Bets On Geithner's Departure Plunge In Value After White House Says He Ain't Going Anywhere

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Place him in a steel cage, and try him for treason.

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Well it would be hard to find somebody else equally as retarded and bent to replace him.

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Add Holder to the list of incompetence, that SOB is a disgrace.  While the coutry is swimming in debt and states are going under, he is in lawsuit with many and does nothing but create problems trying to mold the consituation to is trwisted ideas for this country (Police state).  

Obama MUST go in 2012 or its time to leave the US.  Listened to TRUMP on Gretta last night, as wierd as the guy is, he is right on the money as it pertains to this clowm.

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Well, Bruce's scoop that Geithner was out and Corziine was in is so much hogwash then,eh?


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The only possible solution is to wholesale replace Washington.

I am absolutely positive that out of 300 million people there are plenty of folks who have not worked for TBTF that are qualified to lead the Treasury.

The American people are hungry for change.  It will require unelecting Washington. 

I'm doing what I can at every opportunity.  My money is where my mouth is.  Is yours?

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changing the placeholders will do nothing to fix anything unless every single one of those new placeholders will commit to a bottom-up restructuring of the joint.

fascinating new essay by Martin Armstrong on this very subject:

Barbarians at the Gate

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tax cheat Timmy can go straight to hell if not now, he will not lose his place in line.

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try voting them out..a 3rd party has barriers in every state..your vote has been selected dem or gop take your pick..but ps they are controlled by the elite so you get more of the same..sad but true.

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"anywhere" is exactly where I would like to see him go... but, he would be replaced with a carbon copy...

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Great! Let him stay. I want him to be right by Obama's side as this whole thing blows up!

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Sorry Timmy but the captain has ordered that you will go down with the ship.

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BS, bet he has a date with Peter Pan before the election.

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Timothy dutifully oversees the revving up of the economy and now Captain Obama wants to go water skiing.

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Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is under intense pressure to remain at his post through President Obama’s re-election campaign next year... that he can be scuttled at a time when maximum political benefit can be extracted.

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Heaven help us!

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 ...we have bad news. He ain't going anywhere. 

The White House has made it clear it does not want to lose Geithner


I thought the way it happening at the top was that glowing statements of support were the kiss of death. The instant they start talking about how valuable and indispensable you are, that is when they are preparing to punt you out of play...

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I the eports world whan the team owner calls a press conference to say he has complete confidence in the head coach you know the man will be gone within a week. Geithner's out of here.

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I the eports world whan the team owner calls a press conference to say he has complete confidence in the head coach you know the man will be gone within a week. Geithner's out of here.

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To say JPm did not require a bailout is like saying.....

Help me out, fellow ZHers.

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