Of Beggars, Choosers, Unemployment, And Bailouts In Europe

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"The problems of a group of 17 different economies that are growing further apart - all functioning under the same currency - will not be solved by any actions taken by the ECB" is how Stratfor's Adriano Bosoni describes the can-kicking that has once again become the euro-zone this summer. From the systemically rising and drastically desperate unemployment rates around the Southern nations, which are not benefiting from the typical seasonal advantages of the Summer tourist trade (since both recessionary contraction of spending and fear of violence are keeping northern Europeans at home); to the Madrid-to-Rome 'demands' in the face of Berlin's clear message, Bosoni notes the ironic fact that 'aid' is there (as Draghi pointed out today) if it is asked for (and an MoU is signed) but both Spain and Italy know full well that the mere act of signing that Memorandum signals the market that a full sovereign bailout is closer at hand and will further steepen yield curves and shrink market access (which in our view is now gone for anything but short-duration issuance in Spain). A succinct 'status update' on where Europe stands.

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BTDD - Buy The Draghi Dip

Well I was hopeful until I saw the old guys dressed up in the red halloween costumes. I had no idea. Maybe they will be able to protect the world from the bankster corruption. Something that far out of the ordinary might just work.

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BTBD: Buy the Bernake Dip?

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oh you children.  it is now sell the fucking bounce.



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Sell the bounce, sell the rally...

We've heard that mantra for 3 and a half years now, ALL THE WAY UP.

Whether you like it or not, this market moving higher.

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one of many interesting points in Draghi comments was on price inflation and that food prices in EU are not "as yet" under upward pressure as EU is largely self sufficient plus not in drought.....    the implication was that inflation risks would not be "balanced" but "to the upside"


... one to watch for the US Fed in September since "inflation risks to the upside" - from food, energy,oil prices will put pressure to NOT act.

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There has been 4 months of constant rain in Ireland......in the wettest Irish Spring /summer on record (now thats saying something)

People will spend their last Punt , I mean Euro to get out of this bog for a week or two but they won't have much money to spend when they get to Club Med..... almost everything will go on the Kerosene Bill.

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In The US, our farmers would kill for that rain.

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 The outcome of draghi's under, the "FULL Moon" ?  rant!

He is " INCREDULOUS"!  Unwilling to believe, or take action!   The guy clearly superceded the < EU as a whole, and pissed off Merkel!   This shit-storm is just about to end.

  Mario Draghi sounded like drowning RAT this morning! He showed a complete lack of authority and leadership! He .Monti, and Berlusconi should be clad in plastic!

   European people are wonderfull. Their leaders are , can kicking parasites!

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Default and disband already! How much longer can this go on?

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I noticed the unemployment rate in Ireland is almost as much as Portugal, but wasn't mentioned by the reporter. Is that, because there are not wide spread protests in Ireland and they don't want to stir the pot?l

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 Ireland took a " proud" tranche of cash.  Ireland isn't fixed, by a long shot!

  The Irish are prowd, and work for a fair days quid!

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17 all functioning under the same currency - will not be solved by any actions taken by the ECB"

Exactly. What is right with it is what is wrong with it






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To quote Tom(e) Keene "a truly historic day." Here's the one chart i looked at: http://seekingalpha.com/symbol/bbva?source=search_general&s=bbva
she'll have to be nationalized...perhaps over the weekend. The EZ is flying apart. What happens tomorrow...and this is PURE politics and RAW expressions of power now...is anyone's guess. It is simply an admission of incompetence if anyone is recommending anything denominated in euro's. The only thing that is certain is that no one has any idea what to replace it with. STAY TUNED ON BLOOMBERG DIAL! (who knows, maybe even CNN will start reporting on it.)

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 seeking Alpha is a good" RePUTable site"   D/A/V.  That is a pretty darn good post. "NEIN" Merkel will make consessions.


    The " Margaret Thatcher" , of a new " WORLD" order?   Thanks again " disabledvet".

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Spanish public sector is too large, cut tax and the public sector in half and young people will get jobs.The public sector serve no purpose, it's simply the economic exploitation of one class by another.

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Great, market rallies on hopes that countries representing almost 25% of Euro Gdp are gonna need a bailout.

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We need another summit!