Bizarro Market Winning Strategies 101: Go Long The Most Hated Stocks

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We discussed the bullish themes (and Nomura's skepticism) earlier today but as the S&P 500 cracks 1300 once again and banks (GS cost-cutting sustainability?) and builders (NAHB Index? context please) are off to the races once again, we thought it might be appropriate to see just how well the worst of the worst has outperformed the market. Using our standby GS index that tracks the most shorted names in the broad market, we see that year-to-date, the most-shorted names are up 5.8% against the Russell 3000 which is only up 4%. Furthermore, since late yesterday, the most-shorted names have doubled the market's performance (+2.1% vs +1% from 1430ET yesterday).

Quite an impressive outperformance of the most-shorted's performance seems like a resurgence after some compression to reality but...


...on a longer-term basis we have seen worse - right after the Thanksgiving ripfest, not to mention January of last year when we first saw a preview of just what to expect. It dose seem like we are getting stretched though - but of course that is relative and so a continued meltup in stocks does not mean retracement in short prices (just underperformance).

So as a result, we present readers with the opportunity to join the lunacy, if they so wish, and jump head first into the worst of the worst: these are the 30 companies which according to CapIQ have the highest Short Interest to Float ratio in the Russell 2000. Of course, these names are hated and thus massively shorted, for a reason. But we are now in a market in which fundamentals are not only ignored, they are vilified. So it is more likely than not that purely as a function of margin calls, borrow pull, and general revulsion toward basic long/short strategies, these stocks will continue to outperform the broader market, until they dont and crash spectacularly (which is why hedging with some cheap OTM puts is a good idea). Naturally, the suggestion to go long the most reviled stocks is encouraged only for the insane subset among our readers, or the hedge fund career risk track, or both. Usually the two are interchangeable.

A CIX of these names equal-weighted has handily outperformed year-to-date and from the mid-December lows - so indeed, we leave it up to you - do you trade the "Go Long The Most Hated Stocks" winning strategy (and pray you will be out before everyone else - because we all are the world's best market timers... at least in our own minds).

Charts: Bloomberg

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There tyler goes again, giving it away for free.

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Blue Horseshoe loves Blue Nile....

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sorta maybe slightly off i the only one who thinks trish reagan on bloomberg would show you her pussy for a $1 at lunch time in school?......

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She use to sniff hair spray a lot.

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janet napolitano charges .50 cents!

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.... To see Trish's beaver ?

Or Janet's cock?

I am confused.

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send trish regan back to CNBS Wednesday, January 11, 2012 1:49 PM From: To:

listen if i wanted to watch idiot bimbo regan talk over her interview guests and blabber like those idiots on CNBS i would not be turning to bloomberg tv!

either train this imbecile animal  to properly do an interview or send this cock sucking whore back to the strip club she escaped from. 

maybe ill turn on foxbusiness.




*funny you should mention her, above is an email i sent last week.

Sudden Debt's picture

Just bought 4k of TZOO, kind of looks like a no can lose right now:)

economics1996's picture

The PE ratios in the Great Depression were around 5-1.

Sudden Debt's picture

Nice, where did you find that out?

HardlyZero's picture

So...Go short the most loved stocks ?   Anyone shorting Apple ?  or Google ?

DeadFred's picture

For the near term don't go short anything, unless you enjoy having your face ripped off. For everything there is a season. There are elections ahead and ramping the DOW is the only thing the gov. can do to keep the sheep from remembering just how screwed they are. I just bought calls on BAC yesterday. I hope they make a profit and hope they don't permanently stain my soul.

There is a lot of justified negativity out there but none is for tomorrow. That's Algo 101.

HarryM's picture

Hamas could nuke Tel Aviv right now and the market would continue to go up.

ZeroHedge is good reading , just don't invest based on what you read.


The Axe's picture

Lets face it the market is insane......

agent default's picture

What market?  We have the FED over here, the ECB over there and a few HFTs scattered around for some sort of variety/comic relief purposes mostly, and there is the market.  In other news, the US has a budget, the Euro is a currency or something like that along with the Dollar, and a +60% haircut may or may not be a credit event, depending on which way the wind blows on Mars.  We're passed insane.

OldE_Ant's picture

and .. "go right to LUDICROUS SPEED". (quote SpaceBalls)  lol. Market.   I call it the FEDhole toilet paper market, where everyone gets to wipe their asses for free, but no-one can stop smelling the crap.

bob_dabolina's picture

Time to start shorting again

50 /es points at best upside here before another washout

sabra1's picture

do not short!!! when your computer screen displays, "website unavailable, please try again later," calling your trading account, or bank, by phone will be futile! MFG was a test to see how much uproar would occur! none!!!

bob_dabolina's picture

yea yea, let's go back to trading slips under a buttonwood tree. no no, no one trade anymore; MFG is a clear warning that no one should trade anything ever again, no buyers no sellers, just hunker down and rely on dafodiles and rain water for our sustenance

clones2's picture

100% agree.... However, I'm going a little long today for a few more % on this momentum first. :-)

bob_dabolina's picture

I'm gona' nibble at shorting up to 1350. Just a little here, a little there, it's pretty hard to get the timing perfect, and there's no rush.

Last night Robo brought out the LULU chart. That's always a good signal that the top is near.

fonzannoon's picture

Metals flat. Miners down. Financials soaring. They have truly broken my spirit.

The Deleuzian's picture

The miners have not caught a bid on this 'gold rally'...KGC (Knights of the Golden Circle) got blowtorched 20% yesterday for rising costs...GS goes up 7% for pretty bad numbers...Go figure

barkingbill's picture

maybe the 'market' isn't insane....just evil....maybe if we want to make money we should be holding lots of petrodollars and buying up defense industry, prison corporations and big pharma getting ready for the wars and mass innoculations....

barkingbill's picture

and lots of too big to fail banks....go long the illuminati. 

GeneMarchbanks's picture

'Go Long The Most Hated Stocks" winning strategy'

OK, but you promise to not get those delicious Chipotle burritos?

sabra1's picture

the whole premis, is to sucker in one and all, to go long the market. think like a crook, and you'll know exactly where all this is heading.  

optimator's picture

Think l ike a crook and get on the FED Bankster E mail list.

LongSoupLine's picture

Cue robotard to repeat some sell-side money harvesting whore's criminal book talking he just watched on CNBS.

slaughterer's picture

When it gets to this: a bear macro website recommended going long utter crap stocks, then I know the market is about to turnover very hard.  

Tyler Durden's picture

Actually, the premise is not to recommend anyone do anything, but to merely point out the sheer idiocy phase of the market, which lately comes with greater and greater frequency, and which is currently the only one out there. Three words: cheap OTM puts

prains's picture

10 minutes in the bin for you slghtr

slaughterer's picture


TVIX Calls +  

TZOO calls (just to hedge the "full retartd" factor).  

Ok, I am ready for the rest of January.  

Da55id's picture

max leverage per $ deployed if intent is to lift indices

valkir's picture

My simple advise to all-act as every day you have birthday.

DB Cooper's picture

Seems that advice will make you very old very quick.

The Deleuzian's picture

Added STEM to my watch list about a month ago for a short-term trade ...The #1 most hated...Definitely top 10!!! 

chump666's picture

don't stress it.  this Jan market is doing what Jan markets do...they go momo, or try to hold long.  bring up your charts and look at the AUG 2011 high, when the whole market went short in mins.  jumping in now what be missed the meltup.


SheepDog-One's picture

No doubt it would require balls of stainless steel to jump in long here, this has been a 200 point ES meltup based upon nothing except the idea that Deus Ex Machina will surely appear soon to rescue the plotline. Bunch of nonsense, and I think it was a pump to set up short positions.

chump666's picture

I agree.   It's very stretched now.  good run though, but expected.  

as for short pos gathering, yeah.  july/aug 2011 tops are closing in.  

Everybodys All American's picture

Bernanke or someone buys back Treasuries from the Chinese and Japanese who are dumping them left and right and the Treasury market prices do not go lower. Now you want me to explain how hated stocks go higher?

Zaydac's picture

Makes sense to me. Conventional wisdom says markets turn when everyone is on the same side. Everyone bullish = nobody left to buy (everyone already in) - first sign of a a slip and everyone changes to the other side of the boat and over we go. Same thing the other way round. Same thing again for individual stocks. Everyone hates a stock? Therefore masses of shorts, nobody left to sell. Along comes Hayseed Hillbilly, or his stockbroker, or the PPT, or someone with an eye on the ball (or the CEO's great-aunt with an eye on the CEO's bonus) - makes few a small purchases - price goes up, triggers the stoploss of a few nervous shorters, and its up, up and away - self reinforcing once decent amount of stoploss has been triggered. Then the whole thing starts all over again. This market is more like a Ouija board than it has ever been before. It is all about momo, as the TDs have been saying for ages. Value only plays its part as one setup among many - what moves prices is the sort of thing we are seeing here. Doesn't mean you shouldn't play (but take care not to play using MFG, oh, sorry, advice a bit late there...)

I should be working's picture

How can short interest be over 100% for Travelzoo?  Someone sold it short to another shortseller?

The Deleuzian's picture

If I remember had a similar situation a few years back...There were more shares outstanding then were issued...When the regulators got involved...The 'shrugging shoulders' came out...

alien-IQ's picture

we'll close ripping into a new usual.