"Banks Cut" - Merrrill's Pukes All Over Europe's Banks

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Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:00 | 1550177 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

Now that's funny.. BAC is about to go under and they are trying to say "look over there,don't look at us".

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:28 | 1550243 ratso
ratso's picture

Right on.  Merrill is actually saying the they have been WRONG all along.  So what's new.

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:36 | 1550278 RemiG2010
RemiG2010's picture


Welcome to as Rahm Emanuel describes it 2011-2013 'F---nutsville'


Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:36 | 1550279 Downtoolong
Downtoolong's picture


Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:01 | 1550178 Crisismode
Crisismode's picture

Too little, too late.


Only smoke and mirrors prevail now.

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:00 | 1550180 Re-Discovery
Re-Discovery's picture

Honchos at Merrill want BOA to die so they can be independent again.  They hate their countrified overlords.

Buying any gold dip with both hands.  Thank you CME

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:17 | 1550221 Tater Salad
Tater Salad's picture

Yup, however BAC too focused on selling CCB in a fire sale while the diamond gem of the Bank sits there ready to catch a bid at moment's notice.  Very surprised in their quest to raise capital that they didn't already punt ML as the brand would bring 25B+...?

I guess they realize their only revenues at all are coming out of ML and don't want to sacrifice their life line.

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:02 | 1550185 ZeroPower
ZeroPower's picture

5yr Sub CDS on BAC: 326/346 wider than during yesterday's
HF call.

Itxx Main, Xover at widest levels since 09 crash. Credit still telling the real story - feels like equities only catching up (slowly).

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:03 | 1550186 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

May they all sink in the same sewer.

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:04 | 1550191 salimmk
salimmk's picture

rule 48activate

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:11 | 1550207 FreeNewEnergy
FreeNewEnergy's picture

I'm lowering my banking sector weighting to flush, as in, down the toilet. Maxing out credit cards over the weekend. Let's see them cut my credit lines while they're all used up.

Oh, sorry, I can't borrow any more at 23%? Well, GFY then.

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:46 | 1550313 AUD
AUD's picture

Ha, ha

I'm stealing that one!

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:13 | 1550211 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

Merrill LYNCHED... is that a +AAA bank?


Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:42 | 1550295 Downtoolong
Downtoolong's picture

We expect a witchhunt focued on Gary, which will culminate with him facing a court martial and/or tribunal for daring to tell a few ounces of truth about Europe's banking system.

BAC probably started foreclosing on his house this morning. That seems to be their weapon of choice these days.



Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:45 | 1550308 Johnny Lawrence
Johnny Lawrence's picture

What the hell is "neutral" anyway?  Lowering exposure to "neutral."

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 08:49 | 1550319 AUD
AUD's picture

Yeah, that's about as ambiguous a standard of measure as the dollar itself.

Only learned men could have thought of such a thing.

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 10:30 | 1550757 sellstop
sellstop's picture

UMPQ is on sale this morning. Earnings up last qtr. Dividend increase on the way. (rumor from a good source)

I own this one.

Sorry for the plug, but ....

I am struck by the lack of selling in the general market this morning. Yet!



Thu, 08/11/2011 - 11:01 | 1550896 MFL8240
MFL8240's picture

Nuetral?  Whats nuetral about the banks in Eroupe and the USA.  The majority are insolvent if not for the accounting fraud.

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