Ben's J-Hole Speech: Goldman's Take

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Ben's prepared remarks went off embargo at 10:00 am Eastern. The text (just the body, excluding appendices) had 4,549 words, 254 commas and 173 periods. It took Goldman 40 minutes to read it, write a 579 word response, proofread, get it through compliance, and shoot it to all clients. Now that's efficiency. The title? "Bernanke Makes Case for Effectiveness of Unconventional Easing" of course, even though the real shocker in the speech was that Bernanke for the first time as far as we recall admitted that the sentiment that QE is not working may result in a Catch 22 where every incremental and larger QE episode has diminishing returns (just as we have been warning for years). 

Here is the full Goldman's pret-a-portersender response:

Bernanke Makes Case for Effectiveness of Unconventional Easing

Fed Chairman Bernanke's Jackson Hole speech makes the case for unconventional monetary easing--in particular, balance sheet and communication policies--as an effective tool, even if the "hurdle is higher" for the use of such policies. In a dovish conclusion, he notes the poor state of the labor market as a "grave concern".


1. Fed Chairman Bernanke's keynote speech at the annual Jackson Hole conference reviewed monetary policy during the crisis, described the methods of action of balance sheet tools and communication (guidance) policies, and reviewed the potential costs of asset purchases. In conclusion, Bernanke emphasized that unconventional easing can be an effective tool of monetary policy and highlighted the still-weak state of the US labor market as a "grave concern".

2. Bernanke began his speech with a discussion of policies during the crisis; while the details of what occurred here are well known, this section was noteworthy for a frank admission that given the "limited historical experience" with nontraditional monetary easing, policymakers "have been in the process of learning by doing".

3. Bernanke discussed the ways in which balance sheet policies can affect the economy--focusing on the imperfect substitutability of assets and the consequent ability for reductions in the supply of a given asset to affect its price/yield; he also noted the signaling effect of such policies and the potential for them to aid the functioning of distressed markets. He cited research showing that asset purchases lower Treasury, MBS, and corporate bond yields, and noted "a study using the Board's FRB/US model of the economy found that, as of 2012, the first two rounds of LSAPs may have raised the level of output by almost 3 percent and increased private payroll employment by more than 2 million jobs, relative to what otherwise would have occurred", though with the caveat that "It is likely that the crisis and the recession have attenuated some of the normal transmission channels of monetary policy relative to what is assumed in the models". As for rate guidance, Bernanke defended the current forward guidance as "broadly consistent with prescriptions coming from a range of standard benchmarks" but went on to note its influence on market expectations and say that "a number of considerations also argue for planning to keep rates low for a longer time than implied by policy rules developed during more normal periods."

4. Bernanke reviewed the potential costs of nontraditional policy in more detail than previously. For asset purchases, these included 1) possible impairment of market functioning, 2) public/market concern about the Fed's "ability to exit smoothly from its accommodative policies", 3) risks to financial stability as lower rates push investors to search for yield in riskier assets, 4) financial losses for the Fed on its securities holdings if rates rise sharply. He summed up by saying "the hurdle for using nontraditional policies should be higher" but that "we should not rule out the further use of such policies if economic conditions warrant."

5. The speech concluded with the near-term outlook--held back in Bernanke's view by a slow recovery in housing, government fiscal drag, and financial market stress (particularly because of the Euro area crisis). The final note was dovish, with Bernanke emphasizing that "we must not lose sight of the daunting economic challenges that confront our nation" and professing "grave concern" with the weak labor market and the potential structural damage that could result from persistently high unemployment.

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Sorry muppets — We promise we'll be right THIS time!

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Who you gonna believe?

Us or your lying eyes?

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If the promise of crack to the addict works just as well as delivery, why deliver?

"The text (just the body, excluding appendices) had 4,549 words, 254 commas and 173 words. It took Goldman 40 minutes to read it, write a 579 word response, proofread, get it through compliance, and shoot it to all clients. Now that's efficiency."

What are the Tylers implying?

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A-Hole talks at J-hole. Better title.

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"Learning by doing" ... aka .... "we have no idea what the fuck we are doing"

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Yeah. That should instill fear.

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Subtitled: Monetization; Trash to Treasure

(all your unicorn farts are belong to us)

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It's like a girl who says "NO".  You know in your heart she can't really mean it.

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SO we just keep buying her drinks & stuff.

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Didn't the GS write  or at the very least co author the bernanke text to begin with?

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Actually GS has their hand up Bernanke's ass.....that's what makes his mouth move.

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Possible impairment of market functioning?  Possible????  Are you fucking kidding me?????  What fucking planet are you on, Bernanke?????  The markets have been fucking IMPAIRED for years now.  What an absolute DUFUS.  And that little shit Hilsenrath needs to be taken behind the woodshed for a long talk with Buford Pusser.



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muppet sheep led to the slaughter

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Sorry markit, no mo lsap before elections.

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Goldman's take..........and take and take and take.............

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Goldman's Take.....

you mean goldman takes.......everything....from everybody............

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SP +14 off overnight lows.  F*ck the Criminal Elite Banksters.

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It's quite possible the people running this market up have no concern about the consequences of their actions as long as their actions are not impeded.  The current administration has done nothing to stop them, slow them or hinder them in any way.  They may in fact want this administration to continue.  duh.

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Aka the bigger total QE is, the least likely they will be able to unwind the positions without crashing the US/World...

IMO this bridge has already been crossed.

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Bernanke needs to study August 15th, 1971. The USA "temporairly" suspended convertibility into gold. Get it? TEMPORAIRLY. We are still waiting for the NIXON UNWIND motherfuckers! :) LOL! 

Seorse Gorog from that Quantum Entanglement Fund. alright_.-'s picture

Come on Stolper. Get to work!

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If I had a nickle for every time I hear "Goldman", "Goldman" would figure out a way to take my nickles

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Here berankie boy,

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I've been running ccircles around these clowns at Goldman for so long it's amazing they can get out of bed in the morning...let alone claim to have something to say. As was said in the movie Gladiator "did I miss the battle father?" No...Goldman Sachs..."you missed the war." market powers higher...The Bernank has always been a monetarist NOT a Keynesian...and as the CONFIDENCE soars with this realization "so does the market." the policies of 2008 are STILL NOT PRICED the UPSIDE. By all means of course "claim it's all about Apple and short away" of course.

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"Ben's prepared remarks went off embargo at 10:00 am Eastern. The text (just the body, excluding appendices) had 4,549 words, 254 commas and 173 words."

173 sentences?

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I knew a guy called Bernanke once. He lived on stilnox! Nice bloke. Just had a few sleep walking problems. His parents were children of the great depression. He kept dreaming he was running out of bullets every time he went hunting.

Poor bastard ended up rooting a koala and using paperbark for currency.

Not a unique a story I suppose.....

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Goldman is a shareholder in the "private" Federal Reserve Bank

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...but did they count the number of farts he eeked out during his asshole speech...

oh wait..that WAS his asshole.....

carry on..........

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Bernanke didn't ease that, someone else did.

ChickenTikka's picture

Bernanke didn't ease that, someone else did.

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Anybody else notice Blankfein under the podium doing a little unconventional easing of Ben Shalom's little kosher cocktail frank?

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wow, it's almost like Goldman wrote the speech for the Bernank, so had the response canned and ready to go...


but that's conspiracy crazy talk.

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so telling that their meeting place has the word "hole"

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Selected to ensure mockery would distract from actual content & activity...

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I hate to burst the bubble of those conspiracy theorists who hang out here, but what Goldman did is standard journalistic and legal procedure. It is how things work in the alpha world.  The Bernanke said nothing unexpected, so before the event it is common to have several versions ready to go and then you can fine-tune everything based on the actual wording of what was released. My only inside source is the giant rabbit who is watching me type this from over my shoulder and with his proofreading assistance, I could have done exactly what Goldman did, no conspiracy required.

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well not exactly everything Goldman did or you'd be rich and speak Greek

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One out of two ain't bad.

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Geeze, Bernanke said he created 2 million jobs.  Obama said he did the same.

Who is to get the credit?

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better question, exactly who got these jobs?

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Obama said, Ben didn't do that...

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If at first it doesn't work; try, try again.

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Sitting on a Rainbow Pushing on a String would be a better title.

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for those who don't necessarily understand this gobbledegook, the simple translation is this: Au $1685, Ag $31.47.

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   The Chairsatan, has perfected the " reach-around"!  Worthless tool.