The Battle Of Berlin

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Via Mark J. Grant, author of Out of the Box,

“When you say you agree to a thing in principle you mean that you have not the slightest intention of carrying it out in practice.”
                               -Otto von Bismarck
In what has become a typical pattern; Europe has a summit, everyone says this, that, their own variation of that and the other to appease their citizens and it is not until days later that some sort of reality begins to be released to the Press. Not only has this become the pattern but it generally comes over the weekend when the markets are not open and when no one is paying much attention. It is a purposeful scheme and useful I suppose for dampening effects and it allows the bliss to continue. In the meantime there is no ESM in place, only $65 billion left in the EFSF after Spain and Cyprus are funded and the German Constitutional Court declared over the weekend that there would be no ruling on the ESM until September 12. For those that believe in the usefulness of firewalls, which would not include me, you are now staring at bricks to build dollhouses and it is not just the flank but the center that is fully exposed and vulnerable.
Not long ago I wrote a piece about how to rank the statements be various European governments and governmental agencies. Germany got the top score as they are the paymaster and because nothing in the European Union will be happening without their acquiescence and the Golden Rule lives on; “He that has the Gold rules.” Over the weekend Ms. Merkel made her position quite clear; there will be no money lent to any banks until there is a financial oversight authority that has the regulatory powers to control the finances, the economy and the banks of every nation in Europe. There are several ways to read this of course with the first being “that Berlin, through Brussels, will control the money of every nation in Europe before any help will be provided” and the second viewpoint is “that Berlin, through Brussels, will control the money of every nation in Europe before any help will be provided.” You may choose number one or number two because both are exact and exactly correct. It is not just a loss of some sovereignty that is being requested but absolute control of the economy of every nation in Europe, fiscal domination centered in Belgium and a Brussels that is the puppet of Berlin. He that controls the finances and the banks of a country controls the country; make no mistake here and this is exactly what Germany is trying to accomplish.
Ms. Merkel cited various attempts by any number of political leaders to get at the money without all of this being in place as she responded, “All of these attempts will have no chance with me or with Germany.” In other words, a resounding “Nein” to Spain, Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Italy that any money would be lent directly to their banks without full and absolute submission. Now you can make nice all you like and you may think it impolite to foster ill intentions on Germany but the facts speak resolutely for themselves; Germany has banged the gavel and stated that any money for any banks will not be given until they control the nations of Europe and that is “period and end of story.” World War I was fought with rifles and tanks and World War II was fought with planes and aircraft carriers and World War III is being fought with Euros and Capital and in each case, without exception, Germany has tried to control the Continent of Europe.
There is a long history of lambs being led to slaughter and all of the reasons given for Germany’s position does not change the result one whit. You may cloak it all under the banner of financial responsibility and Germany wanting to control how their money is spent and the masquerade is obviously wonderfully successful as hardly any objections are heard but where this is going is no different than Germany rolling in with her tanks and assuming control. This is Vichy reborn and Anschluss déjà vu and the takeover of Poland just accomplished on a different battlefield. The weapon is money and not armaments and while the stench is more polite the demand for victory has not lessened.
“The art of concentrating strength at one point, forcing a breakthrough, rolling up and securing the flanks on either side, and then penetrating like lightning deep into his rear, before the enemy has time to react.”
                     -General Erwin Rommel

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battle axe's picture

"penetrating like lightning deep into the rear" oh they have done that to the people of the PIIGS. and then some. 

i-dog's picture

 Treaty of Rome before the final signing of the treaty in 1957 .... Rothschild was standing beside Spaak gazing over the Forum Romanum in Rome, when Spaak said "I think that we have re-established the [Holy] Roman Empire without a single shot being fired!"

OttoMBMP's picture

It becomes boring how this carpet-bomber guy keeps mixing his hardly-any-value-added economic ideas with his anti-German reflex.

Unfortunately dilutung overall ZH quality.

gmrpeabody's picture

It's not like these beggars don't have a choice..., grow a pair and take the route Iceland took!

Sandmann's picture

Yes but it is Kiddies Korner and they have no historical or geopolitical grasp. Privately they probably blame it on the Jews but publicly make it out to be some grand German Plot.  Funny really because anyone with a grasp can see Germany is in a bind having had the Currency Cartel (Euro) unravel leaving them with the Costs as the others chisel on their commitments. Standard Cartel politics. Germany has been caught and is simply trying to quantify Risk and Exposure.

Silly comments about Poland and how Americans were such close allies of Stalin who also invaded Poland and kept what he seized blessed by Roosevelt and simply gave large slices of Germany to Poland instead. The real question is how far the US sees the Euro as the firewall holding the vultures off the US Dollar and the rather bombed-out economy between Canada and Mexico.

If the global financial system has allowed the USA to live way beyond its means since 1945 it looks like the Endgame is nigh. After all Deficits in the EuroZone are smaller than in the USA and Merkel is simply proposing the kind of oversight that the US seems unable to develop in its own system. Can anyone control Congressional Budgets ?

Greyhat's picture

There is no German Plot. We simply dont want to open our pocket for Dexia and BNP. "Saving" Deutsche Bank will become expensive enough! :)

Merkel is playing poker with Hollande. She sets conditions the frenchies cannot agree to.

Pegasus Muse's picture

Grant peddles a sizeable chunk of revisionist history in this piece.  Wasn't the Euro/EU an Anglo-Franco led initiative designed to constrain Germany expansionist tendencies?

To ensure Germany could never threaten the peace again, its heavy industry was partly dismantled (See: Industrial plans for Germany) and its main coal-producing regions were detached (Saarland, Silesia), or put under international control (Ruhr area).[6] (See: Monnet Plan)

With statements such as Winston Churchill's 1946 call for a "United States of Europe" becoming louder, in 1949 the Council of Europe was established as the first pan-European organisation. In the year following, on 9 May 1950, the French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman proposed a community to integrate the coal and steel industries of Europe - these being the two elements necessary to make weapons of war. (See: Schuman declaration). 

OttoMBMP's picture

Paul-Henri Spaak

Belgian foreign minister.

i-dog's picture

Indeed. Somebody replied before I could edit in Spaak's full name and title, and that of Baron Robert de Rothschild, Chef de Cabinet in the Belgian Foreign Ministry.

Belgium and France (we can just call them "the Franks") were the prime movers kick starting the EU. Coincidentally, Charlemagne the Great, Merovingian King of the Franks, was born just outside Liège in Belgium.

falak pema's picture

Carolingian king; his grandfather was just a palace official of the dying Merovingian dynasty. Mad hatters and corrupt barbarians the Mero lot. Pepin of Herstal and Charles MArtel were a lot better...until Charles's grandsons split up ! 843 AD and created France and Germany from empire in Verdun Treaty. I don't think Charlemagne was direct Clovis-Mero blood line.

i-dog's picture

You're right, Chuck wasn't direct Merovingian-Clovis royal line. Apologies. My [hasty] mistake...I generally double-check before posting rather than only from memory.

Though, he was still of the Merovingian tribe since, as you say, his grand-father was the Mayor of the palace and direct descendant of Pippin, also Mayor of the palace and one of the most powerful Merovingian nobles under the final Merovingian boy-kings. They were all born around Liège.

Poor Grogman's picture

We need a " war on banking"

Quinvarius's picture

We already have one.  They declared war on us.

q99x2's picture

Bernanke is president of the US. Obama's the token. Same with most movies. TV shows and NPR presentations. It's a conspiracy.

VonSalza's picture

Mit dem angriff steiner's wird das alles in Ordnung kommen.

Sandmann's picture

Wer nicht in der Lage sei Deutsch zu schreiben soll aufhoeren !

Quinvarius's picture

The EUR is going to go to exactly where the central bankers have decided they want it to go.

Inthemix96's picture

What we really need is fuckers hanging from trees and lamposts, lots and fucking lots of them, theiving bastards

youngman's picture

This will take a year at least to put together..if ever...on the other hand you just showed us how many Bond sales are coming up with Italy and does that all work out...who buys what and when....this is what is mindboggeling to me.....the average Juan in Spain wants his paycheck next usual....unemplyment no less...but the Kings have no clothes...and have to go begging....somewhere and sometime the little red light goes off on someones computer that says "out of funds"...or the checks bounce...

debtor of last resort's picture

Via our debt ceiling target2.

PaperBear's picture

Silver holders will rule the world but do the banksters have any silver ?

The propaganda is all anti-silver because the vampire bankster undead will be put out of our misery with a silver bullet.

Tirpitz's picture

And Silver looks golden these days.

newworldorder's picture

As much as people do not care to admit it - we are still far from realizing the reality of ecomic truth as should be seen in the clear light of day. All these summits, meetings and pronouccements for various enteties have dulled the senses. Whether by design or not, most have been lulled into a false sense of security that this is "fixable if we all try harder and accept a little more austerity."

Untill world leaders, courts, legislators  and the MSM tell us the truth then nothing will change. If truth of our predicament is not forthcoming, we will wallow in this malaise untill the pitchforks and torches come out.

youngman's picture

TRUTH is the key word.......It was just a month ago that Spain said they didn´t need a bailout right......????  Libor....great job boys....the Whale in London.....where there are no rules....and that is why bankers have offices there.....Greek financials....what a joke they are..Obamacare is going to save money....where???? not even a hope and changer believes that one....Truth....we do not have it..and we never will....invest me a base metal in my hand is TRUTH

i-dog's picture

'They' have a date in mind to which they need to kick the can. In the meantime they will lie, delay, meet, lie again, ponder in the courts, delay again, lie again......... until that date (whatever it may be - I say Sept-Oct, others say next week or next decade).

Nothing CAN be fixed by government action (too many pressure groups from all angles, including factions within the NWO itself), so nothing WILL be fixed by government action ... and they know it. Prepare accordingly.

apberusdisvet's picture

Merkel would certainly look better with a mustache.

Mitzibitzi's picture

Thought she already had one!

Peter Pan's picture

Europe collectively is in for a flogging. It is beyond me as to how she proposes to come up with a plan that can wash and iron at the same time, that is, a plan that can solve the accumulated debt problem as well as come up with a viable fiscal program going forwards in an area that has so many different speed economies.

They are better off coming up with a plan for dissolution rather than a plan for resolution. The first will be painful whilst the second will be wishful thinking.

oldgasII's picture

Whine, Whine, Whine, Whine about the mean old Germans. If they are that bad dump the Euro and go back to your old national currency. Back it with what ever assets you can round up and take it till things settle out. 

oogs66's picture

is this article the same as the last 20 posts from him, just with different quotations?  these are better than the alice in wonderland ones

sangell's picture

Fairly simple way to avoid German hegemony. Be like Finland!

Orwell was right's picture

Hmmm...while I tend to agree with the general sentiment (that big banks want to rule the world)....the choice of phrasing in this article tends to leave the reader with the impression that the "Germans" are trying to take-over the world again.   Just as Americans don't want to be lumped in with the shennigans of big banks (or the Federal Reserve) ....I'm a bit uncomfortable with articles that lump all Germans in with the actions of their banks.   

i-dog's picture

It's a meme he's being paid to push. (Either that, or he has an IQ in the mid-50s).

Tirpitz's picture

"...a bit uncomfortable with articles that lump all Germans in with the actions of their banks..."

At some point in the global war on citizen's assets the people will be forced to march and fight for their global bank masters, again.

graneros's picture

"This is Vichy reborn and Anschluss déjà vu and the takeover of Poland"


What a load of horseshit.  This nothing more than Central Banks doing what Central Banks do.  The same crap is going on here in the States.  Can we expect the author to grace us with lines about The Bernanks' March on Atlanta?  Maybe Timmy at Bull Run would make a good headline. At least the Bull part would be correct.

Sandmann's picture

No the author would simply write - "Jewish Bankers........."

rwe2late's picture

 The notion that "Germany" is trying to take over Europe is false.

 A financial elite, who control the international organizations, and the global corporations are attempting to solidify and expand their control over all Europe and beyond.

Any assumption that the financial elite is composed entirely of Germans is false. Any assumption that the consensus policies agreed are directed to benefit "Germany" is false. Any assumption that "Germany" is free from the control of that global elite  and the institutions they head is false.

"Germany" does not "control" NATO, the IMF, the World Bank, the EU, nor most of the global corporations. "Germany" does not announce policies at the global elite conferences for the other members to obey.

 Merkel is no more "independent" of her sponsors than is Cameron, Hollande, or Obama. The notion of diminishing the sovereignty of nations is not a "German" idea. All the financial elite share that vision. All of them promote it. From the USA, to England, to Japan, to France, to Germany. Hollande supports it as does Merkel.

The aim is not for "Germany" , with "German" institutions, headed by Germans, to be sovereign over Europe.

The bankster elite, controlling through the global institutions they head, intend to be sovereign over all nations, including Germany.

Tirpitz's picture

Excellent. In one word: global debt slavery.

falak pema's picture

sometimes these posters make me feel some guys have memory damage; of the recent events since 2008...can't tell fiat s*** from...shine... And private banksta debt from sovereign grind under the cabalista heel. We keep going round and round. Denial, deleveraging via ZIRP fiat pumping and Twist, sovereign speculation and peripheral burning...all Dementia based reasoning.

dogbreath's picture

the bankstas and their central planing minnions require germany to stay in to be bled by the parasites and that is why statements like this -----> " there will be no money lent to any banks until there is a financial oversight authority that has the regulatory powers to control the finances, the economy and the banks of every nation in Europe."     are made.  Germany the voice of reason.  Fiscal responsibility ya ya. 

Germany, dump the Euro.  All you will end up being is Greeces Bitch. 

PrinceDraxx's picture

Judging by your rant here, you must think that it was Germany that was in charge of carrying out the 2 world wars during the last century.

You are wrong if you do because it was the same bankster elite who did it back then that are doing it now.

In case you weren't informed, wars don't happen without money and guess who has the money. In fact, I'd say the coincidence of the creation of the FED and the beginning of WWI a short year later almost leaves a smoking gun in the hands of the bankster elite.

Of course, that was just a coincidence, right? RIGHT?

TrulyBelieving's picture

So if Germany is trying to control all of Europe as the auther says, did Germany force all of these countries to spend more than they could afford, forcing them to borrow money?  Would you not yourself force conditions upon a drug addict before you loan him money?  Is there not a principle older than Germany at work, a debtor is slave to his lender?     

Tirpitz's picture

Forced them!

"If you don't take the money, you won't get it at rock-bottom interest rates."

shovelhead's picture

German taxpayers need to cough it up.

They need to trust that Greece and Spain will use the money wisely to repair their balance of payments.


Tirpitz's picture

With Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank vultures in the wings, ready to lend a helping hand, not much can go wrong here.

Tirpitz's picture

"He that controls the finances and the banks of a country controls the country; make no mistake here and this is exactly what Germany is trying to accomplish."

Well, just -- who controls the so called 'German' banks, with their assets safely offshored to taxhavens? It ain't the Germans, nor their neighbors... Ferkel is as much a fifth column tool as Geithner, Brown and Sarkozy are.