Best Buy; Best-er Sell

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Just two short weeks ago, we noted that Best Buy's 'news' regarding take-overs, take-unders, LBOs, MBOs, or whatever it was - was an opportunity to fade the initial spike. Today's reality-check is cracking the stock down over 7% on heavy volume - as while founder Schulze (who left in June) restates his desire to pursue his proposal, he was 'schocked' that the company has just named a new CEO - signaling the company's desire to keep operating as a going concern as a public company.


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funny or die is for amateurs

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The bankruptcy lawyers for "The Good Guys" have lots of experience.

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Schulze was recently spotted looking anguished and driving toward the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro.

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That was Memphis Raines...

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Best Buy, Sears Holdings (Sears/Kmart), JC Penney, Rite Aid, Radio Shack & about two dozen other middling-to-sucking retailers are  on literal life support (given debt levels, anemic revenue leading to continuing losses), and there's no coming back from the high debt/decreased earnings choke hold in a rapidly deleveraging world.

There's going to be the largest shakeout in the restaurant business in the history of the restaurant business coming, soon, too, where the fate of many already weak franchises is going to be sealed by yet again surging food costs at a time when they have essentially zero leverage to raise menu prices or take shortcuts to try to increase or even preserve revenue stream.


Neither sector can 'go to' the labor portion of their operation to save the day; they've been to that well many, many times, and it's dry


This is what happens when any semblance of markets get broken by The Bernank.

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I travel the country.....retail is dead. Malls are empty, space is for lease, strip malls are empty....restaurants are not so dead yet....

I had a sears gift card that I cashed in two weeks ago.....I would recommend doing the same.

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OT, but it certainly worked before:

Fed Studies Show Damage to Labor Market Is Reversible

Most of the damage inflicted on the U.S. labor market by the recession is reversible, according to Federal Reserve research, leaving open the possibility that additional stimulus will be effective in reducing joblessness.

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So then at least some of the job loss is irreversible?

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They need to admit there is a problem first.  It does not good to shoot for a 2% employmnet uptick based on bad analysis when when need a 10-15% change.

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Does this mean that people applying for a job are going to have to actually be able to function in the job?

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<<Does this mean that people applying for a job are going to have to actually be able to function in the job?>>


No. What gave you that silly idea?

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Big Box Electronics are dead ... We had a regional chain shut down here recently (Florida) ... I didn't notice their ad inserts for a few months ,, thought they were saving their budget for Christmas... Their local store is now a Goodwill center..

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Hmm, NOW where are TV repairmen gonna find a job?

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Like anybody is stupid enough to fund a LBO of that size and of a dying business model in this environment. I take that back..a lot of stupid people threw money at Farcebook.

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Morgan  didn't even return the broker's calls.


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Does Calpers own any Best Buy.  They're really stupid!

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Come on it's not that bad......yet

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Where will people go to pick out the shit they want to buy from Amazon if Best Buy goes under?

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I was in a Best Buy (yeah, I was the one) on Saturday. Could have gone bowling in the aisles and not hit anybody.

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Why does an electronics showroom need a CEO or be publicly traded?

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Buy More...

Buy More Now...

And be Happy.


(THX 1138)

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Right, Circuit City now morphed into BBY, but Radio Shack goes first, probably after the holidays, then BBY by next summer. For me the stock to buy is AMZN with a PE under 300. They just going to lose a few million next quarter. Earned a copper penny last quarter. Gotta be worth 300. And the icing on the cake....margins compressing. Perfect buy.

Fucking unbelievable. 

Think I will stick with my usual mix of gold, silver, miners.

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May be Schulze is selling 1% of his holdings. Extra hoops to jump through in MN if you own more than 20%.

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Unlimited data is the way to go and Sprint provides it.  Electronics are going to be all connected one day and more data/bandwidth will be needed.  Even cell phones nowadays can be turned into hotspots which other WiFi enabled devices will be able to connect to.  Yes, your car too.  Who needs satellite radio or programming, cable tv etc?  Once connected, more data is needed.  It's gold, silver and unlimited data.

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Let me know when I can buy one of those Geek Squad VW bugs on the cheap.

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Worst 8% unemployment ever.  Sure it is a mere 8%, but it has the effect of almost 30%.  I just can't understand what the multiplier effect is. 

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I read the CEOs from Netflix, JCPenny< Sears and Best Buy were meeting for lunch to swap managment techniques.

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best buy is the best..... at testing free video games in their store, not sure what else they are good for bro

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netflix, jcp, sears and best buy, man those are some awesome companies and intellect there lol

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BBY = AMZN's physical showroom. 

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Failure to realize and accomodate for the integration of the internet into reality and every facet of our existence means the death for those businesses who don't, or refuse to see it coming.


Sad thing is, we won't be able to escape the histories of our certain web proclivities when our web handles will be just as valid as identifiers of us as our 'legal names.'


I believe the eventual state of any hyper-advanced society would be to turn to an entirely virtual existence.  The physical reality is a tether of consequence.  We spend most of our time dreaming up fantasy stories and other fictions as coping mechanisms for the condition that is existence. Your -isms are just programs to get the "hardware" to do what's needed. 



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From the rate we're going, it looks like The Great Implosion™ will occur BEFORE the Singularity.