Bear Market Open Thread

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Since Zero Hedge updates over the next sevearal few hours will be sparse, please use this opportunity to share your transitory outlooks on current events, life, google trending topics, and pretty much anything else.

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MsC, I am not a Conspiracy Theorist by any stretch of the imagination. 
However, those who "are" fulfill a very important role in our information propagation. 
Take note of the relationship between those who are labelled conspiracy Theorists and those who label them as such.  Usually, the Theorist is postulating that the information offered to the public as the "truth" is indeed inaccurate in some significant dimension.  And usually the alternative proposed by the Theorist is unfriendly to the party promulgating the suspect information.  The baseline relationship.

Now, it is the party promulgating the supposedly erroneous information who in a purely Bernaysian manner of Perceptions Management decries the doubter to be the Conspiracy Theorist.  A pure form of degradation of the opposition, dismissed as lunacy, minimize, never directly answer the question, address the concerns and deficiencies... simply label the other the nut job.  Blow it off... scoff, belittle, imaginary ignoring.  (I like that Imaginarily Ignore the other party.)

Now, juxtaposed is the individual labelled the conspiracy Theorist.  Interesting, for that individual, the doubter, is neither the conspirator nor a theorist (anymore than the opposing party).  Thus it essentially is in fact, the party labeling the doubter the conspiracy Theorist who indeed promulgating such behavior, actually fulfilling the psychological role of perpetrating both conditions.  (Classic Bernays)

But more to the point, when examining the past objectively, in the majority of cases, the activity under debate as to what did (officially) and what winds up being found to be the truth (what really happened) has tended to prove the theorist (by label of admonition and degradation) the accurate party.  That the promulgator of the original challenged information has indeed gravely misrepresented the case as put forth in pursuit of an alternative agenda.

So, as the great information dissemination vehicle, essentially the Internet Reformation continues with the broadened dissemination of discussion, the case of the accused Theorist takes on a more weighty and reasonable position than when in a tightly controlled information dissemination regime. 
To wit (no political comment intended) the recent treatment of Dr. Paul's rankings in polls, etc., by the mainstream media.  Ignored, berated, not reported as he's not capable of winning.... until by error, it is admitted.  Dr. Freud speaking!) to be the case.  Alternative agenda, not to let the man who might dismantle the Kleptocracy do so, for it would cast the interested parties money, power and prestige.
To wit: CNBS everything's coming up roses... remember 1 to 2 years ago wouldn't even address the topic of gold... barbarous relic... conspiracy Theorists, nut jobs, etc. (Back when it was indeed the Fed who has since admitted they were trying to hold the price down, in party with media representations.)  Now having discussions about ownership, showing quotes (which they used to say didn't matter... pooh pooh pooh..

Looking at it through that filter, there is no such thing as a "Conspiracy Theorist", merely one person with a differing opinion who becomes labelled as such for purposes of discreditation.  When viewed in that manner it all looks different.  Pure Bernays.  It also adds an additional element of clarity to the analytic framework of the information puzzle.

Quick, my tin foil hat!

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Nice, Knuckles!

You've got some Irish in you, do ya?  Makes me run on and on, too.


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what is necessary for a so called "conspiracy"? simply more than 1 person agreeing on a thing right? therefore, one can rightly assume that ALL of human history is in some form one giant fucking conspiracy FACT!

but, that could be just the pinot talkin....

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You got it!
A conspiracy theory is anybody/topic/thing anybody wants it to be.

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that's right baby, those were good times knukles


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Give Kim Kardashian time.  Her next homemade porn will likely be out soon..................

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Kim K: Living proof that with enough Bondo you can fix almost any wreck.

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  Nice to hear from you S/N

                            Slipstream and all!

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Likewise, Yen. May all your flows be laminar and the seatbelt signs unlit.

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chili's sooo hot right now...

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no gold, no silver in top ten trends.  we're a long way from bubbleland.  when those start showing up in top ten trends I'll assume we're nearing a top

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Hot Trend Number 1,855.  Gold Bitchez!!

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"And fast by, hanging in a golden chain,
This pendent world, in bigness as a star

Of smallest magnitude, close by the moon."

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I banged #9 in college.

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She was an A-cup with bad taste then.

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we're living in some strange dayz ya'll...thanks ZH for all of the great insight and timely IMPORTANT information.  Good stuff n keep it up!  Off to the gun store, have a good weekend.

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Alex Jones will, one day, be seen as a national hero.  If you do not listen to him, you're missing out.  You said "anything," right TD?

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I gave props to Alex in a post I made earlier today.

A young Alexander Emerick Jones once asked a former Texas Governor, George W Bush, during a press conference if he should indeed go after the Federal Reserve Bank. Immediately after questioning, Jones was forcibly removed from the conference, with his arm ripped behind his back (to which this day has not fully recovered) and arrested outside on the premises. The crime? A simple question in a society that supposedly guarantees free and open speech.

Should we really believe Bilderberg attendee Rick Perry's rhetoric on Bernanke & the FED?

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It's a theory that's "out there".

WonderDawg's picture

To answer your question, absolutely not. Perry has been hand-picked for a reason. I don't trust anything he says.

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Alex is at his best when he lets himself go.  That man can get pissed off, can't he?  He will soon be giving Rush a run for the money.  The "Infowar" is one war I can support.

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Surely you jest.

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That was great.  Maybe a whole series of those cartoons could be done for high school civics classes?

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The whole movie is good.

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Like the media blacking out Paul, Bush can't handle the truth. Lies and evil need darkness and ignorance to survive. Those of us that have LIGHT must share it with those still in darkness. Alex is CrAZy! with LIGHT!!! Thanks BB!

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Build a burger...can I get fries with that?

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Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce special orders don't upset us, all we ask is that you let us serve it your way..

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In those "polite" circles, corrupt paid-for politicians are referred to as "my dog Spot".

Thank you Cal.

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Yes. I understand he only threatened to kill the FOMC and did not do so per your instructions. Now get naked and take a 2 hour bubble bath. Yours truly,

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Blythe, I have been with the best.   My pumpkins have this / white mold.


Quer`ie me?

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we're living in some strange dayz ya'll...thanks ZH for all of the great insight and timely IMPORTANT information.  Good stuff n keep it up!  Off to the gun store, have a good weekend.

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I have tossed this website to as many people as possible.  This is the best avenue to wake up the financially interested.

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Tick Rate Hits New Highs, Indicating HFT Activity

Traders Magazine Online News, August 12, 2011

James Armstrong

Bloomberg is reporting an unprecedented number of quotes in recent days, rising to new highs on Wednesday even as overall volume was down slightly, an indication of unfilled orders and the likely presence of active high frequency traders.

“The tick volume is up dramatically, when the actual volume of shares traded isn’t at the highest levels that we’ve seen,” Nagrath said. “Every time an order goes out, even though it’s canceled, for us it counts as another tick, another quote.”

Wednesday set an all-time high of 43.7 billion ticks. That was about one and a half times the number of ticks recorded during last year’s flash crash. Yesterday, data showed about 38 billion ticks, according to Bloomberg.

Click for chart <------------ Great PDF Chart of Ticks 2008 Fincial Crash / Flash Crash in 2009 / Japan Tsunami as well in this chart for comparison.


Uploaded by RussiaToday on Aug 17, 2011

Watch full episode 174 of Keiser Report on Thursday. This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at how quantitative easing is good for the rich, bad for the poor and how sterling is offering no refuge. In the second half of the show Max talks to Richard Heinberg, author of The End of Growth, about the role of energy in the current debt crisis.

MsCreant's picture

A nice "dip" should shake off all those ticks, I would think.

JW n FL's picture

those tick work at a 100 - 1,000 tick per second all the way up and down.. the ticks can NOT be STOPPED! until "We the People" unplug them.

Mentaliusanything's picture

Axe meets optic fibre - no really the No 2 way to rid yourself of annoying ticks.

Best way is charge them a penny to play

FEDbuster's picture

There is a transaction tax I can support.  Add a penny to bid tax, too.  Fuck these parasites.

KowPie's picture

Eventually the host will run out of blood.

CompassionateFascist's picture

Never mind Max's wierd noises and twitching around....just watch Stacy. Tho wearing too much clothes, she is worth the price of admission. Truly wholesome.

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FL) Nice structure!

  Lets discuss ( Yield curves?

  And { WINGS } Extra spicy!

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Watch out for them butterflies...they cause 'urricanes Y'know.

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Sweet, love these. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Tonight we drink outselves into a fuckin' coma!

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*sigh* Reminds me of one of my dear grannie's tupperware parties.

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If granny wants to keep her Medicare, she is gonna need all the firepower she can get in the fight in the streets against the state.