Bank Of Russia Says Greece Has A Plan For Parallel Currency

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Someone apparerntly did not tell Russia to keep its mouth shut... That or, the sleeping bear is starting to awake and cause chaos and mischief:


Kak skazat Oops po Russki? Cue Greek denials they have any plans about anything. Ever.

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long live the geuro! Russian Oligarchy has big stakes in Cyprus. And also in nearby Syria. Its a small world now.

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Can someone please define "PARALLEL CURRENCY" in this context?

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Euros with a "G" stamped on them most likely...

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Coming to a parallel universe near you.

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De La Rue - some might say that but I couldn't possibly comment.


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'or, the sleeping bear is starting to awake and cause chaos and mischief:'


RT News, Max Keiser, need I say more?

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Russia wants its land and respect back.  The way to get it would be massive chaos in eurpoe

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Perhaps. The first thing I thought of when I read the title of the article was "KGB agitprop".

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parallel currency?

buffet gets his inspirations in the bathtub.

apparently these guys get it on the crapper wiping their ass.

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The euro is like a commatose patient, who suffers major heart disease, MS, all types of known and yet to be discovered cancer, has had all four limbs amputated and is blind as a result of diabetes, has a raging case of neurosiphillis....and has just been diagnosed with full blown AIDS....and health insurance just ran out.
Rossiya, in an act of compassion, is about to shoot the poor bastard in the head to put it out of its misery.
Set the eurosheeple free!!!!

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It means that Greece as access to both Euro and Geuro but that its pegged one to the other under ECB control for FIRST but not the second. 

The economic team behind Merkel is now running the shooting match in Eurozone. The blond lady from the Bundes economic team (I don't know her name) is really hot and intelligent!

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How about calling the new currency the GYRO...half greek, half EURO


And no one will ever say..."yeah but you can't eat GYROS"

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The former Yugoslavia had parallel currencies in the late 90's, but their Dinar was allowed to freely float with the Deutsche Mark.

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Some countries in the Balkan still use parallel currencies. I think it is Albania. Looks like the Greeks finally copied something from the developed world.

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That's easy. The bankers/elite will get one currency that is debt free and retains its value. The people will get another currency that is stuck with all of the debt and inflates. They will both initially have the same face value so as to make the swindle easier to palm off. 

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Maybe it means a New Drachma with an exchange rate of 1:1 with the euro.

Although I imagine that the parallel-ness would last no more than about three nanoseconds on the first trading day thereafter.

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A couple of types of contracts need to be moved to Drachme :
Employment contracts
Internal trade

A couple of types of contracts need to stay in Euros :
Bank deposits

(Of course with a depreciating Drachme this means lots of people will start defaulting on their loans, but that's what needs to happen any way.)

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Greece will do whatever it's masters tell it to do.  End of some ink.

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...and cause chaos and mischief.



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No no no...cause the ramp up in markets. Remember the template. ZH gave it away...for free...yesterday!

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Chaos and Mischief = A psued for the taking for a ZHer to be...

Day_Of_The_Tentacle's picture

HA! Spot on. And we already know who Thor is right? He left his buggy 'n goats to throw lightning at Athens from Mount Olympus. So now the interesting question is, who is Odin.......or should we rather say Ochin?

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If I have a plan for one, the Greeks damn well better!


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That's how you Shvet on the party!

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i vill break you..................

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great idea.  they should call it the drakma.

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Oh come on, Russians don't even have Paypal...

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why would they?

If somebody over there asks you to pay... you'd better pay...


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Oddy, this didn't work for Paypal.

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"Bank Of Russia Says Greece Has A Plan For Parallel Currency Universe."

Makes more sense now.

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shit, this is going fast.

merkel to greece: come to mama

putin to greece: come to daddy

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Does that white moster guy represent central banking!?!?

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Greece to mama and daddy: Fuck you, I'm leaving for a man in the motor trades.

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DARN! And just when everyone had lungs full of fresh free money Hopium and all that.

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A parallel currency?  The orthdox rouble.  Greece, Russia, and Serbia can all get on one common currency and then take back constantinople.

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Prelude to WW III.  Russia, CHina, and defecting Euro states vs. TBTF banks, err I meant US, UK, Germany, & France.  Throw in the Middle East and the mix is exponentially more volatile.

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Explains Euro rising, dollar dying.  The BRICs are going to support the non-Euro worthy nations and a two-tier system to rip europe apart - not the dollar.  DUH.  How long until WWIII?

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So Americans...with their 25 wars since WWII - history, are still thinking it will be the "
"bloody, barbaric Europeans" who will start the WWIII?! That is some serious mental disorder right there!

It is like a drunk, wife-beating neighbour saying, watch out that 70 year old Miss Marple, she is one mean SOB!