Biderman Demands New 'Non-Parasitic' Constitutional Convention

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"If we continue forward in the direction we are headed, what lies ahead is an almost certain major economic calamity" is the subtle introduction from the Bay-Area baddest bull-crusher. Charles Biderman, CEO of TrimTabs, is angry - and you wouldn't like him when he's angry - as he believes "it no longer matter who wins elections, because the special interest groups control, and in some cases own, the representatives" and the US needs a new constitutional convention. He has touched on this before but his ire is very clear here as he sees the "special interest groups as parasites" and believes that due to the rapid changes in social media technologies that a new way of governing ourselves is possible (though we still doubt it). "The road ahead to a new constitutional convention will not be easy," he concludes, given the big bucks will try and convince us they are necessary, but it appears Lewis Black's avuncular alter ego is ready to take 'em on.


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How much does Biderman pay ZH to show his videos?

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Hey Veyron you should youtube "Peter Schiff schools another Harvard Grad". If you have not seen it already. It will open your eyes. It opened mine.

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Biderman!  Biderman!

Does everything a Bider can!

Yelling loud!  Looking old!

Betting on facebook!  So I'm told!

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Said he would buy into the IPO when it hit the market (42).  Now look at it ...

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Let's have a national survey and hold all Americans to their answers. Let's find out who the real enemies of the USA are and get names.

1: Do you support enforcement of the US Constitution? Yes/No

2: Do you reject the US Constitution? Yes/No

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The Constitution of No Authority

  1. The pretended "U.S. constitution" has been a fraud and a hoax from the outset. It was never signed as a contract in any legal way by anyone. It never bound anyone. It was foisted on a naive, gullible, credulous populace.
  2. Therefore, the pretended "United States of America" has been a fraud and a hoax from the outset. It is pure imagination or make-believe.
  3. The pretended "government of the U.S.A." has no legal authority whatsoever. It is a hoax and a fraud in its entirety.
  4. All the people claiming to be "presidents," "senators," "representatives," "secretaries," "judges," "generals," "ambassadors," etc. of the pretended "U.S.A." are liars and impostors, whether they realize it or not. They are hucksters and hoaxers.
  5. The pretended "laws" of the pretended "U.S.A." are in reality no more than absurd noises and scribbles made by liars and impostors.
  6. The same applies to all other pretended "states" and "countries" of the world. Their pretended "emperors," "kings," "queens," "prime ministers," etc. have all been liars and impostors all along. Likewise, all their pretended "laws" have in reality been no more than absurd noises and scribbles of liars and impostors.
  7. The real rulers all along have been the major money lenders behind the scenes. The pretended "presidents," "senators," "representatives," "secretaries," "judges," "generals," "ambassadors," "emperors," "kings," "queens," "prime ministers," etc. are mostly pawns of the money lenders.
  8. In reality the whole world is ruled by secret bands of money lenders, tyrants, robbers, and murderers.
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Untrue. And what does it matter who signs what papers. "Governments" are NOT the paperwork laws are signed on, they are ideals that societies are based on and supported by. The whole idea of legal and illegal by means of people signing paperwork is nothing without support by the masses and the resources they devote to support it. Your argument about people signing peices of paper and that making it right or wrong, legal or illegal, means nothing. Paper work is nothing unless people follow and support what it says. IT IS JUST PAPER AND INK! Nothing more! Thats it! Who cares who signs what. All that matters is whether a large group of people with significant resources to bring to bear support WHAT THAT PAPER SAYS! Its not about the paper, its about the idea and ideals written on it!

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You should read the entire link I gave you.  It addresses the issues you've raised.

I'm just born here on this planet.  And, then I'm immediately given a nationality based on arbitrary borders that were created before I was born.  Something I never agreed to.  Never signed a contract.

Anyway, it's an interesting read.  But, as I've said before, most people do not want to be free.  They want to be ruled over.  That's why the Fed is still there.  That's why the Euro was allowed.  The people have the power, but they don't exercise it because they don't want to be free.  They want to be ruled over and enslaved.  They won't do anything until they are starving, but then the only thing they'll do is try to find another "leader" or ruler who promises to give them their bread and circuses.

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Yes, the situation's hopeless. Everyone is evil and stupid except Texas Tea, who resents the fact that he was born at all. On the topic at hand, the existing Constitutition is fine - it's just that the pols no longer pay any attention to it, and the legal system itself - witness the Zerocare ruling - is now under Corporate-Marxist control. A "Constitutional Convention" would involve turning a gang of Jew and Jew-schooled lawyers loose on the document, quickly transforming it into a combination of the Talmud and the Communist Manifesto. Instead it needs to be, and will be re-operationalized (less the Income tax and the Fed) via: Civil War.

BlackGoldTexasTea's picture

Situation isn't hopeless, yet.  At least not for me.

Most people are not evil.  Most people are stupid, though.  I am smarter than most people, too.  I'm glad you acknowledge my intelligence.

How did that last civil war thing go?  And, note, the government had far fewer ways to kill people then.  Why are you ranting on the Internet instead of out in the streets launching this new civil war?


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do you have any idea how "beefy-arrogant-imperialistic" your point nr. 8 sounds to lots of non-Americans? If you have a problem with the government and laws in your country, fine. Rant, change, whatever. But what gives you the right to extend your rant to foreign countries and peoples?

"In reality the whole world is ruled by secret bands of money lenders, tyrants, robbers, and murderers."

what is so secret about the current crop of "money lenders", i.e. the MegaBanks? the FED and King reserve currency USD? Or the fact that Egypt was run for decades by the Pentagon? "robbers"? Have you ever got the message about the MegaCorps's inroads in all facets of this world's economy? And don't get me started with murderers...

and of course, this gem: "That's why the Euro was allowed". Yeah, you are an expert on this, eh? You should have been asked, eh?

you might be smart, but your "secret" is only "secret" to you. wake up, grow up and clean up your own front yard first before you extend your rant to the whole world...

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But what gives you the right to extend your rant to foreign countries and peoples?


It is answered in the question. Well known to US citizens by the way.

Countries are peopled by people (the great discovery) and US citizens have been defining human king since the inception of US citizenism.

US citizens have put a monopoly on human condition.

Nothing new.

When they stated that human beings have this or that unalienable rights etc, was the same.

Keep up with US citizenism, it would help preventing rhetorical questions.

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Why do Russia and China get a pass?

They do what they are able to on Planet Earth. This means taking what *they* want when possible.
No thought for any other entities.
Just like the US government. No difference except the paper and flags.

You are also correct that Russia and China *do not* value individual human life.

Speaking as a human...fuck you *and* them.
I'm not speaking for every human...but this human says fuck off.

See the distinction?

You (and those like you) create nothing good or redeeming.
You produce nothing of value.
You solve no problems.
You are automatons, empty shells.

Thanks for playing. Actual humans will take it from here.



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Nazis came to power in the midst of the Great Depression. When the Nazis came to power the most pressing issue was an unemployment rate of  30%.[17] Before World War II, Hitler appointed Hjalmar Schacht, a former member of the German Democratic Party, as President of the Reichsbank in 1933 and Minister of Economics in 1934.



Policies were Keynesian, relying on large public works programs supported by deficit spending – took advantage of the freedom provided by the end of the gold standard to keep interest rates low and government budget deficits high, with massive public works funded by large budget deficits.



Trade unions were abolished, as well as collective bargaining and the right to strike.[45] The right to quit also disappeared: Labour books were introduced in 1935, and required the consent of the previous employer in order to be hired for another job.



They also directed Schacht to place more emphasis on military production and rearmament.In 1936, military spending in Germany exceeded 10% of GNP, higher than any other European country at the time, after years of limitations imposed by the Versailles Treaty. Military investment also exceeded civilian investment from 1936 onwards



the German state came to play an increasing dominant role in the German economy through state-owned companies



As big business became increasingly organized, it developed an increasingly close partnership with the Nazi government. The government pursued economic policies that maximized the profits of its business allies, and, in exchange, business leaders supported the government's political and military goals

The largest firms were mostly exempt from taxes on profits



While the strict state intervention  led to full employment during the 1930s, real wages in Germany dropped by roughly 25% between 1933 and 1938. 

Unrest caused by the breakdown of German social policies, and the sharp drop in living standards for the German working class forced Hitler into going to war at a time and place not of his choosing.



when faced with the deep socio-economic crisis the Nazi leadership had decided to embark upon a ruthless “smash and grab” foreign policy of seizing territory in Eastern Europe which could be pitilessly plundered to support living standards in Germany.



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this is Noam Chomsky's exact arguement for stating that the united states is in danger of migrating into a fascist nation.


and im not one to debate reality with opinions, so he wins.

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"When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes... Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain."

- Napoleon Bonaparte, 1815

Ann Barnhardt says to avoid American Revolution II, we need to find some stand up guy in the military to lead a junta in the US.  I am not optimistic, but it has the same chance as a Constitutional Convention.

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Joan of Arc seeks Prince Valiant; one wearing a really long sword. Here's the real Annie B., @

FEDbuster's picture

Could you find and post Jon Corzine's and MF Global's NFA records? 

So she had one arbitration hearing that was settled, does that make her commentary wrong?

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Fed, best answer to Biderman's proposal I've seen yet. You obviously know your shit.

dolce vita's picture

"common sense is not so common"



FEDbuster's picture

Did you catch the start, they were laughing about the debt ceiling going up to 9 trillion (2006), ah the good ole days. 

Biderman might not want to remember that appearance on CNBS.  He can join Art Laffer in the Peter Schiff Was Right Hall of Shame.

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Considering you watched the video and posted a comment within 3 minutes... not enough.  

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Considering Tyler posts Biderman almost daily I think we can judge him accurately.

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I'm with you Veyron....  I don't dislike Biderman, but he doesn't give anything particularly new in the way of color.   If he posted once every two weeks I'd probably listen.... but, most days???  C'mon ZH - you are above all this - well above it in fact

Bay of Pigs's picture

Exactly my beef Cat. He makes Zero Hedge look bad.

I'm wondering whats going on here behind the scenes. It's getting soft here.


i-dog's picture

Amen! Memes are being planted.

NemoDeNovo's picture

PLEASE just let it END sooner rather then later, this shit is getting insane...............................



Calgon.....Take Me AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ignatius's picture

I'm all for it if we can hold the convention at Biderman's bad-ass pad in Sausalito.

That view will come in real handy as some of the more, how do we say, ah, 'esoteric' ideas are tossed around.

Catherine Austin Fitts has been all over  parasitic/tapeworm economics.  Biderman is 'right' but, oh boy, try telling the banksters to wait outside.

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biderman yea constitutional conventions because americans really care!. 


how about this for a suggestion. if you care enough to do something, go out there and destroy property. accelerate the collapse. the sooner people are starving in the streets, the sooner something gets done. 

the end of the beginning of the collapse will be marked by the torching of banks and bankers . then the beginning of the middle happens. and that will be really painful for the middle class. there is no 'other' way. constitutional conventions my ass. 


they could have had a constitutional convention about slavery and northern taxation/tariffs. instead, they had the civil war. read your history. stop 'hoping' for hopium nonsense. 

Kyron95131's picture

This is why i went out and got AIDS as soon as i heard about it. cause it was a great excuse to have sex and were all gonna die anyways right?


/sarcasm off


i get the fact your upset and feel helpless, welcome to the majority. but lay off the torches and pitches forks there mad max.

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It's a lot easier then that.... Just stop buying useless crap at retail.. Legacy overhead infrastructure costs will collapse the system precipitously.


adr's picture

What is really funny is that retail names like Target are flying high because of hype surrounding things that make up less than 1% of thier sales.

Target is a whole lot more than the fifteen feet on the right when you walk in the door. The entire center aisle of the store is a wasted space filled with dead inventory. The hardware and furniture sections at Target have products with an inch of dust covering them.

Toys have been a complete disaster this year. Target took in a giant inventory of Battleship toys, the movie flopped and the toys flopped. Men in Black toys were on the shelf for a week before they went to 75% off. GI Joe toys were going to be a big part of the summer season, the movie got pushed back until 2013 and Target got fucked on the million worth of inventory they carried.

Video games outside three or four titles have been a disaster as well, TVs aren't selling. Summer sold like crap.

So a couple fashion items and iPads sold well. You can't make a store that size a success off 1% of the space. The "Accountants" are working overtime in the kitchen to cook the books.

bankruptcylawyer's picture

look , what i'm saying is that if you want some real change like biderman, advocating for 'conventions' is bullshit. the system is collapsing like it did in russia. 

when asked about the collapse in russia, gorbechav responded that he only regrets he didn't try and make it occur quicker. 


when it comes to the american system, the quicker the government runs out of money ( by deficit spending and by borrowing more and ---because we know interest rates will never be allowed to go up again----by davaluing the currency overnight and stealing the savings of americans) the quicker people realize the farce and the quicker the end comes to this system.

the constitution we have now is mostly fine enough. the problem is the people and the sytem, not the 'law'. there is no rule of law, and you cannot fix that by changing the 'law' you must change the authority.  

icanhasbailout's picture

If you want to collapse the system, find a way to get on the government dole. There's a way for everyone, no matter how wealthy you are.


Cloward-Piven is now a libertarian strategy. Hop on board to bring this mess to a swift conclusion.

Wave-Tech's picture

Agreed!  So how do you change the authority?  The only way to maintain the sanctity and brilliance of the Framers documents is to use what the Framers provided us with, ARTICLE-V of the Constitution. It's there for a reason.

Check out the both videos here and the link to the entire conference led by RootStrikers (on the left) and the Tea Party (on the right).  Not perfect – nothing ever is, but it is a framework with which to build upon.

fonzannoon's picture

Anyone in NYC see Bloomberg wants to start getting buildings that are all studio apartments less than 300sq feet each? The future ain't pretty. It sure looks like China. Ross Perot nailed it a long time ago.

you enjoy myself's picture

saw that and started crying/laughing.  he's trying to revolutionize closet space so you can exist in manhattan on less than $2K rent, but it doesn't even dawn on him to eliminate rent control.   its the equivalent of Obama killing pipelines and oil rigs, but advocating proper tire pressure as the solution to increasing energy prices.

JohnG's picture



Yeah OK.  They are small.

Have you seen the rental rates in Manhattan lately?  Furthermore, if you aren't there much, why would you need the space?

I've lived in single rooms before.  Much smaller, with a sofa to sleep on, a small desk, and a small closet.

So, if it fits your needs, fine.  If you need 4,000 sq. feet fine. The bong will fit either way!

All depends on ones needs.

fonzannoon's picture

Hey listen if you are single and can find a chick to come back there with you then you are smoother than I am. Beyond being a single guy/girl it's a freakin can of sardines. 

Hype Alert's picture

LOL, can you imagine the constitution the current group of clowns would put together?  Has he tried to read obamacare (PPACA) or the DODD-FRANK disaster?  And, it would simply be bought and paid just like the two I mentioned.

Muppet Pimp's picture

Absolutely correct,  The existing constitution is fine, we just need to go back to abiding by it.  We need to start dismantling crappy legislation, not adding to it.  We can start with the simplification of the tax code. Bidermans suggestion of a new constitution is scary.  This man is not to be trusted unless he changes his tune about that.

sosoome's picture

"We can start with the simplification of the tax code."


How bout we just go back to constitutional taxation. The days of tinkering are over (or need to be). Undo what Wilson did.

Wave-Tech's picture

Agreed!  The only way to maintain the sanctity and brilliance of the Framers documents is to use what the Framers provided us with, ARTICLE-V of the Constitution.

Check out the both videos here and the link to the entire conference led by RootStrikers (on the left) and the Tea Party (on the right).  Not perfect – nothing ever is, but it is a framework with which to build upon.

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Lookie here, what he is saying is indeed a bit obtuse, but let's not forget that the fact that what he is saying it is in and of itself significant and pitiful at the same time.  We do need a new constitution, but the fact is that we don't have the slightest incling of what it would be like because we are all dazed and confused that we lost the one we had forever.  Freedom will not ring on it's own, it needs a big hammer to make it sing and we are the people are the only ones that can wield it, but we don;t.  So let's not kill the messinger, the fact is we are really, really f'd and no one want to step forward and ring the bell for the end of round one.

sablya's picture

What a naive dreamer!  The privilege to write the Constitution came at the price of a revolution and a great deal of blood, sweat and tears.  There isn't the slightest chance that any change to our political structure could happen without a revolution and a ridiculous amount of bloodshed.  

sosoome's picture

Biderman, repeal of the 16th & 17th don't require throwing the whole barn open for the wolves. That's all we have to do to turn this ship around.

icanhasbailout's picture

the 19th is the real problem