Ben "CTRL+P" Bernanke's Open Mouth Is (Still) A Goldbug's Best Friend

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Five days ago, when Ben, or as he is also known, "CTRL+P", was talking before congress, gold soared as soon as the Chairman opened his mouth, hitting +$15 in minutes. Sure enough, Ben's open mouth is once again a gold bug's best friend, with gold jumping by a nearly identical $14 in the 30 minutes since the Senate version of Bernanke's testimony started today. Keep talking Ben, keep talking... And just wait until Ben starts printing again, to match the ECB's imminent second LTRO.

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francis_sawyer's picture

Ben can't get enough of the stuff...

And he'll print himself all the confetti he needs (for as long as possible) to get as much of it as he can...

Negro Primero's picture

"...can't get enough of that stuff"

To go around stealin'
And wheelin' and dealin'
The poor men have to earn it
While the rich men sit and burn it

They'll beg on their knees for it
They'll do what they please for it
They'll knock you down
They'll rub you blind, dying on the ground

Money, money, money, money
Money, money, money, money
Money, money, money, money......

HoofHearted's picture

Silver looks like it just got a big old erection too.

Dr. Engali's picture

Keep that lip a quivering Ben.

francis_sawyer's picture

How do you know Bernanke is lying? = His lips are moving

How do you know gold is up? = They haven't stopped moving yet


westerman's picture

Someone should take some of that paper the fed massproduces and use it to plug Ben's mouth shut.

Quintus's picture

No, no no!  The more he talks, the higher metals go.  

Ahwooga's picture

And then what exactly? If you are measuring the "value" of your gold in dollars then clearly at some stage you intend to exchange it back for future dollars at some indeterminate point in the future. And then what? Let's not lose sight of the fact that the endgame of any extreme or hyperinflationary event is not a good outcome for anyone. We need organic growth, not inflationary "growth" and that's all we have left.

Nobody wins at the end of this if they intend to, "print their way out of the mess." While it may be fun to watch the dollar price of your assets go up each day, we can't lose sight of the fact that you will need all of those inflation-created dollars to buy exactly the same as what your uninflated dollars get you today.

Nobody wins this game, it has never worked out, and it never will. Keynesians can uncategorically go fuck themselves, and stop destroying the medium term future for the rest of us.

zebrasquid's picture

You point out something very important to keep in mind.  Good post.

It is smart in this coming hyper-inflationary environment to carry lots of debt, to get ahead of the curve.  

I'm looking forward to paying off my mortgage with a few coins.

Of course, food, gas, taxes, etc are what kill you then.  Like you said, not a good outcome for anyone, trying to outrun the hyperinflation monster.

EL INDIO's picture

The Bernanke effect !

asteroids's picture

The congressmen are just as bad as Ben. Delusional fools.

GoldenGal's picture

The man with the golden tongue

rosiescenario's picture that a quote from Mrs. Bernanke?

Central Wanker's picture

The Bernanke Guarantee (TM)

CreativeDestructor's picture

Goldmember. Next he needs to loose his member in a hedonistic smelting accident to justify the name.

Ponzi Unit's picture

The Bernanke put?

Comay Mierda's picture

i cant even listen to these guys talk about gdp and inflation stats that have been distorted since 1980 and no longer represent the real world.  is it really any wonder that all these idiot talking heads on cnbc are ALWAYS wrong with their economic projections when they are working with bullshit stats?

Stuck on Zero's picture

I think most ZHers interpret Ben's comments the way I do: "We'll keep handing out trillions to the megawealthy until this economy recovers."

Hoi Polloi's picture

Bernanke's Blue Ballz Bitchez

Stack Trace's picture

The call him "Gold Dome" in the halls of the fed. Austin Powers should be on his way to stop Dr. Evil from asking for another $50 qauddrillion from the quivering one. Where is Austin when we need him most?

swanpoint's picture

... just got some more boxes of +P 9MM Cor Bon 115 Gr. ammo in the mail yesterday.. Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead.


RobD's picture

Cor Bon is great stuff but check out Double Tap. They make some really hot loads.

rosiescenario's picture

Personally, when it comes to either rifle or pistol rounds, Hornady is always my first choice.....

swanpoint's picture

will definiately check out both

tecno242's picture

Interesting though that the 10 year yield is up almost 3% today.  With CTRL+P talking and the market in the red.

Silberadler's picture

Der inverse Benanke Effekt.

Jawoll !

Looks like inverse market manipuation.

What is going on here ?

GangBang at LBMA & NYMEX ?

Forgetten den Knopf zu drücken ?

Awesome. whatever it is - I love it.

Nice wet dream anyway.
Next quarter, next correction.
Futures expiry. Ya know...

Unless, I forgot, of course... Greece charade ... ya know !?

ok... where's my popcorn...

Watchen zhis.

Negro Primero's picture

From Twitter:

"Buying gold a few minutes before Bernanke comes on tv is so money lol $GC_F $GLD"

"I ? Ben Bernanke $Gold $$"

cat2's picture

CTRL-P   love it.

Floordawg's picture

Shitballs, there goes the BTFD I was hoping for this week... still a couple days left.

LiquidityandLunacy's picture

Again, Ben will not and cannot print en-masse BECAUSE IT WILL BLOW UP JAPAN. Japan, as cited by ZH does not have the ability to move markets for more than 30 minutes with its interventions.


No one buys it. Unless thats the plan.

RiverRoad's picture

The Fed is phucked.  Oh, please God, let it be so.

easypoints's picture

Metals don't rally because of what he says... they rally because he's away from his desk. He can't send some 1's and 0's over to Jaymie and have him slam them down or naked short them, if just for a moment. FREE MARKET, ON!

Negro Primero's picture

FBI labels 'Gold Standard' followers "dangerous extremists"

"The extremists may refuse to pay taxes, defy government environmental regulations and believe the United States went bankrupt by going off the gold standard."

jon's picture

that is a warning about the "sovereign citizen" movement, specifically. so. don't join them. from what i have seen they don't actually understand gold anyway.

unless... everyone here has suddenly had a change of heart, and now we all speak up together like pastor martin niemoller? well! adapt no names, identify with no movements -- not even "anonymous" -- and you cannot be on a list, because at the top of the list is its name. when "they came for X" then you won't have been there. and the more accidental associations they make, the greater the tyranny is unmasked.

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

Thats how we know FBI stands for Fucking Big Idiots.

ghostzapper's picture

the entire market already knows that this is out of control and will collapse, yet gold is not at an all time high.  why not?  i am not bearish on gold but I often wonder what else gold needs to see in order to skyrocket to a new high and beyond?


still no positions but considering walking away completely.  "they" simply will not ever stop intervening.

SaulGood's picture

Ben clearly has a huge stash of gold.

Flakmeister's picture

Picked up 40 SLV MAR 34 contracts just before he opened his mouth....

Heh, Heh, Heh.... not bad for a flyer...

jon's picture

HP Help Forum > Laserjets > 666 Series > FRN Deluxe

i need advise on a printr the EURUSD was 1.58 and toner is OK but i hit CTRL+P and several times and now it is 1.31??????? help please PrintScrn duznt work eithar what does that do neway
~~~ ben $.
"Penny for your thoughts"

farmerjohn2112's picture

ctrl+p... that's funny shit, right there

Silberadler's picture



Dear Ben, -- Please read the FAQ again !

That's <Ctrl+Alt+Del> = RESET before you can print again with CTRL-P

Told you so many times before...

Best regards

IT Service & Support Division

rosiescenario's picture

"Gold tongue....the man with the golden tongue....etc"

I'll leave it to more talented folks here to doa re-write on the Goldfinger theme....

rosiescenario's picture

"Gold tongue....the man with the golden tongue....etc"

I'll leave it to more talented folks here to doa re-write on the Goldfinger theme....


Jaimie might look good in a bowler cast as odd job?????

HungrySeagull's picture


I guess we learn like a trained dog to buy just before Ben speaks anywhere in the future.

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

the article forgets to mention that eveyday the precious metals get wacked down by the same amount,via the ESF and the PPT crew....


Fuck you's timmy and ben too lawrence S