Berlusconi's Last Stand

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How in the world is Berlusconi’s resignation a bullish move for Italy ? As if the next guy will do anything about the debt.

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They been spinning everything as positive nowadays dont u see? News out of Iran and Syria rightfully caused Oil to go up but stocks also? Gimme a friggin break.Everything is seen half glass full and not half glass empty.

These fuckers now have gold trading in tandem with now the last bastian of safety (in the form of gold) is under the control of the people manipulating the financial markets, these global central bankers. Me thinks that since correlation is almost to 1, they will take the markets down one time right after they put on a ton of shorts, which will then drive gold price down also due to the correlation to stocks and then back up the truck on the yellow metal.

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...half glass full and not broken glass.

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Paper gold is NOT physical gold.  All things paper are trending to zero.  Get physical.

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Downgrades?  Guess not after CNBC ripped Egan..wish he told them net, gross

Level 1, level 2

Can't we have the truth

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The New York City media has gone completely insane. If the control room told them the sky was black and the stars were green they would simply repeat it.

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as long as they give the illusion a problem is being worked out, the sheeple are all happy slappy, soon to be raped by janet napolitan look alikes! 

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Berlusconi's Last One Night Stand

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"Significantly, the rumours of an imminent resignation triggered a rebound-effect on the stock markets;"

Surely robots cannot be ordered to give this impression.

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G pap and now Berlusconi. It doesnt matter, what ever it takes, by whatever means necessary. If you dont go with the status quo then your the next puppet that needs to be replaced in this great puppet show. They will just find some other yes man or woman to stick their hand up their ass and the puppet show will go on.

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I think The B has HELD Italy together...they kind of like the guy....when he goes all falls was and is a rag tag group of tribes anyway....they still have now more expensive debt, higher expenses, and less income...not a good combo for any new government and

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I can't wait for cain's news conference this afternoon, I need a distraction badly.

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So will Berlusconi resign, and what will it mean for Italy and the eurozone?

Mama Mia, hide your daughters.  Whichever way this goes for Berlusconi it will not be in a state of flacidity.

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Put in another fed puppet.

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Arrivederchi, Cavaliere!

I miss the lira anyway. Bank run, anyone?

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Italy burns 1.7ish million barrels/day of crude.  At present Brent prices that is $71 billion dollars that leave the country this year.  Brent has been north of $100 all year.  This is real money they have to pay to survive.

Italian GDP is a bit under 2 Trillion dollars, and with -1% recession unfolding, it will be 1.8 trillion.  71B / 1800 B = about 4% of GDP drained out of the country annually to buy the black liquid.  That is one hell of a drag.



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slowly, oh so methodically as the eastern  winds clash with the northerly gusts off the mediterranean, the maelstrom seems subdued,... 'all are in `the` calming before-the-cold- front'  - this ubiquitous alignment of utter ambiguity,... as the 'lead featherless gander's quill', writes one's own epitaph -

and so,... we have two fallen angels to partake as entrees' du`jour, served up  at the autumn feast where 'rspv' only is but a small price to pay in the grand dining halls of 'brussel`s' today - 

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I hope now, if Berlusconi resigned the things will return to normal in Itally, but I'm not very sure if this was the best decision. Cazare Rasnov

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