Black Friday Shopping Like There Is No Tomorrow?

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It's time to confound their knavish tricks.

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I spent a lot of time slumming at some of the Black Friday web sites.  Personally I haven't spend a dime yet, but amongst the regulars they all seem to agree that there was a lot of 'noobs' this year. 


Many showing up just to see what all the fuss was about.   Not spending, just obeying what the tv told them they should be doing.


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aprox $2600 of that was me....i bought an ounce and a half

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I bought 403 ounces of Gold in the last couple of weeks, I was busy on thrusday I guess it does not count... pfff. fuck money markets and equity markets never bottoming (they will at one point Adam Smith ALWAYS rules, a good man by the way, in framework of economics his rooted  in moral philosophy). The powerful psycopaths think nothing can happen to them? They should think twice. Mussolini ... hanged upsidedown. Hitler.. killed himself.  Napoleon .... exiled in a shit hole. Julius Caesar... murdered.  Stalin... heart attack in his bunkerized bedroom noone heard his call for help.

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Already told ya a few days ago.

Americans cannot DO WITHOUT binging at the malls, and stores for NO more than 2-3yrs,before they go NUTS.

This is a Normal Cycle for them.

Their phylosophy is, Ok, I have done w/out, long enough.

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I believe in your argument Zapster. It's well reasoned and reflects the pampered nature of the American consumer.

The American consumer will surprise their retail hosts this year.

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Well I do know for a fact that pepper spray sales this Friday were hot and heavy.

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90% of people have no idea what is going on in the financial world... I sat around a Thanksgiving table and all they could talk about was the amazing rates they're getting on home equity loans. It's a joke. No clue. One was talking about a bridge loan - imagine carrying two mortgages in this environment?? Wtf?? It's shocking - I guess ignorance is bliss until it bites you in the ass and you beg for help! How could we have known this was coming? It's not our fault we were not prepared... Read the story of the two sets of virgins in the Bible - history repeats over and over and over again!!! Asleep at the switch!!

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i had a semi reunion...same thing they all thought we were out of it and things were getting

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abelcatalyst - you seem to be a prudent man.  but - for many (most?) - there is no downside for running up massive mortgage debt and not paying it back.  you can live 2 - 3 years without paying a month of mortgage - and home equity is no recourse.  in the meantime - whatever money you do have to spend - papa johns delivery while purchasing i-whatever upgrades.  and that IS what obama wants.  the taxpayers already own FH/FN and will soon own countrywide, and that's about all the mortgages in the US.  so obama wants you, fat, happy, buying and keeping china happy also.  and markets up.  FH/FN are no longer in the market scores.  BAC at 5 is no longer in the market scores.


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SteveNYC spend = $0

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But remember that in a bankster's world 0 + 0 = more than 0, so it's positive nonetheless

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If a crapy plastic trinket falls off on the forced child  sweat shop labor table and on dirt floor and  there is no American around to hear it , does it still make a noise?

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If Lawrence Yun of the National Association of Realtors is there to tell us it's bullish for a housing bet it does!

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Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights.

Send me a private message and tell me about it. ok?

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Spent some FRNs @ Century Liquor (Danny Wegman empire) on discounted cases of wine - fuck the electronic crap, I want to enjoy some vino for my FRNs.

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and i betcha that the default rate on all momo credit purchsaes are realistically in the 18-23% about 20% of the 99% got 100% of there junk "free"

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Hulk spent zero. Hulk not going to spend a dime this year, the spectacle has so disgusted me...

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Yes, and dont get angry...

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Next time I get angry, I'm headed to the coal bin to make diamonds...

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funny, I went to a bookstore yesterday and it was filled to the brim with books! people just buying worthless junk this holiday season like margaritaville makers. I remember when i was a kid in the 90's(I'm 26), I asked for books instead of junk or toys. Those days are long gone lol. Amerika is becoming more comatose by the minute. The majority of the populus cares about 4 things 1. what kind of car they drive 2. designer clothes 3. electronics 4. what they can watch on tv

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yo stevenyc - i'm a size 16/36 shirt.  i likes nice puffy daddy designs.  i like pouilly-fusse (i like folly-pussy better).  come on big guy.  step up.  not spending is not american.

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Well done: boycott BS consumerism. Now what you have is scrapping the bottom, people so tight that they use the discounts to buy what they could not buy otherwise.


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Mkkby - $0.  Fuck xmas and all the fake retail holidays. 

All the mindless shopping a-holes with no savings are going to be pepper spraying each other for that walmart greeter job when they're 90.  Mkkby will be retiring in comfort.

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Why worry about tomorrow when there's already so much to worry about today ?!

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Exactly! New "record" every year!!!

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Don't you have to spend your FRNs as soon as you get them in an inflationary environment with negative real savings rates, especially if you're a sheeple and haven't heard of PMs?

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The mall near me is empty. Both with people and stores. I can't see any increase.

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So basically, retailers stuffed their holiday sales into one weekend at a lower margin. Yawn. Back to watching the global economic collapse.

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Mike Thielmann, group executive vice president at J.C. Penney, who noted that shoppers were buying gifts and for themselves, and said jewelry was selling well."...maybe someone should clarify for the masses that jewelry gold bought at retail is not an investment.  

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maybe in a few years... I priced some recently, the price of gold would have to almost tripple for anything crafted with 24K.

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Actually, I bought one peice of gold jewelry (on sale) as a hedge against the threat of confiscation. Sure it costs me three times as much, but it's better to have legal "currency" when TSHTF.

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I bought my wife a BHG locket and chain.  Regularly $279.99, clearance price $27.99.  Always shop the clearance items....

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Real deep thinker here... Hey idjit -- you can buy the cheapest ingots and melt them into something legal if that ever becomes an issue.

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I'm the "deep thinker"? Where can you buy "gold ingots"? If you mean gold bars, those would probably be included when the government outlaws private gold ownership. The melting point of gold is nearly 2000 degrees farenheit. When TSHTF, I'm pretty certain I won't have access to anything that heats gold to that degree. I'm glad you will though.

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Peak Oil's fault.  Apparently, there isn't enough energy for everyone to go shopping like four years ago.  Maybe Howard Schultz will do an interview on CNBC tomorrow and blame the lack of Starbuck's giftcards on diminishing energy supplies and Trav7777 will be vindicated.  

Max Fischer, Civis Mundi

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I like Robot better. He's much more in-your-face douchey while you're just kinda douchey.

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My mom use to say if you can't say something nice about a spacemonkey it's better to say nothing at all.

She hasn't said that in a while but that's another story. (Oh brother...)

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trav took him behind the shed and spanked him. These "intellectual" types don't get over it very easily it seems.

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The delivery is a bit flat. I would suggest adding a little black humor to spice it up. Less is usually more, though: there's a fine line between trolling and boring.

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Micro Center in Rockville, MD the line to the cash regiser was atleast 1/2 mile long. Shop till you drop!


It's the end of the world as we know it!

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I refuse to buy anything from these people,"Micro Center", they have nearly non existenent telephone sales help, and to a man/woman, the most rude ,could give a shite less attitudes I have ever encountered.

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poor sheeple,... winters coming and they've already been fleeced

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I think the attitude is best expressed as "fuck it."  Consumers are so deep in the hole credit-wise that it doesn't make any difference if they spend a few hundred more for Christmas, especially when self-gifting.