The Battle For Libya Is Almost Over... As Is The Battle For Its 144 Tons Of Gold

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Following a 6 month stalemate in which neither side had attained any advantage, it suddenly took just a few days for the Libyan rebel forces to steamroll unopposed into Tripoli. While we are confident that the political aftermath of this outcome will be very much comparable to what is happening in Egypt right now, many wonder why it is that the Libyan situation has progressed with such speed. Perhaps the answer can be found in the 143.8 tons of gold held by the Libyan Central Bank. Granted it is nowhere near close the 366 tons of gold that Venezuela supposedly has per the WGC, most of it likely held offshore and not being repatriated, the question of where the global gold cartel may find some of the much needed physical to satisfy Chavez' demands has been now answered. Of course we assume that said gold has not already departed Libya in direction Caracas over the past 6 months. Which, in retrospect, we probably should, as it would explain why gold is now at $1875 and rapidly rising.

and gold:

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unky's picture

Yes really funny. Chavez requests physical gold and a few days later the rebels win in Libya. Coincidence?

Provide us with a silver chart too please ^^

thecoloredsky's picture

What would be even more funny (or ridiculous) if Chavez decided he didn't want gold anymore, but wanted his gold swapped for physical silver.

unky's picture

Maybe thats the case and Chavez plans to sell some gold in anticipation for some silver, or how would someone explain the jump in silver ? hehe

Pladizow's picture

To maintain the Ponzi, the West had to find the gold some where to hand over to Chavez!

macholatte's picture




To: H. Chavez

From: JPM

RE:  Gold on Deposit

Your Gold was available for pick-up. It was located in our vault in Tripoli but has been stolen. We suggest you call your insurance company. Our warranty does not cover civil unrest. Sorry about that.

Have a Nice Day

jekyll island's picture

Yeah, then there would have to be a coup in Peru or Mexico.  Damn, I can't keep up with this anymore.



zenbones's picture

Mr. Dimon's heart just skipped a beat.

smallpeeps's picture

Yes, or a shrub, for example, which would logically lead to a request for a second shrub to creat a two level set with a little path running on a line between them.  In the end, I assume there is some secret word which makes Chavez double over in pain, but I can't think of it.

IQ 145's picture

I never know where to post these things; I sold my Dec. Silver Contract a few minutes ago at $43.80; for an even $25000 profit; I posted the date and time of the original purchase here at that time. This isn't a chart service. All the price charts are on Kitco, or on CME.

GetZeeGold's picture


If your IQ was would have held it.


mr66's picture

No way Chaves getting his gold are dreaming if you think it came from Libya & gadafi.   he sent Their gold held deep under the frozen snows of siberia in alarge safe,,Guarded by Putins putz's  ghdafi is set with his gold he just needs to get out alive



my puppy for prez's picture

they are so transparent and blatant these days!  What globalist bozos!

sunnydays's picture

Chavez said he is going to test the gold for tungsten to make sure it is real.  War with Venezuela possibly coming up, one person has said to Russia Today.

Hulk's picture

Margin hike in 3,2,1...

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Yes please it would be nice to get a deal on some physical.

LookingWithAmazement's picture

So, no spike in the gold price. Chavez-problem solved. Boring world we live in.

Ecoman11's picture

Because if Chavez screams "They don't have my Gold!!" all hell will break out.

Raymond K Hassel's picture

What does happen? GLD is definitively exposed as the opposite of gold. redemptions and margin calls. GLD forced liquidation of paper gold. Comex price becomes deal of the millennia....but you can't buy physical gold at any price. JPM covers paper shorts at a profit. fuck. Double Fuck, I'm all in miners.....but I stacked food and water....and wine and liquor....and some lead and launchers, just for that reason. I'd sorta like to see a controlled retreat by the PTB.

goldfish1's picture

wine and liquor...


yeah time to trot out my story about my father in ww2. in hawaii, everypay check he stored away some hooch in his bags. got sent to mindinao. stormed the beach. lots blown up. buddies killed. morale low. couldn't get supplies from the marine supplies guys. DaddyO went to the commanding officer and told him to put DaddyO in charge. He did. Daddyo called the guy with the supplies. The guy said, why should I give you anything?. DaddyO sez, I got hooch. Supplies guy sez, you got hooch? Whatdya need? DaddyO told me to remember that story.

Problem Is's picture

"Because if Chavez screams "They don't have my Gold!!" all hell will break out."

Allow me to provide the scenario... Kaddafi...Gaddafi...Qaddafi Could be Chavez's Example

Bankster Owned G-7 Governments:

"Hugo, STFU about your Gold or you'll end up like K-G-Q-addafi... The only Gold you're getting is in the circuitry of a cruise missile, my Latin wise ass pal..."

Bankster Owned G-7 Governments Announce to the World:

"Hugo's Gold is being confiscated for humanitarian reasons..."

No fuss, no muss, the sheeple buy it as truth. Now, back to the real Bankster business at hand... naked shorting silver...

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

I wonder if Spielberg advised in the disinfo film farce known as Gadaffi tumbles.

AG/AU going erect. Hope you boarded the physical train long ago. Expect a sizable correction when the rebels turn out not to be there at all. After that, PM's will resume their upward trajectory within a day or two.

This is not going to work out like the marionette holder thinks. 

lieutenantjohnchard's picture

when is the battle for silver gonna start? i like the part where it's up 3.75% in the early going.

MoneyWise's picture

Keep pumping that bubble up.. I'll not be surprised to
see gold dropping 300+ oz/day in the near term..
This trade just getting ridiculous.. Blow up would be
be even bigger.. Same as Silver, just few month back.
Sure it could rise to 2000/oz and then lose 400$ in few days,
just like that and it's coming soon.

unky's picture

Yes sure, increased volatility. Now its best just wait and see and let things calm down a little.

FeralSerf's picture

It's a good time to own some out of the money options on PMs and miners.

Raymond K Hassel's picture

Puts or calls? I suck at timing, so long jr miners w/o margin.

FeralSerf's picture

Calls (longer dated), but maybe some protective puts too if you're the cautious type.  The premiums seem cheap considering the volatility and what might happen to the volatility.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

Go away troll. Go over the Krugman's site or some other Keynesian hang out where you can pull each other's johnsons and pretend that the 'strong dollar' is coming back...

goldfish1's picture

Clive Maund is warning of a pullback before going higher. He said "overbought".

Long-John-Silver's picture

So suddenly; Europe and American debt problems get settled and the worlds economy is settled......

Like that's really going to happen anytime soon as it's all melting down before your very eyes and you chose not to remove your rose coloured glasses.

Placerville's picture

Exactly! Like this fixes the Euro debt crisis & balances the US budget. Big deal, some countries get cheaper oil but it's already dropped almost 25% recently.

I wouldn't be surprised if Gadhafi had shipped out the gold already and has it stashed somewhere. After it's all gone, then let the country go. Maybe he made a deal with Chavez to get it out.

The look on the face of the greedy bastards thinking that they would plunder all of Libya's gold reserves when they realized it wasn't there - Priceless!

goldfish1's picture








Oil drops from $115 May 1 to $75 first week Aug.

Gasoline prices, not so much: May 1 avg. $3.95 to current avg $3.53

Oil prices drop 35%

Gas prices drop 11% avg


Pladizow's picture

To: MoneyWise

Bernake is that you????

StychoKiller's picture

Ain't but one way out babe:  move towards the (golden) light...

tickhound's picture



It hurts doesn't it... every uptick brings you pain.  That's ok, you're not alone... and I like it that way.

PS You seem sorta new at this...

Change your handle to FRN-wise or Money-confused.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Before, western intervention was always about oil, now we may have to add gold to the motives. Does this mean

an expansion of world conflicts? Only time will tell.

my puppy for prez's picture

Don't forget it's also about global govt/economic hegemony!  All hail GLOBAL GOVERNMENT!

Can't have any non-compliant, fiesty dictators, now, can we?

midtowng's picture

gold up $20 in the first hour of the market opening. What will happen in the next few hours?

MoneyWise's picture

Why you think Bernank don't give a f**k about GOLD? Look at the US miners been under performing the real metal., if need it can print FREE money and buy out any miner and get GOLD at production cost, as fast as tomorrow.. Not necessarily buying directly but through some fake.corp.. Who's paying those stupid prices? 1900/oz.. Buy Miner and get it for $800/oz, if need it.. Ask Chavez, this guy figure out that game pretty quick. Gold fair value=production cost + 10% profit margin, everything above, just physiological value and speculators..

Id fight Gandhi's picture

I don't like the miner stocks. The stock shills out there think its some angle to own gold stocks over the real thing.

jekyll island's picture

Mining stocks are meant to be used as speculative investments AFTER you have a core position in physical, that's all.  If you don't like them, exercise your right to ignore them.  My silver mining stocks have done well, gold miners not so much.  I can sit there an watch them bounce around 25% or more because my physical position is much larger than paper.  I agree with you about the shills, no way to believe that owning stocks is in any way a proxy for physical. 



The Deleuzian's picture

You're 1/4 right moneywise The Banksters already tried that with Barrick though.........

Now Barrick's more of a copper play!!! That ship sailed long ago...

The people paying $1,900/oz. Au are the people who are smart enough not to pay to pay $2,500/oz. Au.......(unless they have to)

fair value does not equal production cost + something ......

Putting a fair value on Au is impossible ...

even for you...




PaperBugsBurn's picture

Silver is a byproduct of copper mining. There is a huge slowdown coming and copper is an industrial metal. Barrick is bankster owned.


These banksters can manipulate humanity but only if people unaware. Six billion silver consumers will crush them. At 15 to 1 silver will curtail their power drastically. with their heads.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

If the gold that Chavez requested is not returned the fall out could be horrific. A literal run on bullion banks could start. Paper PM markets would blow up... and we would find out the true price of gold on the new physical exchanges. A nightmare for many central banks including the Fed.

Lets go there.

FeralSerf's picture

Maybe not if the right excuse can be fabricated, like a hold on it to pay for some of Chavez's nationalizations.  Chavez doesn't own the international judges.  The other side does.