Bank Of Japan Increases Asset Purchases By Y10 Trillion, Total Program Now Y80 Trillion, Total Debt Still Y1 Quadrillion

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It seems like only yesterday that we were lamenting "Einstein rolling over in his grave" as a result of the BOJ's latest increase in its asset purchase program from Y65 to Y70 trillion, although technically it was 5 months ago on April 27. We would excuse Einstein if he were doing cartwheels in his grave right about now, following the BOJ's latest attempt to keep doing what has definitvely failed for 30 years, hoping this time it will be different, as a result of the just announced latest expansion in the asset purchase program's size by yet another Y10 trillion, this time to a total of Y80 trillion. The expansion impacts only JGBs and T-Bills, both of which will be monetized by a further Y5 trillion. Putting this in perspective, Japan's total public debt is Y1 quadrillion, and counting very fast. All other components of the Japanese LSAP program, including CP, Corporate Bonds, ETFs and REITs (yes, unlike the Fed, the BOJ is quite open about its equity and corporate bond purchases) remain the same. Bottom line, just as we predicted back in July 2009, the global race to debase continues unabated, and as a result of QEternity will merely accelerate until the only true currency is gold tungsten.

Full BOJ statement, which will be as meaningless as all the others preceding it:

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I wished i had such printing press. Atleast i didnt have to go for work.

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First to tighten wins.  The race for easing is over.

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The Money printing goes on. Let's start the full blown currency wars.

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patience on an extreme level. unshakable faith in your knowledge that gold and silver WILL prevail

as a store of value.  simple as it gets....

all else is mind game to get you to weaken to convert back to fiat.

they will try everything to maintain their control, even outlawing and taking.

done it before. that will be an outright admission of there own failure.

hopefully like guns, enough people will own them and see the threat...

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Make it rain the Benjamin Shaloms, bitchez!

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hey ty let's get some coverage for BIT COIN

intro to bitcoin:


this is how you bypass the fed and boj et. al.




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And then the power goes out.

Truth be told I guess it's not all that different from our current banking system though...

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Ugh... Tyler -- Can we stick a fork in this idiotic old-saw that is Einstein's supposed "definition of insanity"?  Are we supposed to believe that Einstein didn't understand rare-events, limits, tipping points or randomness?   You know, he was pretty good at math.  I'm sorry, but never in a million years would have suggested that repeated action could not yield different results.   According to YOUR definition of insanity,  a man tossing a coin 5 times and getting heads should stop flipping and expect heads forever or else be "insane".   Or a man filling a container with water and seeing no spillage should comfortably pour 1000 more times because the result "must" always be the identical.

Yes, what the Fed is doing is idiotic.   But that's because the plotted vector of their performance is heading *away* from the intended target, and the effects are damaging us and will eventually destroy us.   NOT because of some idiotic legend that Einstein believed repeated action and repeated result must forever be constant.   This has to be the most misquoted Einstein-ism of all.

My personal definition of insanity is about to become: Repeatedly quoting something Einstein supposedly said and never actually applying basic logic or mathematics to what's coming out of your mouth.



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I am all for what this guy said. He sounds really smart, and I need somene to help me with my homework.

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ok, I just spit out my coffee...

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Just use "the dog ate my homework" line... It usually works (&/or guarantees you a life in politics)...

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Einstein wasn't good at Math at all. He believed that the universe should be simple in its' understanding...mathematically. He used Ab Diff Calc created by Ricci-Curbastro and Levi-Civita, then he was assisted by Hilbert for the Field Eq's to put his theory of General Relativity together...and he still had a nervous breakdown or two. Einstein didn't even come up with the Principle of Relativity either...Einstein was a Genius tho, but for other reasons, certainly not Math.

A true Math genius would be mathematicians like Bernhard Riemann.

That being said, I think a much better example of insanity would be that of the use of slippery trickery sleigh-of-hand 'Renormalization' processes to observed particle events in order to predict outcomes which have already occurred...and then to claim an understanding of said event...Now that's just fucking NUTS!

Central Banks use a form of Renormalization on currencies; to attain desired economic outcomes through slippery trickery inputs after stating bogus data...until it doesn't work...enter the Bernank with QE*n.

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Agreed 100%. The fake Einstein quote is my #1 peeve, and attributing it to him is far more annoying than any misspelled word or misused phrase.

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Bulldoze the entire financial system. Get that sucker outta here and go with bitcoin. The financial system would have developed like the Internet if it wasn't for crimminal terrorist banksters.

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some here clearly aren't appreciating P2P cryptocurrency as the future.

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What happens if we get a surge that takes down the digital system?

Genuine question, not taking the piss.

I prefer hard assets.

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+1 for a valid, honest question.

For store of wealth, hard assets are tier 1.

For trade and foreign exchange, BTC is an excellent facilitator.

If the lights go out, you and I have much bigger problems to worry about than the money we once thought we had. Government fiat or BTC.

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Your talking about Astral Projection dollars and Ethereal coins. Binary code that says, "het, I got money" when in reality all it s just some code on a server. The difference between what the Fed does in money creation and your Bitcoin is what?

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Be sure and put your name out there as a supporter of bitcoin so when the government drones fly overhead and lauch a couple of missiles through your front window, they hit you and not your neighbours.



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Time for Ben to print moar!

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Ben's printing is the problem

Dollar Index Headed for Rapid Collapse: Chart


Quantitative easing is really another word for currency wars. A weak U.S. currency puts continued pressure on the Japanese Yen, the Chinese Yuan, the South Korean Won, the Australian dollar and other currencies. (more at link)

Giant Ponzi

Japan, the second-largest holder of U.S. debt, upped its holdings by $7 billion to $1.12 trillion in July. Unlike China, Japan has added some $59 billion worth of U.S. securities to its holdings since the star to the year.

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That is it.  Japan will be junked and down graded into oblivion.  Either the Chinese do it and bond vigilante Japan, or rating agency, no doubt there at all.  Inflation, which is most likely already  there on oil/fuel hikes etc.  So, no one on the planet will buy Japanese debt, the Chinese will sell, as they don't want further oil inflation from a now out of control printing madness by the central banks of the world.

And...this moves us very close to war.  Which will be Japan and China, any-day now.

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I hope not.

But I think central banks, in a blind panic, are front running for war.

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markets and natural laws will prevail-draw your own conclusions-even with human manipulation the end result will be a given...

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And...this moves us very close to war. Which will be Japan and China, any-day now.


What is Japan going to fight China with?, Sushi.

Japan keeps poking the Dragon,and the entire country will become a Chinese resort.

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The Dragon seems to never wake up, if you consider that it was previously rumbled by the two small island based countries. And the Dragon invented gunpowder too. 

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Up Y10 trillion .... aaaaand it's gone, bitchez!!!!

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Bits, Bitchez!  (10. Trillion. Of. Them.)

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BOE's chompin' at the bit now. 

Hey it could be worse right? At least we know those titty pics are good collateral!

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Good to see that Mother England is keeping abreast of economic developments. The used to say that the sun will never set on the British Empire but now I wonder if it has even dawned on the British as to how bad things are for their future.

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Is THIS why gold came to life...drifting down around $ suddenly $1772...?

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increased "asset purchases"..............and how's that working out for them?

Kreditanstalt's picture

As of Tuesday I'm all-in on gold stocks fortunately...I'll have fun fun fun until Bernanke takes the punchbowl away...

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"In addition to purchases under The Program, the Bank regularly purchases JGBs at the pace of 21.6 trillion yen per year."

So Japan has lead the way in QEinfinity as well.

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It is said that, “Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves."  I wish to add just one more........"fiat is the money of fools."

People need to realise that just because the whole debt/fiat dung heap has not collapsed does not make it stable or valuable. People are just playing slow motion Russian Roulette and when the right chamber is fired things will move very very quickly.

The Japanese government  is relying on people's ignorance and pre-occupation with their daily grind so as to not notice what is happening. This can go on for only so long and then BANG........we will all be saying "I told you so!" but in reality only a small percentage of us would have heeded our own words by preparing.

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You're right. But Japanese are pretty smart and cohesive. I wonder if any are aware, but feel it is their duty to go along and keep quiet. I have a lot of respect for the people. Contrast their dignified behavior post-tsunami vs American's post-Katrina.

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The Japanese certainly leave many of us westerners for dead in terms of manners and civility. However I don't know whether it's worse having a populace that is obedient to the extent that the Japanese are or whether it is better to have a gun toting, calorie crammed populace like the Americans because they at least might be inclined to put up a fight against a government that becomes tyrannical rather than bowing down and worshipping the president like a god as was the case with the Japanese and Hirohito.

But in reference to Katrina type events, I agree with you, so give me a Jap any day.

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Having heard first hand accounts of Japanese civility by a onetime member of the Bataan Hiking Club, I can assure you that this trait is highly exaggerated.

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They all know, at least those of working age.  Many are old enough to remember the pre-war inflation that led them to take Manchuria and many remember the inflation postwar that led the yen to go from being worth a dollar to being worth a penny (where it is today).

But as you say, they're a dignified bunch and they will not stampede in any tsunami, water or fiat.  This bodes well for their financial survivablilty as there will be less broke glass to clean up after the whole global system goes down the tubes.

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Dignity is not a substitute for self respect and courage.

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Not to worry Krugman's got all of Japan's woes figured out.

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Wow. It must really suck to be Japanese this week.