Bear Market Open Thread

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Since Zero Hedge updates over the next sevearal few hours will be sparse, please use this opportunity to share your transitory outlooks on current events, life, google trending topics, and pretty much anything else.

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Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Nobody for President, bitchez!

DaveyJones's picture

the only candidate who doesn't make me bitch bitchez

disfiguredskating's picture

Hey!  You out baconed me!  Did you check out all my bacon videos?

I love me some bacon!

Hulk's picture

Forest fed Hogs and pastured everything else Bitchez!

Moe Howard's picture

Pork and Beans BitcheZZZZzz cuz only Christians will do the swine baby!

No need to share my emergency chow. I think I'll rub all my Au and Ag and Pb with pork belly fat. Then microwave me some Oscar Mayer pre-cooked thick bacon. Man that stuff is good.

Finally, I'll put on my pork pie hat and go for a stroll.

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Respeck. Ramadan Mubarak.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I figure I can add to my wealth portfolio by mocking the morons around me.  We will see.

FEDbuster's picture

Superpails of storage food, bitchez! 

7.62x39, bitchez! 

TZA, bitchez!

TGIF, bitchez!

Stoploss's picture

RTSA, TZA, SPXU. The bear cavalry has arrived bitchezz!!

CompassionateFascist's picture

A 9mm strapped on, and a 30-30 (one round in the chamber, 6 in the mag) w/in ez reach. Ain't that a bitch? And what else....Ohyeah, Zero waited til the Congress went home, then  legalized the illegals. Smooth move.

dogbreath's picture

I remember a SOF mag article about testing a model 94 30-30 for speed and accuracy.  If I remeber right a competant shooder with a 30 30  will fuck over some perps

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JW n FL's picture

Pinders Point... West End.. Roberts Town.. (east) West End..

Spanish Cay..

Bahama(s) BITCHEZ!!

I left Provo and Chub off the list on purpose!

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Where's the goddamned LIKE button for Bitchs Bitchez!

SilverRhino's picture

Where's the goddamned LIKE button for Bitchs Bitchez!

SilverRhino's picture

Where's the goddamned LIKE button for Bitchs Bitchez!

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  Hope you got some  S/D.   Yen.. Have a good weekend!

Chicken_Little's picture

No Debt, especially Sudden Debt!! Silver and go Ron Paul that appears to be Thomas Jefferson re-incarnated.


rodocostarica's picture

Costa Rica rocks bitchez. Get your asses down here

caerus's picture

agreed...surfing's da sheet!

In Fed We Trust's picture


To all the bitchez in the house.

Feds be muggin on me, I be muggin back.

In Fed We Trust's picture

Copy that.
Just heard Patrick the Painter predict BLACK MONDAY

What you got?

franzpick's picture

Asia and gold won't wait; we're looking at a BLACK SUNDAY.  Bit cha's.

In Fed We Trust's picture

Do like I do.

With caulk in hand, proceed to the state university

And write " " on the sidewalks.

Students should know whats waiting for them.

DonnieD's picture

I keep waiting for the Soverign Man post from the Blue Marlin. Bitchez.

disabledvet's picture

Swiss chard with latinum dressing bitchez.

MsCreant's picture

Awesome bitchez, everywhere I look.

Zero Govt's picture

wish i'd gone long Bitchez on this thread a Bitchionaire now!!

DaveyJones's picture

canine compost bitchez

caerus's picture

el avion...booze and american scandal...

el avion

edit: ask for jorge

Chicken_Little's picture

Pattaya Thailand rocks better than Costa Rica amigo. Get your colitas over here.

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alright the day after zh broke the 500mill. lending thing. i had the assholes of cnbc talking about guy asked were'd info nome from...epperson says..its been circulating for a week now, somebody told her she was wrong, again someone asked were info was from....they knew but refused to say....but we know..


and us goldholders now are the most laughed at group...christ could you imagine being a black, gay, muslim, gold owning, ron paul supporter about oppression, but they physically laugh at us, this morning was awful....i know who really has already had the biggest and most profitable you think michelle big tits and bigger mouth caruso crowborrorw really believes her drivel, if so it is going to be so fuckin awsome when she sees her account at zero..

LetThemEatRand's picture

Sell your gold, now.  Stocks are cheap.  There, I just said absolutely everything that CNBC anchors told their viewers over the last ten hours.

Dick Fitz's picture

How about a disabled black lesbian atheist Ron Paul supporter with a cache of guns, gold and beans?

Hell, I fit 3 of the categories you list, no wonder I fell marginalized...

smlbizman's picture

i hit not black, nor disabled and no beans... i am male but a lesbian too i guess i love woman,  atheist , ron paul, guns and gold...