Biderman's Disbelief In The Market's Unending Belief In 'Something For Nothing'

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Epic Rant. Everyone's favorite Bay Area truthsayer is back and this time he is taking on the general ignorance of an indoctrinated mainstream media and the brainwashed investing public. Dismissing the nonsense of one media blogger's belief that the 'Euro would be better off without the meddling Germans' - implying that once the ECB was left to follow the path of stupidest resistance of printing and spending that all will be well with the region, Biderman conjures Lewis Black (spit and all) in the incessant belief that more debt can solve a problem of too much debt. Furthermore, the expectation that a European QE can bring rates down for Europe (without a German pillar of sanity) is ludicrous: "Unreal, what sane person would by short-term zero-interest rate debt instruments issued by a combination of broke debtor nations?" Reading the media or watching nitwits opine on CNBC and Bloomberg that everything is #winning: 'just because the Federal reserve or ECB prints money' is clearly frustrating as the TrimTabs CEO concludes "You just cannot print money and solve the world's problems".

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Not "indoctrinated" mainstream media.

Duplicitous, in the farce.

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The fact that this conversation still needs to occur says a lot about the state of things. Even Joe Sixpack understands the limits of pyramiding credit cards and other loans. Yet within the "sophisticated financial world," it's just another POV to argue over.

Apparently the First Rule of Holes does not apply

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I smell 13000 again.  Get the pipe.

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Stocks are denominated in fiat.  Fiat trades based on zero value, as it is merely a promise to pay.  The nominal numbers you see next to any asset makes no difference.  We are playing pretend with all numbers, and have been all along.

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1. Fill can with gold.

2. Bernanke kicks can.

3. Bernanke breaks foot.

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A Black Swan event would be kicking the can ..., and it doesn't budge. You kick harder, and the can magically rolls closer to you.

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you mean it's not going up and away, over the fork?

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I watched the irresponsible broadcasting this morning on Bloomie and CNBC. You have to suspend reality to follow these assclowns. They are like carnival barkers of old selling magic potions. It's really criminal and they should have lamp posts reserved for them when the whole thing comes apart

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Biderman is hyperopic, he needs to have that corrected.

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brainwashed investing public.

No such thing. It is all just self-serving fund managers now.

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Exactly, and each and every one of them now realizes that selling could cause a crash, so they'd rather keep buying endlessly and pretend that every event is bullish in a way.

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Ya know, that's exactly what I've been thinking, too.  The fund manager's bonus depends on the market being UP.  I'll bet every day, each and every one of them bites their nails,  hopes no-one starts the selling tsunami and takes antacids all day.

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Countries, like people, they must first recognize their mistakes to correct them later. European governments spend more than the income they earn. And this they have done for years. The difference between expenses and revenues has been covered by debt. But this debt has been growing over time and it is becoming harder to sustain. Ah, but they DO NOT want to lower their spending levels because it is that level of spending (and not what they produce) what has become a wealthy society. So now seek every possible means to avoid lower their costs. Interest rates near zero, funding from other nations, extra liquidity injection (without any support) or any madness to maintain its status of rich countries.

Unfortunately the reality is quite another. The sooner they recognize it, it will be much better for them. Otherwise, his encounter with reality will be very violent. Or look for the rest of the world to finance its status?

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most of the "rest of the world" is in the same situation

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Are you implying that house prices don't always go up?....

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Central banks don't print money.  They issue non-existent credit that will never be (and was never intended to be) paid back.


He is correct that this creates problems in the end.

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I'm pretty sure this is incorrect. The Treasury of a country cannot print money, it must borrow it. The Central Banks, however, can create money for nothing. The Federal Reserve does not borrow money to make purchases; it creates money and buys stuff with it.

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The Black Swan is already stalking the Bernanke Put.

Word.  We will have deflation before any sustainable recovery.  It's inevitable.

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Just because stock pries go up does not make a recovery.

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What do you expect from Retards, Muppets and psy-C-ho-Algos

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what market?  none of this shit is real.

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This guy really needs to stop thinking so much.

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You really need to stop not thinking so much.


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"Germany" doesn't exist in the equation. 

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"You just cannot print money and solve the world's problems"

why not? as long as everybody buys it. all we need is trust and faith.

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Along with flexible accounting rules and inflation calculations...

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Trust and faith only works in the presence of real goods and services; i.e., tangibles, that the producer is willing to exchange for paper (!!!???).  When the producers stop believing, game over.

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"Trust in Uranus"

Chicken Fried Movie.

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its working pretty damn well so far..... markets at record highs.  real standards of living at record highs...  the day of the piper may be a long way off.

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Overheard from two ObamaBots:

"Something for nothing? Where does the line start?"

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Another disgruntled and disheveled bear who got it way wrong.


Any wonder why the PigMen are all driving Aston-Martins, AMG65's, Bentleys, etc?

And Biderman is still tooling around Sausalito in his 2002 Buick Century?



fiddler_on_the_roof's picture

Very true. especially Biderman's terrible call to short stocks in June 2009.

Wonder why ZH still trumpets him.


The only thing going for ZH is their long physical Gold which is 100% right and will be for a long time. paper gold will burn.

short term I expect Silver to rise higher maybe even surpass previous high, but Gold is the ultimate tore of wealth which CB's are also accumalating stealthily.


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Do you really support the lifestyle of the Wall St set? Or do you just like seeing regular folks bleed out after being shot by Goldman waiting for help that never comes?

A man that stands by and does nothing to help is just as bad as the guy who shot the gun.

You must just be sick in the head. Is your favorite movie series The Hills Have Eyes?

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To: RobotTrader

What does Buffet drive?

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Unfortunately that is exactly right! Too much noise and not enough action. He did add some dates after my bitching yesterday on the his doomsday scenario that happen to match Ray Dalio's so lets see. He will not attract big money with rants like this - but folks will eat up his investment letter for sure.

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Still he has a cool view from his place. Hey Charles, please move the angle on the cam, your head is blocking Alcatraz and I like imagining Blankfein, Dimon and friends taking up residence there. I wonder if they would get to bring their Aston-Martins with them?

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Sure...they can drive em right there.

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Jim Rogers has no car. Does that mean he did bad?



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"You just cannot print money and solve the world's problems"


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Can ya feel the rush from that hit of Hopium!

I'm here to tell, this year's vintage is gonna be something special.

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Feels like Strawberry Sunshine.  Summertime, and the livin' is easy'

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LOL Obama is like a stubborn child, whenever someone says "you can't have that" he replies "Yes I can, yes I can" maybe being raised by his mother lacked the regular spanking and he got spoiled?

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I have been shouting here at ZH that anyone listening to Biderman's advice on stock markets will lose money and I also mentioned his terrible "short stocks" call at the start of this Bull run in June 2009. "Blah Blah Blacksheep" the regular ZH admonished for that.


Listen to him and lose. Good luck.


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If you looked at any real data point in June of 2009 Biderman made the right call. The entire rally has been based on complete fabricated fiction.

I don't think anyone would have figured corproations would have gotten away with marking hundreds of billions wrth of losses as hundredsof billions worth of profits within three months time. I don't think the investment banks believed Obama's behind closed doors promise not to prosecute fraud.

As long as the fraud was kept hidden, anything became permissable. The books of corporate America aren't just cooked, they turned into pure carbon and got shoved up Obama's ass. It's so tight they hoped within four years they'd have a diamond.

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Though bears may be right in the long run, they've been waiting since 2009 to be right again. Not to say that things aren't fucked ('cos they are), but we keep waiting for that last straw to break the camel's back and it still hasn't happened (at least visibly). My feeling is to rely on technicals as "fundamentals" bear no logic whatsoever in this market. No matter how much I think BofA should be dead, if I went short at $5 (relying on how fundamentally bad it is) I'd have been dead long ago seeing how it's at 8.05 today. You can't beat a rigged game, except to bet along with the "riggers".

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The people in charge would seem to believe you can solve the world's debt problems by creating more debt.

The DOW going up 400+ points in less than two hours worth of trading and a 6% spike in oil during that same period is seen as perfectly acceptable market conditions.

If it went the other way there would be congressional calls for inestigations into trading abuse. Flash spikes are to be encouraged as long as flash crashes are stopped.

There is something terribly wrong with a market that can move up and down by more than 2% in an hour. A 6% spike in oil prices based on nothing concrete other than bailout rumor 7694, should cause electronic trading of oil futures to be suspended for at least a week, if not forever.