of Fairholme mutual fund loves BAC.

Ethics Gradient's picture

GLD? Is that anything like gold?

Going Loco's picture

No. It isn't even spelled prperly. That was a clue which many missed.

Robert Neville's picture

I think it's short for gelding.

Freddie's picture

GLD?  I think that spells tungsten wrapped in gold foil.

cossack55's picture

Wow. I am now totally reassured. I'm buying some of that GLD stuff as soon as I don't pay my mortgage.  Man, gold I don't have to bury. Cool.

EscapeKey's picture

GS got hammered today. Blowtorched, one might even say. 10% down, unbelievable that God's work go so unappreciated by.

Greater Fool's picture

...and will be purchased by the Loch Ness Monster.

EscapeKey's picture

What's that on a per share basis? I presume you speak of market cap.

bob_dabolina's picture

I presume it should be broken up. Bank of America is a piece of shit in it's current state, it's ugly.

I wouldn't have sex with a girl with herpes (in and around) her mouth area, and with scabs up and down her legs. That's what BAC looks like. You can touch it but I wouldn't recommend it. 

Honestly, I wouldn't even touch it @ $3.50 with Moynihans dick on a 10 foot pole; it's diseased.

nonclaim's picture

Bank of America is a piece of shit

TBTF: Too Big To Flush?

MsCreant's picture

With this simple, poetic, philosophical observation, you went right to the heart of the matter.

We are going to need a plan B. Take it out of the toilet by other means.

jomama's picture

who do you think you're kidding?

we all know you can't cop a woody without viagra.

Freddie's picture

In BAC's case - the girl has herpes in her private area and anus including rectum.  

SilverDoctors's picture

Gonna be fun when this one (BAC) blows. 
I have a feeling we'll limp into the weekend, and BAC and SocGen will both be officially bailed out Sunday night before the Asian open

Josh Randall's picture

BAC to be burried at sea - they are already dead, you will have to take our word for it. Now on to eating peas...

Breaker's picture

"BAC to be burried at sea - they are already dead, you will have to take our word for it. Now on to eating peas..."

Obama got BAC with the Seals. They're making a movie about it for release just before the election.

dwdollar's picture

Bove said they were 'well capitalized' the other day.

Agent P's picture

Don't listen to Bove, he's a real Dick.

dwdollar's picture

He reminds me of 'The Architect' from The Matrix only much worse at math.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Looks like BAC's been picked to be the patsy this go round.  Sorry about your net worth, Mr Moynihan.  Ouch.

gangland's picture



thas consistent with my bankruptcy thesis and what brian said today visavis selling non-core ASSSSSSSSS

Sofa King's picture

We now get to see exactly what a failure the Fr-Odd bill really is.

gangland's picture


call em on it!

Critical Path's picture

Just a matter of time until JPM absorbs all banking activity in the country.  $2 trillion in assests already, why not make it double.  What sort of discount do they aquire BAC's only good assets at?  Who gets forced to carry the baggage of Country Wide? oh, the tax payer? thanks...