Beyond The BLS BS: New Online Help Wanted Ads Plunge The Most Since January 2009

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Just when you thought it was safe to hope that saved-or-created jobs were at least not plunging anymore, the truth is out with online job postings. As opposed to de minimus surveys, or BLShit small pool analysis, the 'fact-based' number of 'New Help Wanted' Online Ads plunged in July by its most since January 2009! The total number of Online Help Wanted Ads also fell by its most in a year and as Credit Suisse points out, in 7 of the last 8 times when we see an outlier of this magnitude it is followed by outright declines in non-farm payrolls and private payrolls.


New Online Help Wanted Ads fell by their most since January 2009!


and Total Online Help Wanted Ads fell by their most in a year...


Charts: Bloomberg

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LoneStarHog's picture

  A woman was playing golf when 
  she took a big swing and fell. 
  The party waiting behind her was a group 
  from the White House that included Obama. 
  Obama quickly stepped forward and 
  helped her to her feet. 
  She thanked him and started to leave, 
  when he said, "I'm President Obama and 
  I hope you'll vote for me this November." 
  She laughed and quickly said, 
  "I fell on my ass, not my head!"

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So those saved and created jobs are unsaved and uncreated? Bush's fault!

Banjo's picture

Keep putting your energy and effort into the fake Left V Right paradigm.

Rinse, repeat... Enjoy.

MiguelitoRaton's picture

Actually, I'm a Libertarian who focuses on tyranny v. freedom not left v. right, but I do still enjoy a good joke.

Clueless Economist's picture

Yeah but Obama SAVED at least 5 trillion jobs didn't he?

azzhatter's picture

it's 6 but you have the right spirit

Winston Churchill's picture

Hoisted on his own petard.

His Govt. built those numbers,not you.......

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Yeah, "Help Wanted" ads are down. But still, "Happy Birthday Barack" ads have increased exponentially.

El Oregonian's picture

I believe "Sorry we missed you" sign was seen in the DNC window... Now, I'm not sure if they were just out of the office or was it a good-bye card for Barry?

Shizzmoney's picture

No wonder Obama and Mittens only ask for $3 for contributions in those one has any cash to give (and they know it)!

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Negative print; it's coming....while Benny Boy is cruising with the rear view.

They ain't got a clue where this thing is headed.

Hype Alert's picture

Not before the election.  It's in the rule book.  Kind of like the Reps & Dems cutting another deal until after the election.

Jlmadyson's picture

Oh they will hold it up for as long as they can...until the levy breaches.

FMR Bankster's picture

Barry can blame this one on himself. Now that the court has ruled his healthcare law constitutional all mid and small sized companies will freeze what little hiring they planned while they try to figure out what the bill means for them. Prior to the court decision most companies ignored the bill. Too complicated and most of the impact was down the road. Look for at least a couple of negative jobs prints before the election.

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engaged key board before my brain.

Vincent Vega's picture

Simply an 'inverted increase' in the number of job postings online.

l1b3rty's picture

Notices of UI Awards Inversely Up!

poor fella's picture

'Saved or created' works both ways. Last week Boehner said the U.S. needs to lower corporate taxes or there will be thousands of jobs "destroyed or not created".  Wish these assholes would just fight it out like those representatives in Asia that slap each other or throw chairs and shoes.  They act like children anyway, I almost expect it.

A PRAYER (since I don't have lobby-bucks) that something goes viral before Nov where "throw them all out" MEANS EXACTLY THAT.

goodrich4bk's picture

Okay.  Let's assume that voters thrown out every incumbent.  Because the two parties control the system, it means that every Democratic seat would go Republican and every Republican seat would go Democrat.  The House would be Dem and the Whitehouse and Senate would be Republican.  BFD.  Nothing would change.

Tell me what it is you want to have happen.  Less government spending?  Okay.  But because all spending bulls must orignate in the House, and the House is already controlled by the so-called fiscal conservatives, why can't we stop spending now?  Because the Repubs don't want to stop spending anymore than the Dems do.  They all stay in power by spending, not by cutting spending.  The only difference is who gets the dough. 

Vincent Vega's picture

Um, ok.....what's your point?

poor fella's picture

Point taken, but why not toss in some Greenies, Peace & Freedom, and whatever (teachers and engineers perhaps). These days everyone is a career politician and the trenches and lines are well worn. Everyone knows who to pay, how much it costs, and what it'll get them. Let the corporations have to spend the time 'influencing' newbies - maybe some will be whistleblowers!

Throw the deck in the air and let them fall. NEW PEOPLE are INEXPERIENCED. Maybe they will actually talk and get SOMETHING fucking done. That's what should happen.

There was a Star Trek about an overpopulated planet that had fake wars, and after an attack, a certain amount would go to the annihilation chambers depending on the statistics spit out by a computer. Kirk destroyed the computer and the leader screamed "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? NOW WE'LL HAVE TO FIGHT" - and Kirk said maybe you'll talk instead...   We're becoming that planet. The system is screwed UP.

So I stand by my original idea - THROW THEM ALL OUT!! Except for Bernie, he's got some crazy spirit!

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Ignore that man behind the curtain. I am the mighty (BLS) OZ.

azzhatter's picture

Would these be Green Sharts?

Arnold Ziffel's picture

How will all those eager-beaver Aliens buy houses if there are no yobs?  I now know three peole who have "just walked away" form their mortgages to work overseas.  Add these rats jumping a sinking ship to the 10,000 retirees per day who may want to downsize and sellout of that 3,800 sf addition to the jobless folks and I find it hard to believe those reporters who say house prices have bottomed. Defies common sense.


Lo siento.

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If we see a negative print before election day I will buy 100 shares of farcebook.

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The corp (global, number one in the world in our industry) I work for doesn't place ads of any kind. The HR rep I personally know does ALL recruiting through LinkedIn. In other words, when looking for upper-end talent, we'll call you, don't bother calling us. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just stating how it is. Big Law is mostly the same way or by word of mouth, no one advertises at the high end.

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The depression is here — it’s just invisible

Poverty is another word for joblessness, and our economy hasn’t been generating enough decent-paying jobs for many years. Globalization, technology, outsourcing, immigration and the schemes of financiers have taken their toll. No one is certain when jobs will come back, and many of the jobs that remain don’t pay anywhere near what, say, your average failing CEO gets paid.

“Half the jobs in the nation pay less than $34,000 a year,” noted Peter Edelman, author of “So Rich, So Poor: Why It’s So Hard to End Poverty in America” in a recent New York Times piece. “We’ve been drowning in a flood of low-wage jobs for the last 40 years.”

If you don’t want to call this epidemic of rising poverty an invisible depression, call it the golden age of unemployment. Today’s laid-off workers can collect unemployment benefits for up to 99 weeks, staying off the public’s radar as an economic distress signal. Over that time, they often lose confidence, their skills degrade, and they can slip into the ranks of America’s chronically unemployed — where they no longer will be counted in the nation’s official unemployment rate, now at 8.2%.

The "Golden Age of Unemployment".  That's awesome, considering the only thing "golden" workers and investors are getting in this economy is the color of piss from the 1% rigged everything in their favor.



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Go away. Your help is not wanted. The bankers stole all the money. The shop's closing. And don't think about taking my spot in front of 711. You have the FED. Now die mutha fukka.