Berlusconi Survives Vote Of Confidence 316 To 301

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Update: it's over - the going rate for votes was met and Silvio got 316 to 301. The Bunga Bunga shall continue until morale improves and Italy is broke.

Just out from Bloomberg: Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi won enough votes in the first round of balloting to survive a confidence vote today in parliament, an opposition official who attended the vote said. Berlusconi won 315 votes in the first round, the party official said. Lawmakers are still voting in the second round of balloting. Not surprisingly, just like in America, Italians completely deserve the politicians who lead then.

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the party official said...


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Buying those votes of confidence must be at a steep premium for ol' wet noodle.

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Bunga bunga for life, bitchez!

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In Italy they love the old cheeky rascal!

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It's all theater. All presidents and prime ministers are pre-chosen puppets. Democracy is an illusion. We're ruled by evil, get used to it and adjust accordingly.

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Easy as pie... Tie the approval of any controversial law to a vote of confidence whose missed approval would mean the risk of not being voted in at the most probably following elections, and most swine will obediently align at the trough.

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316 To 301

Close enough.

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At least he didn't rape 'em like our bunga bunga bubba :)

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Fascism and Tyranny of the Oligarcy remain alive and well for the time being in Italy.  Perhaps this will be seen as positive for markets as the political charades can continue as planned for yet another month or so.  Mussolini would be proud.


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"More whores and coke, it all about winning" Who does this remind me of?

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Pathetic, certainly reflects the state of western civilisation. Corruption is everywhere, at all levels... some-one please put us out of our misery.  

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The Berlusconi economic plan...

1. Greece defauts

2. Blame the Greeks for the Eiuro/Italian economic problems

3. Italy then defaults

4. Germans left holding the bag

Bunga Bunga parties now paid for in newly minted liras - spend it before they print it

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Orgy in Rome tonight...

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Bullish for Italy's Collapse I guess.

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Looks as if Berlusconi has something in common with Charles J. Haughey.

"I will believe Silvio Berlusconi is dead when I see him buried at a crossroads at midnight with a stake driven through his heart, and even then I will carry a clove of garlic in my pocket for good luck."

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The alternative to  bunga bunga Berlusconi are  leftist transexual Hon. Vladimir Luxuria and Gay activist Niki Vendola.


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Yea, Berlu is no prize.  The problem, which most non-Italos don't understand, is that the alternatives are MUCH worse than he is. 

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So, how many of those MPs are his former hookers?

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You get what you desreve.


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"Mille Grazie...Now, you will have to excuse me, gentlemen. Back to the program ! Bunga bunga !"

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Nothing like young fresh tallent, femail to ensure diversity of ability, full of the energy of youth with ample assets and figuratively well endowed.

Economy saved.

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LONG penile hand pumps

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Quick somoene hit him in the face with a blunt object again. Didn't he want to retire.