Bill Gross Channels 1972 Rock

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Today is about as ridiculous in terms of newsflow as it gets, so, why not.

Fear not: we are all losing it.

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Bowzer Wowzerz

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Loved this song on Stand By Me...


How can you tell a French man has been in your back yard?

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Tyler -- channeling the Eisenhower Years: the Silhouettes first recorded that track ( "Get a Job" ) in '57.

squib's picture

Dinner with Barack please.

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Stick a fork in him. I mean it.

derek_vineyard's picture

stick one in Bill Gross, too

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why am I not surprized that bill gross would be quoting sha na na ... i think he still wears the suits he bought in 1972 ...

jus_lite_reading's picture

Last week I saw him wearing bellbottoms and velour shoes...

Smart man. When the SHTF you don't want anyone knowing how much money/supplies/gold you really have ;)

otto skorzeny's picture

he wipes his ass w/ $100 bills so I'm sure he gives a shit what you think of his clothes

bdc63's picture

Bill Gross wipes his ass with $100 bills so I don't think he needs the likes of you coming to his defense ...

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My sister is making 65252$ per hour buying bonds. Click on link to do the same.

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I hope you both had a good time, she is good woman.

Should have added couple more zeros to ad :D

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sorry, didnt realize you were being sarcastic

Poetic injustice's picture

Well, no harm done really. I thought that people on Friday evening would be more relaxed to see humour :)

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i did both your moms and then i killed your dads.

nonclaim's picture

+1 lol. the junkers missed the spammer ref by a mile...

Overfed's picture

My brother lost everything buying stocks online!! :-D

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60 points off the fucking lows.

My long stocks call from 5 minutes ago will make us all rich!

Have I posted a link to my newsletter yet? Annual profits of 23% over past twenty years with no red years.

fuu's picture

I only subscribe to newsletters with catchy phrases.

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I'm here to make you money, not make you giggle!

If I win, you win! I accept payment via PayPal.

We're in this together. Long term investing, productive businesses, technical analysis!

We'll be the richest men in Americaylon.

Poetic injustice's picture

What do you mean? All real moneymakers giggle on TV.
You ask them "Will I become rich, Mr. Smartguy"?
And they giggle and say, "Yes, I will become rich Mr.Dumbmoney".

CvlDobd's picture

I assure you, I am of the highest integrity. I will teach the small investor the insider secrets of the stock market and how to gain instant wealth, happiness, and sexual gratification.

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"sexual gratification."


Nothing like being long, strong and down to get the friction on.

CvlDobd's picture

Most successful traders are well endowed. It's science.

Ladies wanna roll in my Mercedes.

Overfed's picture

If only I could just get eveybody on the internet to send me a dollar......

midgetrannyporn's picture

he should arb the tranche spread between abby baby's thighs.

FieldingMellish's picture

I prefer the crack spread myself...

kahunabear's picture

The real insanity is that AAPL acts like a clean dirty shirt. Sheesh.

Newsboy's picture

Invest in subsistence farming.

The Alarmist's picture

I think I preferred Sha Na Na by the Dead Milkmen.

CvlDobd's picture

"I Hate Work" by Millions of Dead Cops.

No One's picture

Pete Townshend wouldn't be so deaf

If he had followed Sha Na Na's advice

and played some fifties do-wop songs

That even your mom would think are nice


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Real fortunes to be made in sovereign debt. Identify the best of the worst because everyone will stampede in that direction.

Bill's right again.

jon's picture

Meatwad: Well, whip on this. All right, hang on. Sha na na na na, sha na na na.
Master Shake: What the hell are you doing?
Meatwad: Get a job.
Master Shake: Get a job? What?
Meatwad: You feelin' like any sorta like..meltin' sensation?

pissing_excellence's picture

Forgive me, but I thought he was a starched shirt type guy, Im liking the zanyness.  The floor of the NYSE should just have a giant pie fight, hell congress too. What the difference at this point anyway.


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I think I remember parts of 1972.

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June 1, 2012

El-Erian: Global Leaders Are `Losing Control'


Things are so bad that they had 3 people asking El-Erian questions.

bugs_'s picture

nobody to front run, no more toxic assets to unload on the fed, no more insider trades to make - BORED

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Saw them at the Winterland in SF.  Robin Trower was the opener.

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Sounds like a surreal show.... I would have left after the opening act, provided I wasn't rolling too stoned....