Bill Gross Tells The Truth: "S&P Finally Got It Right. They Are Enforcing Some Discipline. My Hat Is Off To Them"

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After all the hollow rhetoric and scapegoating over the past few days about S&Ps "treasonous act" from Friday, we were delighted to finally hear one person say the truth. "I have been criticizing them and Moody's and Fitch for a long time. Moody's and Fitch are on the "S" list. I think S&P finally demonstrated some spin. S&P finally got it right. They spoke to a dysfunctional political system and deficits as far as the eye can see. They are enforcing some discipline. My hat is off to them." The person in question: PIMCO's Bill Gross, who says what everyone is thinking but afraid to say it for fear it would insult our oh so sensitive, and so incompetent, administration. Because if criticizing S&P over being far too late to the subprime party is justified, at least they have the guts (unlike those tapeworms from Moody's) to finally step against the tide of conventional sycophantic wisdom and tell everyone even a modest part of the whole truth. If that is not the first step toward penitence, then nothing is. And yes, America's real credit rating at the current level of deficit accumulation most certainly does not begin with the letter A, or B or even C for that matter. Because what America is doing is heading straight for default, however not by officially filing in the Southern District of New York, but by terminally hobbling its own currency in hopes of stimulating rampant inflation thereby cutting its debt load through devaluation. A sad side effect of that of course is the wipe out of its own middle class as well. But all is fair in love and preserving the wealth of the status quo. 

Gross transcript:

Gross on the ECB bond purchasing program:
"What Trichet has spoken to tonight and on Friday was that they would implement a significant bond purchase program for Spain and Italy...We're expecting $2 billion to $3 billion a day in terms of ECB bond purchase.  How many days and weeks that continues, I am not sure. They might eventually have an actual interest rate target in mind. We are not sure of that either and they probably won't divulge it."
On the response in Asia and Europe to the U.S. debt downgrade:
"I think overall the most important impact will be from a currency standpoint. We're not seeing that tremendously tonight in terms of the dollar, but when you put the pieces together, the ECB action in terms of supporting euro land, when you look forward to the next few days in terms of the Fed and what they might do to ease interest rates to a certain extent, those in combination - in addition to S&P's downgrade that speaks to the longer-term vulnerability of the United States - Put all that in a package and it's the dollar more than anything that is vulnerable on the downside."
On the super committee concept to tackle the deficit:
"I think the committee concept is a kick-the-can type of action. What we saw over the past week in terms of the resolution of the debt crisis, perhaps a $25 billion reduction over the next 12 months in terms of the deficit and perhaps over the next several years of $500 billion to $1 trillion. Not much."
"We have talked about the total liabilities of the United States being $12 trillion in terms of actually printed treasuries, and as much as $60 trillion in terms of people walking, 'debt men' walking. That's Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid all in combination.  So this country has an enormous problem. It is not just $25 billion. It is not a $1-$2 trillion problem."
On when the Chinese, as the largest buyers of U.S. debt, will have enough:
"[The Chinese] will not show up when it does not serve their best interests. They're beginning to sense, and I'm sure they've sense for a number of years, that the U.S. has a number of weapons to use against them in terms of their purchasing of treasuries. That would be low interest rates relative to the rate of inflation -- in other words, financial repression.
"To the extent the U.S. continues to employ that, it becomes an increasing cost for the Chinese. Their number one priority has been to put their people to work. In effect, the whole world is trying to put their people to work, but the Chinese especially. So what they have done is to fix their currency on a relative basis to the dollar, to buy U.S. treasuries and doing so to put their people to work. When those treasuries yield them nothing and become vulnerable from the standpoint of the dollar currency-wise, then that there might be something in the works. That is the most significant rebalancing effort. The ECB can buy bonds. The U.S. can do another QE 2.5. IF and when the Chinese basically revalue their currency significantly, that is a rebalancing effort that might ultimately put a foundation under the global economy."
On whether other countries will be downgraded after the U.S.:
"To the extent that France or some of the inner core of Euroland become vulnerable with their AAA, then it becomes a successive waterfall on the way down…To the extent that the U.S. and other liquid AAA countries such as Japan, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, to the extent that some of those are vulnerable, then there's little room to maneuver.""The U.S. at AA+, does it make a difference? Perhaps 10-15 to 25 basis points immediately." 
Gross on whether he blames S&P:
"I have been criticizing them and Moody's and Fitch for a long time. Moody's and Fitch are on the "S" list. I think S&P finally demonstrated some spin. S&P finally got it right. They spoke to a dysfunctional political system and deficits as far as the eye can see. They are enforcing some discipline. My hat is off to them. "

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zorba THE GREEK's picture

Meanwhile, London is on fire, literally. 

dark pools of soros's picture

Spain just raided moody's and S&P offices... yeah shit got real, real fast

bob_dabolina's picture

I didn't hear about Spain, but I know authorities raided S&P offices in Italy.

dark pools of soros's picture

my bad...  got back from long weekend and reading things crooked

bob_dabolina's picture

Wait 'till Italy get's upgraded to AAAA+ infinitas, then you'll start reading things crooked.

phyuckyiu's picture

Gold is going up a dollar a minute at the moment. Didn't bob tell us not to buy gold?

bob_dabolina's picture

I thought gold would sell-off several months ago, I've been bearish on silver because silver isn't like gold and I've said that several times. 

S&P downgrading the US was a game changer. That changes things in too many ways to even discuss. 

BaBaBouy's picture


1710.40 1711.40 Low/High 1697.20 1716.50 Change +47.00




Watch the CRAPEX open in the morn, the PAPER Commi's may have a trick up their sleeve...

Or Not ...

SILVER is confirming the rally so far.

$42. and we gonna have a big move in GOLD Imo.


AFTER ALL, Bonds are Paper, No???

BaBaBouy's picture


Pea Pel Ditching their BONDS (i.e. o/s Debt).


So what do you do with the Electronic Harddrive Cash???


Stocks - Nyet.

Cash  - Nyet.


Whats left is commods, Metals, Oils, and of course the other currency, Gold/Silver...

phyuckyiu's picture

Awww cmon bob, you didn't need the s+p to tell you the truth of what was really going on and you know it.

bob_dabolina's picture

I know the US isn't AAA but that is regardless. 

The downgrade will mean a major shaking of every asset class as fund managers will have to sell assets to keep up with their mandate. I use "assets" loosely because there will now most likely be an avalanche type of effect. Obviously there will need to be CB intervention which will mean massive printing of money which will push people into gold. Silver will to some extent enjoy the coattails of gold but silver is very much an industiral type metal (it's trading at the same levels from back in early April)

What's queer to me is that platinum (which is far more precious in-terms of rareness) is practically unaffected....up only $2 on October futures at the moment, while gold is popping by $63.


BaBaBouy's picture


Platinum is about 20X rarer than Gold, but its considered more an industrial metal hence the drag.

Cars sales could be drastically hit.


GOLD is much nicer to work with in jewelry, much better color also.

Plat is very hard to work with, and its Grey as are all other metals except............ Gold and Copper...

dellbalboa's picture

No, it wasnt S&P they raided, it was Moody's, but who cares right? its the two heads from the same snake.

lolmao500's picture

BAC is getting it right too...

Bank of America : S&P may downgrade US again in November

"We do expect further downgrades," said Ethan Harris, North American economist, on the call. "We doubt the newly appointed bipartisan commission will come up with a credible long-term deficit reduction plan. Hence by November or December we would not be surprised to see S&P downgrade the debt again from AA-plus to AA."

Spitzer's picture

 Japan aint AAA Billy. Nice to hear he almost has that rag out of his throte.


Physical premiums are negative on gold.

Futures price is higher then physical.



zorba THE GREEK's picture

Bill Gross is just lashing out because he has been losing much money shorting treasuries lately.

trav7777's picture

Gross has his fuckyou money in an old money portfolio full of dividends.  But he's got to get yield for all his customers to keep the funds rolling in.

That's all he wants; he wants his jew vig.  400 years of ponzi have convinced people that by virtue of having some "capital," that they are entitled to yield as if by magic.

Monetative Easing's picture

Bill Gross is cheering this, and yet treasuries are rallying.  Methinks this doesn't mean what he thinks it means.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

I hope everyone ends up in Treasuries again.  That would be funny.  It would be like if we went into hyperinflation and people raided the donut shop.

MsCreant's picture

They did raid a donut shop (Krispy Kreme) in London last night (search Londonriots on twitter, someone posted some pics). Does this mean hyperinflation (of the waist line that is)? ;-)

Caviar Emptor's picture

These days 'stepping up to the plate' means admitting that the US economy  is in deep doodoo

takeaction's picture

Sorry for the Off topic post...very important.  You must stay out of the rain.  Tyler I hope you can break this story wide open.

Oklahoma rain as with all of the rain accross the US is very radioactive.

Number 156's picture

I heard this, saw the video and it seems hes detecting short range alpha radiation.

takeaction's picture

And?? Yes he is detecting short range alpha radiation at an extreme level as compared to the background norm.  Scroll down to "Biological effects".  I would bot be out in the rain...

Number 156's picture

I looked it up, It cant be alpha because it cant pass through anything, even into the sensor of that detector. It has to be Beta.

If it were gamma radiation, he wouldnt need to walk the sample up to the detector. Yeah, dont drink it. 

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Where does one buy radiation detecting device?  Radio Shack in my area does not carry any.

trav7777's picture

ZOMG...4x background.

Any coal plants within a couple hundred miles?

Number 156's picture

Still, one has to wonder if S&P is waiting for some kind of payoff. Thats the way the ratings game has worked for the most part. Otherwise we wouldn't have been cracking jokes about ratings agencies.

franzpick's picture

The 60 year fed-sponsored credit-binge has made almost everyone look good, and some, like the world's largest bond fund manager, look great.

The final credit collapse will show up the very best for what little they really are.

TruthInSunshine's picture

One is either part of the problem, or part of the solution.

Bill Gross is part of the structure, literally, that is the cancer that's ravaging the United States and the globe.

His hollow words do nothing to change the fact he's sold his soul for money in this life, and no one should give credence to Gross, who is just another vampire sinking his fangs into the jugular of the Ponzified corpse he has helped to create vis a vis his Tango with The Federal Reserve.

I would love to suggest 'Death Of A Salesman' for Gross's eulogy.

trav7777's picture

yeah, except Gross has fuckyou money now and his own island.  He ain't gonna be killing himself for the life insurance

Caviar Emptor's picture

Kospi down near 7% (!) 

Hang Seng down 4%

Singapore down near 5%

lolmao500's picture

Kospi got raped indeed. Now ``only`` down 4%...

Yen Cross's picture

  Who trades that wata kospi?  no volume...

European American's picture

Probably old news, but Blythe Masters has her own blog.

Blythe Masters

and you can tell her exactly how lovely she looks.

tyler's picture

Probably is right.  I don't need you to tell me to leave comments on blythes supposed website.  Hundreds have already done it and the points been made.  We don't need to look desperate.  

CompassionateFascist's picture

Of course the site is real. BM's a narcissistic twat. And Evil. So, if she reads the comments, she'll merely find them amusing.

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God i hate that woman!, Please tell me you are joking? What do you see in her? she's an ugly ass bitch!

janus's picture

she is rather cyborgish, and even a bit mannish -- and perhaps the worst skin i've seen this side of a leper colony.  oh, and she does have that sort of 'i am not a good person' vibe to her.  and she looks like she would smell of fomaldahyde.

see something; say something

chump666's picture

s&p 100% got it right!  finally 'voices' from the market are saying this debt/spending/bailout/bandaid Bull Sh*t gotta stop

Nostradumbass's picture


" I think S&P finally demonstrated some spin. S&P finally got it right."


Calling Dr. Freud... Dr. Freud are you there?

SPAREPARTS's picture

To big to fail and To fucked to face, inflate, devalue, spend, choose your poison, the guy in the street gets it no matter what and theirs no way out.

Die Weiße Rose's picture

Ja, Ich bin hier, aber der Econ ist kaputt, tot...Hirnschaden, cactus !

wie sagt man in englisch: buggered up and he died in the Ass !

next: Australia Recession ! (high AUD, shit economy)

janus's picture

vat is it, swine hound?  i'm playing backgammon with hegel (the arrogant minx)...had to wait four eternities for this rematch, and i'm on the cusp of crushing his bloated ego.  so this better be good.

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Vulcan mind "MELDS"  KIRK I am!

Yen Cross's picture

 I respect your crew "Tyler" Don't let US down!

mt paul's picture

thought the middle class

was/is the status quo...