Biggest Silver Surge In Over 3 Years

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Presented with little comment - Silver - having (like Gold) retraced all of last week's losses is seeing a record-breaking move today. This jump of 6.6% is the largest since 11/24/08 - over three years ago.

Chart: Bloomberg

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Silver bitchez!

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AGQ ITM calls, bitchez!

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

This is a classic bull trap. It's tragic to see these lemmings buy into this bubble like sheep to the slaughter. They just never learn.


Pladizow's picture

TO: MillionDollarBonus

What a diappointing post to start the new year with!

Was your new years resolution to be far less sarcastic and comedic?

Manthong's picture

At 35 pounds, this green box of bubbles is sure heavy.

CrazyCooter's picture

MDB is my favorite troll. I LOLed!

I think ZH readers sometimes miss the point of his posts ... sip it like a good single malt sarcasm.



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I don't find MDB funny in the slightest. People are dying because of this shitty wealth stealing system. Gold and silver are the only way out. Stop trying to be funny and start trying to be a decent human being or you may as well be a 322'er.

kindape's picture

I assure you that if gold and silver ever become what we exchange as money far more people will die than under a paper regime.

Long-John-Silver's picture

You do have a point. Each FED Bill contains 12.44 BTU so you can burn it to prevent freezing to death and you can cook over it too. You can't eat or burn Gold and Silver. 

UP Forester's picture

Yeah, far more people died before governments could put wars on a credit card....

malek's picture

Don't you think sarcasm should have a learning effect to it? An "aha" moment?

I mostly can't see that in MDB posts. They are just plain stupid.

akak's picture

I completely agree.

When one consistently spreads a particular message, even supposedly in jest, while NEVER acknowledging that that message HAS been spread only in jest, then one becomes one's own enemy, whether knowingly or not.  If you don't believe me, just try telling your wife, every morning for a year, that she is fat and ugly, while NEVER telling her anything else --- and THEN try convincing her after that year that you were "just kidding".

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At 35 pounds, this green box of bubbles is sure heavy. My shipping weight was 42lbs. Think we need to do a density test?


Transformer's picture

MDB is so right!!!   Time to get in there and short the shit out of it!!!

bigerny's picture

Go ahead and do that.Let us all know how that works out for you.

vast-dom's picture

Silver to $50 for fuck's sake!

Long-John-Silver's picture

When do margins go to 100%? What do they do after margins are 100% and Gold and Silver keep going higher?

CompassionateFascist's picture

Silver, other PMs will continue to go up, go down, until the Ponzi merchants and high rollers are ready to pull the rug out and head for their Paraguayan estates. Looks like mid- to late-2012. Then, one US silver eagle will buy you maybe 2-3 days food at the local framers' market. But you'd better be wearing iron.  

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MDB, this is a pretty lazy troll and not the way to start off the New Year.

Come on man. We expect a little more out of you than this.

The Swedish Chef's picture

Both you and Robot need to let us in on your fantamatastic trades. I´m guessing neither of you actually do any trading but nickel and dime hobby trades that at most will pay for your Super Bowl pizza...

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

I am a buy-and-hold equity investor. I am happy to leave the trading to the professionals at top tier investment banks. These people are veterans and pros who laugh in the face of pathetic doomer day traders on zerohedge.

Irish66's picture

I'm laughing at all the money leaving their dirty hands

Pladizow's picture

A little better, but not by much!

Are you a replacement fluffer for the true MDB has not yet returned from holiday?

Turd Ferguson's picture

"I am a buy-and-hold equity investor."

or, stated differently:

"I am a head-in-the-sand boob who refuses to believe that tomorrow will be unlike yesterday."

Haddock's picture

The turd doesn't get the sarcasm... 

akak's picture

Actually, I think he fully understands the pointless, worthless posts of MillionDollarAnus perfectly well.

Haddock's picture

I think you are wrong, so there.

UP Forester's picture

Nah, MDB must have gone through the same school as the folks that run my 205.5k, that I just happened to pull as much out of in exchange for PMs.

Nothing like a 10% a year loss on a digital account to prove stacking the last few years works.

Zero Govt's picture

MillionDollar(Taxpayer)Bonus  -  only problem with your "top professionals of top tier investment banks" is that their trading desks lose money trading ...they only make it fleecing clients and rigging markets, and the Pros bonuses are taxpayer subsidised

..and the investment banks are bankrupt by the way

There fixed it... always lots to fix in your posts.. good luck with the 'Buy & Hope' strategy BTW

cranky-old-geezer's picture



I am happy to leave the trading to the professionals at top tier investment banks.

...who keep silver suppressed with massive naked shorting ...which used to be illegal.

...not that you and RoboTrader seem to care. 

Gold at 1600 means silver should be 100 at the traditional 16 - 1 ratio.

So who cares if it's 30 or 25?  Either one is a super bargain.

If it drops to 20, fucking incredible bargain. 

BTW MDB, I do expect to see a 50,000 DOW some day.

... but gas will be $20 / gal too, and the American economy will crash completely.

So enjoy those nominal profits.  Your stock holdings won't be worth any more in real terms than they are today.  You'll just pay more taxes :)

...and perhaps you'll be lucky enough to hitch a ride on one of the elite's jets when they flee the country during Ameica's death throes.

...since you obviously care nothing about what your banker gods' massive currency printing is doing to this nation, robbing the American people blind.

Hephasteus's picture

Look it's really fucking simple.

1. INSANE lies of sales reports and christmas hype bullcrap.

2. Gold and silver is going nuts.

3. Someone is about to do something really fucking stupid.

4. If you don't own gold and silver and don't buy it immediately you are fucked.

ClassicalLib17's picture

Mr.MDB, Are you the blogger on FOFOA known as Another? 



franzpick's picture

Too bad your buy n hold strategy excluded you from gold's 10 year move from $300 to $1600.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Yeah, well the DOW is up 22.66% in nominal terms over the past ten years, so in real terms (inflation adjusted according to the BLS CPI Calculator that 10,143.87 DOW should be worth 12,744.92.  Wait.....what was my point again?  Oh yeah, DOW is at 12,099.30 now.  Who's laughing now?  DOW went up 22.66% and gold only went up 4,333%.  SO there!!!!!

Ag Star's picture

Yeah, but you had to pay capital gains tax on your profits-- where us physical holders of PM's pay nothing on our profits.  Sold a 100oz silver bar yesterday that I paid $14/oz for back in 2009. Not one cent went to the tax-war machine.  Cash n carry all the way.  So there!!!

Kaiser Sousa's picture

"They just never learn..."

yeah, we've leaned...thats why we keep hitting that red arrow...

now, knock it off Pyle.....

ACP's picture

As opposed to a progressive bull trap?

Widowmaker's picture

You are much more correct than I'll bet you even realize.

This is validated 100% with your feedback by the leagues of clueless and emotional silver-holders!

T-t-t-t-toppy-top-top --- timmmmmmberrrrrr!   See ya at $12.

fuu's picture

Don't pay a lot of attention do you?

Widowmaker's picture

By paying attention I am sure you have noted that the only dipshits stockpiling shiny metals are seagulls and man.

Many will enter the silver position but only a very few will exit the trade. 

The majority here will not (other than redefine their strategy to buy-n-hold or collectibles after they lose their asses).

You gonna pay off that Visa in silver?  How about buy a gun or property like another poster?   Didn't think so.

It ain't money unless it's  accepted -- metals aint got it (no way no how, not all the fag dust and MSM can make it so).

fuu's picture

Well no I would not pay off Visa with silver as I owe Visa nothing.

I have bought property with silver already.

And your comment that somehow our reaction to MDB's post signifies a top is just sad. MDB's goal is to collect red arrows. Using reaction to him as a guide for your silver thesis is not going to work out that well for you.

Haddock's picture

What property did you buy with silver, and how?

bonderøven-farm ass's picture

I accept/prefer junk silver for my produce and have sold farm equipment for bullion.  I'm also in the process of purchasing land in Southen MO with bullion and fiat (35%/65% respectively).  PM bartering is more common than many think....

Dr. Richard Head's picture

My wife has been my own personal prostitute.  I buy her shiny things and I get laid.  She accepts hard money....if you know what I mean.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

Awwwww......   <violins>    True love.

fuu's picture

A truck using 90% silver us coins.