Biderman Bets Against A Better Europe

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"Europe is in big trouble, and the trouble is getting worse - much worse" is how Charles Biderman begins his latest missive. The diatribe focuses on the shortcomings of both the left (the existing political structure of government-dominated economies) and the right (a German-style austerity program of slashing spending and raising taxes) of inane politicians in Europe as the two main issues of over-spending and declining economic activity come home to roost. Starting from the Euro's inception and its implicit permission to allow each country to borrow as much as they want without regard to what was going on in their local economy is just as pernicious as the cradle-to-grave welfare state that is the prevailing mantra "everyone deserves to be taken care of". Therein lies the crux of the matter as borrowing (excessively) to support the people's supposed 'deserved' welfare is viewed as 'just-and-fair' whereas in reality, simply put, "the economies of most of Europe do not work." The Bay-Area bad-boy does offer reasoned solutions that offer hope for growth as opposed to just austerity for the sake of it as, among other things, he suggests eliminating red-tape to create a more entrepreneurial environment but ultimately he sees the probability of this as low and suggests being short via EUO (the double-levered Euro short) and EFZ (short non-USD developed - mostly Europe - markets).


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get the CIHay on this lady - she is a security risk

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How is it this post has over 6000 views and 95 comments, but the video has only been watched 309 times???



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China has now stepped aside in the Syrian "liberation" by NATO forces.

The price asked by China? To send chinese tax collectors to Germany and France (as part of the BRICS IMF bailout of insolvent europe).  Apparently Brazil, Russia and India have also demanded the installment of tax collecting agencies all across europe, as well as having full representatives with veto powers in the europarliament.   What did Merkel tell the Greek people a few weeks ago? Something about loss of sovereignty?  

Round and Round, what comes around goes around I'll tell you why

Another imminent sign of how far europe has descended into full blown fascism: Spain seals its borders.

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You know the end is near when you're quoting 1980's hair band lyrics to describe current events. Good tune, nonetheless.

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Dick BeaterMan is a Fucking Zionist Pig that should be sold for his pork belley fat!

never mind his FaceBook Rules!!

but buy paper gold?


and I call this piece of shit out before.. to no avail and here we are again!

BeaterMan is TRASH!

he is just talking about what the people want to hear.. like any good used car salesman!



AND!! He Hates Free Speech!


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Have some real News!!

Short these company's!


POGO sent a letter today to the Senate and House Armed Services Committees recommending that an expensive and severely flawed variant of the Littoral Combat Ship program be eliminated. The letter comes on the heels of POGO's release of Navy documents revealing serious cracking and corrosion problems with the ship--along with evidence of dangerous equipment failures.

The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is a surface vessel commissioned to operate close to shore. It’s supposed to be the jaguar of Navy ships: fast and agile, with the flexibility to both engage in surface combat with modern-day pirates, and also take down submarines and mines. There are two variants of the LCS: one built by a team led by General Dynamics, which will cost $345.8 million per ship; and the other built by a team led by Lockheed Martin, which will cost $357.5 million per ship.

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Youtube has a glitch, counter stops at 309 often, but it will correct eventually

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The Secret Service could never stop her!

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Diagnosis = cancer
Prognosis = death
Treatment = burial

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Diagnosis = cancer (socialism)
Prognosis = death (thru fiat printing)
TPTB Treatment = burial (bankruptsy)

Cure = freedom from socialism and fiat $

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Another good show, Mr. Biderman.

Looking forward to the episode where you shout to the world that "it's all fucked up, finally in gridlock, and the little children in control are out of answers, and out of control."

Carry on, Sir.

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You have a right to obey and a right to kill

There be no shelter here

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Bankster giant Bank of America has joined the effort to take down the Second Amendment and deny Americans the right to own and use firearms.

Kelly McMillan, the CEO of McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Group International, and McMillan Firearms Manufacturing, recently wrote on his Facebook page that Bank of America has refused to do business with his companies because they sell firearms. Bank of America admitted its decision was political. McMillan’s response was to immediately stop doing business with Bank of America.

Here is Mr. McMillan’s post:

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Don't worry. With firearm mfg backloged for the next century, they'll be plenty of low cost funding that will come out of the woodworks.

Business is business.

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This is called fascism, where business is no longer business, politics is business.   Tyranny will grow like cancer this way.

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Clearly BOA thinks it's in their best interest to not support the firearms industry.

And they are right, it's not in their interest.

Unfortunately for them, they are about 50 years too late.

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Yes, and let's hope they are 10 minutes late leaving after the crash....give the kids a sporting chance at a lynching.

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Tip from TK's SOH:

First installment tonight, check it out or Tivo if you have the mind to do so

Fisher still holding it down for all the TBTF party poopers here:

Keep the faith Bitchez!


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Thanks Pimp.


Proving once again ZH has the best posters.

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Just finished watching it. Kind of treated the banksters with kid gloves, but it was still informative enough for someone who isn't well-versed in the financial crisis to get a basic understanding of what happened. Only thing is, watching it, the presentation almost made you feel sorry for the banksters. Rather than really exposing the greed that created the crisis, they sort of glossed over it and talked more about the mechanics of it. And they barely touched on the ineptness/corruption of the supposed "regulators" of the financial system.

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Double plus duplicate post.


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Tyranny will grow like cancer?

I don't know if you've noticed, but the wheezing, stumbling, blurred vision, weight loss and constant pain might be indicators of cancer.

The only problem, is that the only doctors that can diagnose it are PhDs of Economics, and their diagnosis tools are a shovel and a gun, and their only prescription is to give sugar-pills and an appointment in 6 months for a check-up.

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at least sugar is "low fat".

oh, weight-loss.


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Does this mean Bank of America will also stop doing business with the military?

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How much Fed and State income tax does AAPL pay? How many domestic employees vs how many Foxconn employees?

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I doubt that BofA made this decision completely willingly and of their own accord. That gang of hoodlums is in so much trouble with the Courts, I suspect the Obamination Admin probably "made them a deal." Happens all the time.

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B of A doesn't want to bank for a gun stock manufacture but probably is the lead on this shit.


Is there a drone in your neighbourhood? Rise of spy planes exposed after FAA is forced to reveal 63 launch sites across U.S.

  • Unmanned spy planes are being launched from locations in 20 states and owners include the military and universities

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I guess this guy does not understand repatriation? Either that or I don't. I guess I will go with I don't

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Or that any short ETF ultimately goes to zero almost regardless of what the underlying instrument does.

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What people don't get is that short ETFs are in fact a form of levered ETfs.  Same  with PM ETFs backed by futures and commodity ETFs ,the contago will always get you in the end.  What I don't get is all these investment advisers telling their clients to buy and hold these things for long.

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For real. I was kind of surprised to see Gerald Celente went against his own advice in that regard (he got Corzine holed.)

PHYSICAL gold and silver bitchez!

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Why do you think repatriation is any sort of solution?

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A few months ago everyone was shorting the euro. It looks like they all took a beating. ZH has been touting repatriation as the reason why the euro has been/will continue to strengthen. This guy is shorting the euro. Thats what I can't reconcile.

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There are two sides to every trade my friend.  If you think he is incorrect, than take the other side.  I'm no Biderman fanboy but going long Eur/Usd while the fire is still on is a ballsy bet.  Hell, give it a shot, its just money after all.

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I don't think he is correct or incorrect. Although I respect your point that if I did I should take a side. All I was pointing out was that his trade seemed at odds with what this site has been touting. I give him a lot of credit however for calling a shot and putting it out there for everyone to follow. That takes balls.

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Balls?  If you don't take a side (or stance) then you're a victim of circumstance. I know people hate to hear that, but it's true.  Do or don't, you choose, if only by non-action.

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If you choose not to decide

You still have made a choice


RUSH bitchez!

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I love Rush!  We all choose free will... when given a real choice.  If you don't stand up for liberty now while you still can, then what will you do later when you're standing on the line labeled, totally screwed? 

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Alright! Say, did you know that most of RUSH's early lyrics, mostly penned by Neil Peart, were inspired by the writing of Ayn Rand? And that Ron Paul has cited her as one of his strongest influences? RUSH's label, Anthem, was the title of her second of four novels. Her best one INHO. 2112 is a sort or retelling of that book.

If you like RUSH, you might really like this:



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Love that tune. Is that you in the video, NWO?

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Pessimism re. the Euro, or the Euro zone, does not translate into a a currency pair trade insight because the the currency pairs are managed by the central bankers. The name of the game is race to the bottom, and the Fed and the ECB can, and will, keep the Euro at 1.30 as long as they find it amuzing. All the significant world fiats are devaluing/inflating together.

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few months ago everyone was shorting the euro. It looks like they all took a beating.

Since late Feb, unless you are a horrible chart reader and picked a terrible entry, shorting the EUR has been a very profitable trade...  And at this very moment, it's looking like it's going to fall off a cliff.

A ZH has been touting repatriation as the reason why the euro has been/will continue to strengthen. This guy is shorting the euro. Thats what I can't reconcile.


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I looked at the chart (EUO) and see nothing interesting. There are a lot of monday morning qb's on this site. It would be more interesting if people said what they planned on doing instead of bullshitting what they may have done.


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Logged in for this... Agreed, and it has been going on for some time....

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That's a fair statement and I agree. I shorted EUR/USD this afternoon at 1.3192 with a limit at 1.3125 and a stop at 1.3233

Will post my exit when it happens.I'm always glad to encourage people interested in trading to try forex. A friend encouraged me about 15 years ago and it's given me the means and freedom to travel the world non-stop for over 10 years while saving serious money. Highly recommend - not a market maker, and they've been great. Their demo is a great way to try out forex. Takes 2 minutes to start and no downloads needed.