With Bank Of America Stock Up 9%, Its CDS Is...

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...35 points wider: the highest since April 6, 2009. But fear not - credit has a reputation of being always wrong, while equities (especially short covering squeezes) are always right.

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There are headlines all over the place that Warren Buffet (bailout Queen) and Donald Trump are buying hand over fist.

I trust these to be factually accurate reports of their activities, and even assuming that I didn't (which I don't), WTF cares what Donald Trump is doing?

Next thing you know, CNBC will have a headline that reads "Livermore & Nieferhoffer are BTFD" scrolling under one of their funny money honeys.

I have my Dow 11,300 hat on - the same one I wore in f*cking 1999.

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warren buffett, american oligarch. i used to read ben graham, but now i prefer paul krugman. what an asshole. this guy is as bad as any looter on the streets of london.

silver, bitchez


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but now i prefer paul krugman. what an asshole. this guy is as bad as any looter on the streets of london.

I agree, Krugman is an incredible asshole.  And he's helping to loot a lot more than some PS3s and Nikes.

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Damage by London Street Looters < $10,000,000,000

Damage by Wall Street Looters > $10,000,000,000,000

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state sponsered terror is free market


little guys in caves that can't really do anything, or jobless youth in ghettos... FEAR FEAR FEAR

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The market is starting to price in that even after a BAC default shareholders may continue to receive TBTF aid

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I hear brontosauruses are too big to fail too. At leat that's what all the 6 lb rodents who survived said.

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Hear anything about BAC running out of money at its California branches? Supposedly they are not accepting withdrawal requests, only deposits.

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Naomi Prins just tweeted that BofA branches in Los Angeles can only accept deposits, not withdrawls.   "System problem".  I'll say!

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End result?

Everyone with auto-deposited pay who banks at the Bank of Lynching America Countrywide switches to live checks.


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Well, surely you could get a withdrawal when they have enough deposits paid in off of other people? Duh!

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That's exactly how banking has worked at some points in time in economically distressed countries.

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Am I the only one that asks the question? What sense is in a CDS on US Debt? Don't you even see that it's a rigged game, a senseless bet? If you bet on horses or sport you have better chances. It's pure gambling and it's pure stupidity in one. Sheep betting on the color of the wolf that is circling around them in the night.

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The people who are still playing the market are compulsive gambelers they cannot help it , and they will be the ones crying when they get wiped out and cannot understand how it happened because they had figured a system out and they were winning 

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Not if one's trades are 5 minutes long!  There's stupid money to made then...

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BAC is a secondary explosion to be set off by E.U. implosion.

Should be able to hear the WHUMP at least 5,000 miles away

That will be an interesting day


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The putback risk was unknown says ceo so all is good...


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These gyrations are healthy and have nothing in common with 2008 or anything...  Just ignore them.

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**Buys more Puts**

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FED staging +550 point up days they better watch out shooting themselves in the foot like this, where will be the cries for QE3? 

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you gotta get long!

Buy B of A!! Hurry man its has already started climbing!

Dont you miss the bottom!

Fuck buy on the way down!! its ok to buy on the way down! buy a lil on the way back up! Pump IT!!

The Market is where the action is! do it!

QE-3 is coming!

Austerity is coming after that!

and fires after that!!

Buy now! make your money and move far away! time is short!

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On the morning of Thursday, October 24, 1929, stock prices plummeted. Vast numbers of people were selling their stocks. Margin calls were sent out. People across the country watched the ticker as the numbers it spit out spelled their doom. The ticker was so overwhelmed that it quickly fell behind. A crowd gathered outside of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street, stunned at the downturn. Rumors circulated of people committing suicide.

To the great relief of many, the panic subsided in the afternoon. When [there were rumors that Buffett and Trump] [a group of bankers pooled their money and] invested a large sum back into the stock market, their willingness to invest their own money in the stock market convinced others to stop selling.

The morning had been shocking, but the recovery was amazing. By the end of the day, many people were again buying stocks at what they thought were bargain prices.

On "Black Thursday," 12.9 million shares were sold - double the previous record.

Four days later, the stock market fell again.

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Richard Bove, an analyst with Rochdale Securities, is downright pessimistic, saying concerns over Europe and litigation are just a symptoms of larger problem, one that is systemic.

“This is a continuation of 2008,” he said. “We are finally coming to grips with the fact we have a massive debt problem that needs to be dealt with. This is not a problem for our grandchildren. It is our problem. We have a financial system structured on a bankrupt currency and that system is now breaking down and a new system will arise to replace it, but we don’t yet anything to replace it. “

Mr. Bove said recently moved all his holdings into cash.

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it is SO funny  !!!  CNBC got the "Your Fired" "America" dude that guy that has a bad hair piece to read a teleprompter list of stocks he bought.  He said he never bought stock in the companies before but did so becuz he heard it on CNBS !!!  man oh man what a hoot.  LOL X7 

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That's how the two bit whore that CNBS is rolls.

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yeah man,  Sham-WoW ! Billy Mayes here! HSN,  and late night Knife Sales show, all rolled into one.  to bad the credit cards are cut off, or they would be making a mint.  Oh I guess they all ready did and now they rely on Uncle Benny and Aunt Timmah ! 

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CDS game plan completly changed when ISDA said No Greece Pay-Out.


When will you get your money as a CDS buyer? never probably.....

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Bank of America in LA said they can't process any cash withdrawals, just deposits. Same all over CA. They said it was a system problem.


--me: well that`s an interesting system problem, well maybe it`s a SYSTEM problem, having nothing to do with the computer programms...well however glad i have my own bank in form of Gold and Silver physical. you can always get some cash for that