Bear Market Open Thread

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Since Zero Hedge updates over the next sevearal few hours will be sparse, please use this opportunity to share your transitory outlooks on current events, life, google trending topics, and pretty much anything else.

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Good to see you back, Steak! I had thought that you and Marla disappeared together.

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why do people believe in QE3, i.e. in more of the same? the recent developments over the past two weeks showed that the market finally realized that printing money does not replace demand for goods and services after a debt crisis.

bernanke will try to pull a new rabbit out of his hat, but the only thing he can do eventually is to buy time. time for the world economy to regenerate and for imbalances to be resolved by our prospective political leaders. this may sound like wishful thinking but what else remains? history tells that a failure to get there in time will create a breeding ground for extremist thoughts or worse.

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I don't think they can announce QE3.  I Think QE3 is just backdoor intervention, bailouts, etc.  to keep things looking as normal as possible.

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Agreed, it will be different in form.  It's only effective if it's a surprise.

There's been a lot of bleeding this week, but I'm not seeing any capitulation.

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farmer bernanke will slop the bank hogs one way or another.

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I'm off to a Rockies vs Dodgers game tonight.

"What do you want? I want to be left alone.  I want people to think for themselves.  No, I mean what do you want?  A dog and a beer."  God how I love the movie Field of Dreams. 

"Hey dad, wanna have a catch?"  God how I miss my old man.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Peace out

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Those dodgers fans can be murder.

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Sf fans are braindead...

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JPMorgue failed to protect it's silver parity

SILVER $42.88 vs $34.35 (JPM)

bwaaah! maybe better luck next week

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Chavez asks for physical delivery of gold bitchez and gets a downgrade bonus.

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Something interesting the S&P said - "When you have the reserves held abroad, you do have some level of confidence," Arevalo told Reuters in an interview. "That is not going to be the case anymore. They are going to be held at the central bank domestically, then you fall in the same circle of lack of transparency that everything else has in Venezuela." - So basically there worried about lack of transparency for Venezuela but what about the lack of transparency for the gold the US holds? Fort Knox hasn't been audited in how many years? The stuff is still officially valued at $35 / oz. Nobody knows if it's even there any more. Ron Paul, a senator, isn't even allowed in to see if it's there. Here's the article about the S&P downgrade:

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Ft. Knox has not been audited since 1953 and even then it was audited by Pussy Galore.

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My uncle's birthday is in a few weeks.  He joked with me to get him something nice since he never really asks for anything nice but this year he's feeling like I owe him something big.  We both laughed and I said, here's some free ready?  He says yep...I  said, buy silver.  And buy gold.  And keep buying.  He gave me a smile, shook his head and walked away.  He does have a few oz of gold and some silver, but certainly way more cash in the bank that could be used to load up.  I told him that I gave my dad the same free advice about 18 months ago and his $20 silver eagles are looking pretty decent, still in the original tubes. 

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Ag how much by labor day?? all this from a guy with a yellow hat...

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brave new world bitchez!

a little iron maiden to set the mood

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What do you think about these 'flash mobs' stealing from 7-11's?

These people aren't smart enough to go upscale?

Bags of chips instead of silver & gold from a coin store?

I'm just sayin... Think a little more high $!

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Google it, they are going to upscale clothing places, computer places, and, wait for it, Victoria's Secret!

toady's picture

Sounds like some of them are thinking after all.

I've seen a half dozen on the local news, every one of them a 7-11 or gas station.

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To everyone calling for QE3.....Why would the Fed implement it now? The bond market is doing its job for them, driving down interest rates, thus pricing in deflation and recession. IMO, no QE for at least 9 mos.

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As long as the market's can sell of, bonds can stay low..but once there's no more selling left in the markets....uhoh.  So, the question is: How low can the market's go?  Dow 9,000? 4,000?  There is a point where there is just no one left to sell stock and buy bonds at..that is the max they can push it to.

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Went to local financial institution for low 5 figures in cash today. Told me they don't keep that much cash in vault because of local crimes. Said they would order from THE FED & deliver next thursday. Seems like it wouldn't take a lot for a run. Everybody in cash or a few biggies?

Need TD's input.  

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

Green cash in case of deflationary spiral or bank run.  PMs for any eventuality.  Tuco

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What percentage (present dollar value) of gold vs silver do you have?


Me: 80% Gold, 20% Silver



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85% gold, 15% silver. Muni bonds, two long equity positions, and shorting Italian index and all the banks. Eurozone will implode, Germany will never ever agree to bankroll its WWII enemies.

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Rollin' on sillllver! 20% Physical, 40% long term call options, 40% cash to dump into call options when QE3 is announced.

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I'm not disciplined enough to keep cash. I guess I'll learn.

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50/50 by fiat price.  I just started buying last week though, slow learner.

All the nutjobs/pumpers on the PM sites kind of turned me off at first.  Hope there's a big dip to load up.


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Slow learner but a smart learner, nevertheless. Might I be so bold as to suggest if you plan to be making a purchase in the next week or two,  consider directing your funds primarily into silver as it appears to be a fabulous deal while still in the low 40's. Whereas Gold, after it's recent gains, might slip down a few dollars or so before you might care to BTFD. I was fortunate to get on the bandwagon a few years ago when I came into a healthy sum and boy was I lucky I came to ZH and some of the other great sites. I'm actually doing *quite well* right now with that decision (to put almost every cent into the glittering metals). Anyway, most people here are miles ahead of me, but some of their juicy morsels trickle down and penetrate my thick cranium. I find it's a matter of gleaning what I can then crossing my fingers. Beginners luck in my case. Good luck and Good Hunting.

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

Agreed, lately silver has underperformed relative to gold and I am "guessing" that will be rectified to some extent in the near term.  Luck is hard work meeting opportunity.  Good trading.

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Big Sis’ Latest Terrorists: More White Americans

Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you.

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

Yes, we know who the terrorists are don't we.  They are those former Americans now globalist freedom takers working for the alphabet soup government agencies in WDC.  They will find out eventually in terms of career choices they "chose poorly"!


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What a week! After today’s seesaw ride I’m glad it’s over.

 My personal retire account “PRA” that’s what I call my stash of PMs.

It yielded $10493.00 this week noyse. I hope everyone did well too.

I expect to buy more at my coin dealer some time next week when I loose some of this weeks gains because of margin hikes.

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Must see video:

Michael C. Ruppert calls upon the world's artistic and musical leaders to take part in the global generational revolution taking place right now.  He pulls no punches as is apparent in the title, "SAY MY FU**ING NAME" ...

DavidPierre's picture


Ruppert has PAID HIS DUES and has been all over this AmeriKlan Nazi/Facist shit for 40 years.


And read his fucking book about 9/11  !!!

Crossing the Rubicon

A book meant to make us think and inspire us all to be courageous against the forces that want us to live in fear.



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Go listen to Cramer-ica if you want to learn how Chimpanzees trade the stock market and make macro directional bets.  Buy, buy, buy, get in the game!!!!

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Cramerica is an insult to chimpanzees.

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you usin the whole fist doc? moon riiiver...

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and one for the weekend:


nice sleep everyone, the show must go on.

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Turn on some Thievery Corporation and get that party started!

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What do you guys think of the gold/platinum ratio?  It was only back in 99 or so that the two crossed.  You think it's time to go for platinum or is gold overvalued?  Platinum is an industrial metal and if the economy goes so will it go.  Ideas?

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Oct 2008 also plat lost $1536 from high around $2280 to around$740 in three months.

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

That is a very good question but I believe that just three or four years ago or so they crossed or damn near crossed.  I think it is worth a nibble if and when they cross again but I would tread lightly as we are in unchartered time.  Remember, although you probably already know platinum is a 50 ounce contract whereas gold is a 100 ounce contract.  Personally,  I would trade the physical and forget about the leverage.  Good trading.      Tuco Trader:)

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CME margin hike will have next to nil effect on gold.  Silver rushed up and CME plays a comparitively significant role in overall volumes.  Not so gold, vast and universal.

Still shorting the hell out of QQQ, etc.  This party's just getting started.

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great thread bitchez. Thanks Tyler and enjoy a good weekend.

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Blue Marlin Bar at the Del Rey, Bitchezzz!

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I think it is hopeless to hoard PM's your profit will vapoize just as you need it for survival. better own a plow or some goats

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The only think to own is lead; lots of many calibers!   

When is comes down to it, one will choose life over their treasure.