Biderman Makes Friends: "Bankers Are As Dumb As Politicians"

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In his usual quiet manner, TrimTabs CEO Charles Biderman unloads his emotional baggage along with USAWatchdog's Greg Hunter in this 15-minute interview. The sad truth is that, just like his alter-ego Lewis Black, Biderman is right - again and again. Whether it is reflecting on the kick-the-can mentality of polticians or US investor's apparent willingness to accept the  pulling-the-printing-press-over-our-eyes-behavior, or the fact that Europe can only get worse and how that will spread contagiously to the rest of the world (directly via trade or indirectly via risk-aversion), his focus on the facts (especially with regard to the real state of the US economy as he describes it) makes it hard to disagree for even the most vehement long-only manager (is it any wonder we don't see him on CNBC that much anymore?). Biderman and Hunter discuss the signs of growing inflation, the need to get rid of the deadwood bankers, Europe's imminent demise, central banks' 'funny money' creation, and the need for Gold and TIPs in any portfolio, Charles is at his best as he makes friends (except with the bankers and politicians that he scoffs at) and hopefully influences people.

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Love the shirt CB!

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not CB --- >ECB Fear Indicator near record level

Banks deposited 793 billion with the ECB

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He sounds like the same Biderman but why the change in viewpoints? Angel Island isn't as good as Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge IMHO.

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how on earth is the US better of than Europe? doesnt the Euro regions have creditor nations within it.. i mean.. the US is the biggest game over on the planet.. and this get germany fighting with russia and china stuff what the fucks that about. what a plum why would anyone want that. germany is more lickely to snuggle up to russia and turns its back on the filth scumbag anglo american system.

fucking biderman the plum wants war between russia china and germany.. sounds like angloamerican banker centric talk to me.

and TIPS? who the fuck wants TIPS?

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 Sell in May is " alive and well"! I had my own Mother liquidate 20% of her AAPL holdings after the COT reports on April 24th.

  I like that MFST and Qcom trade idea!


Biderman Makes Friends: "Bankers Are As Dumb As Politicians"

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Really? You're telling us there's a "need for ... TIPs in any portfolio"? TIPS are brought to you, with interest paid, by the same entity that defines the rate of inflation. Not only that, this same group of philanthropists wil tax the interest payments, returning that portion to themselves, thereby assuring that you will lose money on each and every one you buy. No thanks.


With that little rant out of the way I can tell you I'm still a big fan.

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Yeah, I too dont understand his TIP call, especially after all his videos where he rants about the BS that comes out of the BLS!

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concur .. there is an incongruity (sorry for the fancy word but that seems to capture the feeling best) to the TIPs point considering his recent gov't statistical abhorrence.  THere is the 'statistics' risk and then there is the 'paper' issue also .. and then throw in 'agency' risk ala some intermediary who may or may not ba around ala Lehman and Bear to 'cash-in' your TIPS

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Quote by Mr TrimTabs:   re;banker's & pols:  "They are stupid enough to hang together and die together" ...funny

ReactionToClosedMinds's picture

... and when the paddy wagon comes ... it takes all the girls ... good, bad or indifferent. (why also shorting emerging mkts)



[I shouldn't laugh too hard ... still long some select emerging markets their growth & balance sheets are real versus 'west' adn they remember this crisis-Fall 2008 was brought to you by the 'blue eyes']

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and let the Germans, Russians & Chinese fight each other ..... lol

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Must be the new attire in the making Charles. Wow, did you choose it yourself?

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Chop the deadwood. End the FED.

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Oh my! Another one who can see thru an institution creating counterfeit money and charging interest on money borrowed. The insider joke, they have no collateral to cover the printed money issued into the system. Do you know the model they use? New births who engage by signing Social Security rights as a future laborer. Those inbound tax calculations equate to future government revenues.


They know they’re upside down. This is why Obama Care was to become a Band-Aid in replacing stolen monies from the trust fund. Don’t take my word of caution, just watch the panic unfold next month. :>)


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Birds of a feather tend to flock...

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Hunter: "So when the money printing stops you see stocks getting cut in half?"

Biderman: "Yeah...or when people stop willing to believe that the money printing is good"

And there you have it.

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He is off serious medicine and now running only pot. 


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great ZH (substance along with some blunt spoken laughs) .... always knew Mr TrimTabs was plain spoken ... but the guy has a real flair for diplomacy ... gotta like Chas Biderman

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Thumb up if you love TrimTab's offive view - Sausalito, CA

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Love the Sausalito Sandman....

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'Big banks run by dumb people are dangerous..'. Classic! Good to see that there are still smart people left in the Bay Area.

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Well, they are in bed together, after all...

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How come Peter Schiff isnt quoted here? He's been on the ball for 6 years now.  

Peter Schiff / Biderman (2006):

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Awesome find. Thumbs up tp you rjiver

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So Biderman decided it was more profitable to switch his business model to cater to the bearish market?

You can't judge a guy from one very short interview, but it certainly appears that he was quite happy with the status quo in 2006.

I actually quite enjoy Bidermans videos.

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I hear Schiff complaining sometimes that most of the guys that espouse his viewpoints now are the same ones who laughed at him years ago, This seems like a great example.

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Good example of 'if you can't beat them, join them'. I suspect many will follow when the real crash comes...

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Banksters are FAR from dumb.  Since the general public is generally ignorant and since the banksters know they own the pols (who ARE stupid), they know they can get anything they want from the taxpayer trough until there's nothing left to steal at which point they'll retire to their private islands or gated communities to avoid the riots.  Heads they win, tails everyone else loses.

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wouldn't we all 'make' that bet?  heads I win tails you lose .....

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Biderman fucking rules! Discuss some great macro insights, smoke a joint, do an interview. Love this guy.

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The Lewis Black of asset management.

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 For any newbees<  TIPS ( treasury inflation protected securites)  I'm not sure the last sentence of the post is applicable though?

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This is some of Biderman's Best!

 Hunter: "Ah, shorting the emerging markets." 

Biderman: "Well I really think that the markets are vulnerable and are going to go down over the near term, maybe not this week,  but when the paddy wagon comes, it  takes all the girls...good, bad, and indifferent."


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That video posted by rjiver really wrecks biderman in my mind. Unless someone else has a post from him where he has admitted he was completely incorrect before he started singing a different tune he is just another putz to me now.

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Not to trash Tyler's thread but, you should see today's piece. 

Just for point of interest

Mike Maloney Walks the walk


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Bankers are as dumb as politicians? Really? Ok, if this is so, why is it that the bankers have all the money, that they then dribble out to politicians, who then suck on Bankster knob as if their very life depended on it?

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yeah i got a TIP, buy physical bitches