Bianco And Biderman On Earnings Ennui And Obama As The Ultimate Risk-On Trade

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A few lines from Hilsenrath and three little words from Draghi last week were enough to offset the reality of 300 corporate results which are indicating a pending US recession (at least empirically as James Bianco points out) given that negative YoY revenues are expected. This fascinating interview between the B-Boys, shifts from the crazy reality above to the incredible correlation between Obama's probability of being re-elected and the S&P 500 - making the teleprompter-in-chief a clear risk-on trade (which is the exact opposite to the relationship before he was elected) though things are changing. They address Draghi's heavy-handed approach and ask he if can do whatever it takes, just do it - don't keep telling us about it (obviously dismissing his capability of fixing anything); and conclude with a discussion of the fiscal cliff (which will be pushed off til after the election) and the reality of spending cuts versus higher taxes (noting that taxes are low since there are no capital gains tax). Seeing Biderman's Batman to Bianco's Robin is well worth the nine minutes.

The high correlation between the economy stock market and Obama's chances of re-election are significant but what is perhaps more interesting is that while stocks have reached back up to near recent highs - Obama's InTrade odds remain flat to those June lows (green and red arrows) - is Obama losing the marginal believer in prosperity?


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Italy's broadcast media have begun referring to its EU partners not on board with Draghi Monti
monetization as "le paese rigidiste", not easily translatable.
It suggests that such nations are exaggerating the importance of finance to a religious level and
more than hints at their deficiency in style and intelligence.
As pure propaganda it is a nasty but effective way to demean some EU partners with no real attempt
to persuade them. We appear on course for more of this and worse.

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Dem udder guys are da problem.  Us wops are so sophisticated, I mean, just look at these suits. 

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Most Ron Paul supporters are going to directly vote for Obama in November so we have a new chance at a liberty candidate in 2016. It's that simple and effective.

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Only a fool would vote Obama!

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i am so fucking glad the hot tee-shirt girl is back and has overthrown all the obama side panels i have had to endure....its the little things in life that count..


never mind hes back...see..little..very little...


Where is that troll Hilsenrath now? 

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Where is that troll Biderman now?

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Seen boarding a very nice yacht at Martha's Vineyard.  Only peasants work in the summer.

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The command economy needs a proven commander.  "Investors" chant, "four more years!"

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Biderman how's your FB call?  Down more than 50% OUCH!

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Technically his 100% short s&p call would override his FB long call.

veyron's picture

Seeing as how FB is not in the SP500, logic and reason disagree with your assertion

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Right im sure he was saying be short only the s&p. wtf enoguh already with facebook call, everyone thought it would bounce on ipo frenzy and crash.

veyron's picture

Not true at all.  The techies were saying it would flop, ZHers were saying it would flop.


Do you understand why an IPO pops?  Because of supply/demand imbalance, which FB completely wrecked by trading on secondmarket.  I bought and sold shares in the secondmarket long before the IPO ...

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The level of market intelligence is sliding here at ZH. People following this guy is a clear example of that.

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Welcome to Zombieland, where corporate earnings and facts are ignored- in favor of the threats and words of bankers. Fundamentals...fuck a bunch of fundamentals.

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"Don't make me shoot me!"

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"Obama is a risk-on asset."

Lets see how well he does during Q3. Wonder where risk appetite is going to be by then.


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"Uh... you didn't build that!"

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Hilsenrath and Draghi pumped in a 6% rally.  Today's FED speak should back out half and Draghi should take out the rest.  Time will tell.

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Perhaps a better interpretation of the correlation between the S&P and Obama's election chances is that both are being driven primarily by expectations of more QE from Bernankster.

Which just goes to show you who is the primary point person for the globalist in the good old USSA.


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i'm long binderman towels.

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So the plan is to stimulate the market to get capital gains up so the govt can increase their tax revenues off those gains?  lol, yeah we're done.  And there I was irritated that algo's are in control of the market. 

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Thats why I am against tax increases for anybody.  They won't reduce the deficit or the debt one iota.  They will just spend EVEN MORE!!

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Recent history suggests you are wrong.  Taxes increased under Clinton and the deficit shrank dramatically as the eocnomy strengthened.  Taxes decreased under Bush and the deficit exploded.

You are correct, though, that Congress will spend regardless.  But cutting taxes does not reduce spending.  It merely passes the tax obligation to younger taxpayers, with interest.

Another way to look at it is to ask yourself, who is in the best position to cut spending?  The people who own our government, right?  That's not you and me.  It's the 1%, the bankers, the elites and their mouthpieces.  Make them pay more in taxes and I guarantee they will find ways to reduce spending.  As it stands now, they LOVE big government because most of them receive far more in benefits from the anti-competitive effects of a large central government than they pay in taxes after they take advantage of all of the loopholes.

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The deficit didn't shrink under Clinton.

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The social security fund sure did though...

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Watch Jeetner, at the last, cut off the PPT to avoid the debt ceiling - again.

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Why are we continuing to post  Biderman clips?

Every call the guy makes has been smoked.

S&P 100% short, FB long?

Idiot, move on, nothing to see here, this isn't the analysis we're looking for.

If the man is incapable of plugging into the Matrix despite numerous attempts to do so, it's time to find a new  savior. 

unique_snowflake's picture

Haters are just jealous.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Jealous? From losing money listening to this stooge?


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Anyone else who called an fb long would rightly be laughed out of zh, even kramers buy ms at 20$ is less of a faceplant, why is biderman allowed some sort of godlike status credibility is everything, going long fb kills credibility.

unique_snowflake's picture

It's amazing to me how many ZH chat boarders have a 100% record on being right.

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The only reason I even considered a FB long was the flawed thesis that stocks like that go against the general market...until they don't.

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anyone. if you have a child or know one in a State Univ etc.. enrolled in Economics or Finance. tell the to quit now. Its been rendered totally pointless by our pal ben and his cronies.. really if you were an Econ professor what would you tell your  students?

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If the Dow falls hard and does not recover, history tells us Obama is out.


Through the eyes of Elliott Wave, that's exactly what's going to happen.

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For those bettors out there (I only bet on elections; that way, when my guy wins...I actually benefit):

- Obama has gone from -178 to -158 in the last two months (Pinnacle Sports).  I expect the line to re-move, up-or-down, depending on Friday's NFP number.

- 94% of all candidates who have raised the most money (this race will have the biggest pricetag, ever), have won their race.  Romney is the current leader.

- No Presidential Incumbent has ever been re-elected when the Unemployment Rate is at or over 8%.

- A Mormon has never been elected President.

- No Black Man has ever been re-elected President.

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Whichever team has the fewest members write in 'Ron Paul', 'The Lorax', or 'My cousin's friend's sister' - will win..

either way, hold your nutsack or beef curtains and wait for one HELL of a ride

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Frightening. Biderman has that damn cough that all the people waiting today at the DMV had and half the people in AA have and the students in college have and that I don't have yet.

Gloating over doom. They are two sheets on the short side of happiness. You know they're going to hog heaven when the collapse hits.

Good to see a Biderman clip.


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I do not invest, rigged market and all. But I am a subscriber to Biderman's You Tube page, I just enjoy listening to him. And his facial expressions can be funny at times.

I do not care about his face plant calls one iota. Nobody is perfect 100% of the time, not even algorithms. ;-)

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Why should a market crash automatically be a lose for Obama... what % of Americans own stocks?  Most don't.