Bear Market Open Thread

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Since Zero Hedge updates over the next sevearal few hours will be sparse, please use this opportunity to share your transitory outlooks on current events, life, google trending topics, and pretty much anything else.

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I don't remember that Robot girl ever recommanded HPQ.

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Robo has news letter subscribers.

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If you take a crap, put a flag in the crap, there'll always be some whaco's who will be willing to pay for it.


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Lost all my PM's crossing the Delaware Bitchez!

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I bet you did it at the spinoff news and hoarded 8,000,000 shares @ $32.5418

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Destroy the Morg!

Short SLV, buy physical! Just imagine if everyone did that? Paper ponzi collapses and the physical market goes parabolic. It could be the trade of the century.

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Picked up another 80 oz of silver yesterday and the day prior.  Also picked up a nice Misr, Egyptian AKM.  6 clips, plenty of ammo, and was surprised by how accurate I was 300-400 yards out.  I guess the peasant rifle was a good choice for me. 

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Ordered 225 oz silver today. 100 oz last week. Waiting for a dip in gold. looks like it may be awhile. Got a S&W M&P .223 last week also.

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Good work. I've been buying for the past month trying to take advantage of one shipping fee. Got 3oz. of gold and 100 oz. of silver getting yanked out of the market next week. I don't know if Hugo Chavez is good for Venezuela, but he's A-Fuckin allright for gold baby!!!

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I figure they gotta give Hugo his gold, and quick.  If not, the confidence of sovereigns the world over will be shattered, and their could be a run on the depositories.


I still got the Benjamin pump in BB caliber I've had for 30 years.  If you pump it up 10 times it will shoot through a 1" pine board.  Pretty impressive!!


BB bitchez

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I've been thinking the same thing lately.  If it's true that SLV doesn't have all the silver they claim to, then some hedge fund could make a killing by taking delivery of silver and shorting the SLV at the same time.  It would basically be a risk-free trade (I mean, unless SLV started trading at a premium to physical, which seems highly unlikely).  If only I had a few billion dollars...

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Picked up a 100oz bar silver at $41 per just 2 hrs ago. Dealer didn't want to hold it over week-end.

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walrus flippers 


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Many thanks and much appreciation to Tyler and all of Zerohedge for all the wisdom and education! THANK YOU TYLER

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Best name avatar combo on ZH. LMFAO!

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1) Look at the Dow 15 year or so chart....MASSIVE HEAD AND SHOULDERS.^dji+interactive#symbol=%5Edji;range=19911230,20110815;compare=;indicator=volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=;

2) just had a good 3 week "dead cat bounce".

3) going into Jackson Hole next week.

4) everyone is on vacation

5) Europe is melting down (even over the weekend).

Setup your shorts this weekend if possible...or ASAP next week .... its going to be a bumpy ride in August and terminal velocity in September.

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Imminent ponzi collapse bitchez!

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Silver Bitchez Indeed! $50/oz by 25 August 2011.

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Do like I Do.

Paste ZH links on your Facebook page.

Why do think Denver is # 2 city?

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Do like I do.

With side walk, write "" around the state University in your state.

It is amazing how ignorant college students are.

Let's enlighten them with what they have coming.

A college loan in this day an age is like indentured slavery.

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Paige typesetting machine, BITCHEZ

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Do like I dO and post ZH links on your face book page.

Why do you think Denver is rated top 2 ZH city?

Check out "Patrick the painter " on Facebook to get an idea of the potential power. Check out my profile and bold predictions.

Become my friend. Power in Numbers.

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laughing my ass off bitchez


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Have a good weekend..  Bitchez

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Hi, Bank of America will help you out!  you just have to help us first!

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It will be a cold day in hell before I do anything to help Bank of America.

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Cold day in hell before I would accept a banksters' "help"

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prisoners have higher ethics

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Haven't reached a bottom yet. Wait for Europe to explode.

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You will have your wishes come true mate...not even close to bottom...I believe they will nationalize EU banks and wipeout equity bagholders

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The EU implosion is sure taking it's time.  The $50B bailouts barely put a dent in things.  Now I'm reading the ECB needs to buy ("purchase" in Bernank speak) trillions in jacked up securities.  And any further bailouts talk is meeting strong opposition in Germany..  I'm waiting for Germany to pull out of the Euro completely..  How to trade that...

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"transitory outlooks"


Tyler, you speak like Bernanke now. Maybe it's time to think about replacing him? lol


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A few things to keep in mind:

1) inflation is transitory
2) gold is not money
3) the Fed does not 'buy', they 'purchase'
4) alien invasions are good for the economy
5) there are no 'taxes', only 'revenues'
6) GDP will grow at 4%...3%...2%...1%...oh shit!
7) the SEC exists to protect you, the revenue payer
8) banks are solvent, well capitalized, and ready to lend
9) got PM?

Have a great weekend all :)