Bear Market Open Thread

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Since Zero Hedge updates over the next sevearal few hours will be sparse, please use this opportunity to share your transitory outlooks on current events, life, google trending topics, and pretty much anything else.

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11) The US will never lose AAA credit rating

12) Unemployment checks contribute to economic growth

13) Obamacare will lower healthcare costs and help to shrink the deficit

14) The wealth effect from QE will make people go out and spend more money

15) Fannie and Freddie employees shouldn't lose their jobs just because some "higher ups" mismanaged the companies

16) Taxing the rich will increase revenues to the treasury

17) There is a 0% chance of a double dip recession

18) The unemployment rate is below 10%

19)  SSI/Medicaid/Medicare are sustainable programs and don't need to be reformed

20)  What consumers and small businesses really need right now is more 0% interest rate loans so they can borrow more cheap money that they will have no way in hell to pay back


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21) "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

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22) (insert your candidate of choice here) will save us.

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23)  Aggressive stimulus spending by governments helped the world avoid a second Great Depression.


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24.) By going on vacation I saved or created 1,344,308,354 jobs.
(Big shit eating toothy grin from ear to ear.)
(No, I'm looking for the fucking caddy.)

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What could possibly be better for the economy than an invasion by martians?

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This alien shit's getting out of hand.

The newest Meme.

Krugfuck blathering on about false alien invasion wars creating jobs.
NASA stating that we'll get vaporized by aliens in order to save the rest of the universe form our global warming.

What the Fuck?
Where does this madness end?

Folks, this shit is just not rational.

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Maybe the world REALLY IS ending in 2012 - or at least the world as we know it.  No concerns about global warming, economic meltdown or anything else because something big is gonna hit the fan, 80% of the world's population is gonna die and we're gonna hve a complete 'reset' - starting from a near stone age base.  The slect 'few' are preparing but knnow that there's not a snowball's chance in hell for the rest of us.....

Would explain a lot.  Biding time until things go 'Boom'.   If certain people start disappearing in early December 2012, maybe we will be seeing a pole shift, collision with Niribu, or God knows what.....   And maybe if nothign happens Plan B is a really viriulent form form of avian flu - Think 'V for Vendetta' on a global scale.    Bring the earth down to a far smaller 'sustainable' population.   Not beyond imagining - and that is what's really frightening.

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If the select few are that smart, why would they be starting in the stone age again? You think we'll forget about electricity, hydrocarbons, and computers?

Better not eat any food...that's where they'll introduce the pathogens!


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That nonocrap is already in everything.  We're all gonna turn into puddles of grey phlegm.

I mean...
Nonoshit in food stuffs
Fluoride in water
Mercury and assorted birth control and pathogens in vaccines
Aluminum and Barium being sprayed in the skies
Trannies in the SEC

What's this world coming to?
Ah... kids these days.

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"why would they be starting in the stone age again?"

Not stone age ... just grand palaces (for them) and peasant huts (for those that live through the cull).

"You think we'll forget about electricity, hydrocarbons, and computers?"

I don't expect you'll have much choice! ... If the chemicals don't make you forget, then the complete lack of electricity outside authorised hours in peasant areas, and no hydrocarbons for peasant vehicles, will make computers for peasants just a fond memory.

The globalists are not fucking around! They have recognised for decades that they can't run a planet with 7 billion people all aspiring to a massive air-conditioned house filled with iGadgets, with swiimming pool, yacht landing and three-car garage filled with gas-guzzling SUVs. They have not only published their plans for crashing the economies of the developed West down to the level of central Africs, but they have also repeatedly published their views that populations must be drastically reduced (by up to 90%!!). And I can't say I don't sympathise with them!

Anyone planning to quietly remain in the US beyond 3Q12 -- rather than fighting for state secessions now to starve the fuckers and rebuild from local communities and local resources -- would be well advised to learn the following lyrics in preparation for the FEMA work camps:

Jump down turn around
Pick a bale of cotton
Jump down turn around
Pick a bale of hay
Oh, Lordy, pick a bale of cotton
Oh, Lordy, pick a bale of hay

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choose your poison, vodka, beer, wine?

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Funny you guys mentioned stills. I actually ran one in Saudia Arabia in '79-80 in a Lockheed compound. The 2 SAS Brits that never said they were ever SAS sold the operation to me when they left. Over there, the Q is "Got Sid" or Got "Sidiki"?  We had it lol


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I'm content with my moonshine and each their own.

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Home made brewskis! Great taste, super cheap and I never run out. Been brewing it for years.

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chimay...then whiskey blackout

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Rat. Shoot her if she's still moving after 45 minutes.

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Vodka. Tito's, made in Texas.

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Recently tried it - very good and not as expensive as Grey Goose etc.

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Fris Vodka is better and half the price. 

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dripping springs vodka...with soda and a jalapeño slice...

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Gin and tonic.  It was a gametime decision.

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Ahhh my favorite! The drink of imperialists.

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Vodka.  Gonna bust it open soon,

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What, no Snookie or Kim Karadashian or whatever her name is?  America is slipping, lol.

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Its ok, Kim's soon to be husband is on the list.  That has to count for something

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bill clinton?  Some other moron married him?

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She's marrying Eddie Vedder?

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Donald Trump and Kim?

There'd be some big assed rich kids with ugly combovers.

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Ah, all about character.  Not a single redeeming human value represented in that list.

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The West Memphis 3 thing is the depths of judicial depravity, a fractal articulated at the local level that exposes the structural corruption that has captured us at the national and global levels. If they did it, don't let them out of jail, fight to keep murderers in, dip sticks. If they are innocent, don't deprive them of their right to sue for false imprisonment. They are settling for this deal because they want to be sure to get out of prison, rather than take the chance on the retrial that they will get screwed. NOTHING is about justice, everything is about covering ass. It is a case study in what guides HOW decisions are made, and the structures that emerge around those interests and motivations. Extrapolate to the "market" and you don't really need a conspiracy theory so much as a theory of culture captured by careerism.

Sorry to go off like that. Unlike a lot of the chicanery that goes on, this one can be known.

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Well said, well said. Everything in our justice system is about making "deals" no matter how unjust, hypocritical or outrageous. The West Memphis 3 is a truly disgusting story of prosecutorial abuse.

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LOVED the Fractal referrence! nicely done.

not sure what to make of 14.(it's frekin misspelled! is that like Pwn3d? like a new way to say weekend? I dont get it, did so many people misspell it or is that a new thing?) 15. and 19.

edit: no, it's a hiphop rap r&B singer...of course! duh did i just age myself?

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So Kim Kardashinenen is marrying the West Memphis 3?

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Coming from a young woman that was "schooled to kill"

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I wish I was "young" sweetness. I am 46.

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You're young sweetness to me at that age, sweetheart (assuming you're actually female).  Just right.

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She is all woman.   Just ask the big lummox if you don't believe me.

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You're just getting started MsCreant!