Bloomberg Comfort Index Shows Economic Expectations Lowest Since March 2009.

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While this was surveyed before the earth-changing discussions last night, Bloomberg's Consumer Comfort Index hits its lowest level in over a month. We have pointed to the stable and low levels of consumer confidence/sentiment/comfort many times recently but today also sees expectations (a much more powerful indicator of potential spending) drop to its lowest since March 2009 and the current state of the economy at its lowest since Feb09 (which was the only print EVER lower than current). Of course the man-in-the-street will be overjoyed at the efforts of the EU and this will jump to meteoric levels next week - or perhaps it won't?

And while expectations are extremely weak, the current state of the economy has only been perceived worse once, and that was Feb 09.

Charts: Bloomberg

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wang (not verified) Oct 27, 2011 9:06 AM

doesn't matter,  just as long as they have their iPhones

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In local news. Homeland security besides stopping truckers on interstates and trying to make allies and friends. Sends jews in to attack zerohedge posters. Then call in Mark SuckaBooger for help.

Check out taurus port for all the hot infiltration action.

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What is it with this anti-semitic bullshit?  Jealousy?  Anger?  Or just the normal left-of-the-curve intelligence evidenced by your sorry ass.

Hephasteus's picture

No I think it's gidyness.

CFTC goes down won't domain name resolve.

Australian Stock Market goes down.

Few other things I won't mention.

But it indicates a change in the net.

Which means someones about to screw a pooch.

Did the SuckaBooger comment make you mad?

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The more it looks like Obama will get re-elected, the lower my confidence in the future becomes.  Someone should correlate InTrade Obama odds with consumer confidence.

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apparently, americans are underweight the EUR.

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correct - it doesn't matter.

In addition, this reading along with some other bearish readings (like equity fund outflow) indicate this might be the time for the market to turn up - sort of lagging indicators

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Does expectations lead consumption?

Otherwise this may actually be bullish.

Short right here, right now tho.

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The US economy has phantom growth. Most of the growth was from inflation, pushing up PCE. It's not real growth. Phantom growth will not solve structural unemployment, because the real economy isn't growing.  The middle class is getting squeezed; hard.


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They have kicked the can down the road again, let us see who gets downgraded now and when. Political arm twisting is still very powerful though. 

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eat more walrus..

silver 34.00 $

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Paul is still dead...


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Someone here needs to come out and explain their recurring theme of doom and gloom - bad unemployment, recession, end of Europe and the reality on the ground. It really does not matter what the thinking was when the worst is clearly nowhere near as bad as prophesized. Or do we need to wait a few more years? Because everything will happen at some point if you wait long enough. Makes all other yapping look cherry picked and insignificant. The market does not look bad at all - may not have a rally or may have one, but certainly no Dow sub 10000 any time soon.

Johnny Lawrence's picture

Do you view the stock market as the standard for measuring the health of an economy?

Doode's picture

Has not been that way in years - that is not what the market does.


I honestly think folks here should come out with a well thought out apology stating where they went wrong in their market prediction models. It would only make them look responsible, accurate and even professional. The only thing that matters is price - and it is ripping beyond short covering and beyond recession.

jcaz's picture

LOL- dude, we're not even back to year highs, settle down....

Geez,  these guys are the ultimate contrarian indicator- they ALWAYS come out at the tops,  you never hear from them near the bottoms.....

"Ripping beyond recession"-  this is your first try at stocks, isn't it?

Doode's picture

Have been doing it for many years, but only started paying attention to ZH on a regular basis this year. I saw a divergence between a theme they pushed and a reality when the employment numbers refused to bulge and then the market started pushing up so I went long and made money, but I know of folks that in their 401K went into bonds at the bottom thinking it is all about to drop after reading the site. I actually agreed with a lot of things written here, but saw that the market reality was different and listened to what the market had to say in my decisions. It turned out to be far more accurate. and yes, the market has been ripping lately - are you new to this?

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Market Reality. A complete oxymoron these days.

I think, if you actually cared to listen, that most people here no longer trade the markets because they simply have become a farce. And the only way to win in a rigged casino is to not play.

Long physical is the anti-trade.

Doode's picture

Perhaps the audience determined the message then. I still do trade and so do a lot of people I know.

Doode's picture

Here is to you jcaz: "S&P 500 Extends Best Month Since ’87, Euro Rises on Debt Accord". In case you did not know what ripping means!

valley chick's picture

Bwaaaaahaaa Doodle...thanks for the laugh.  No one owes you jack. 

Doode's picture

True that no one owes anything - I said it would be a responsible and a professional thing to do.

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MarketWatch SUCKS !!

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And the stock market continues to drive higher.

Who, then, is in such a great situation that they are buying stocks, as we know the mutual fund crowd isn't it?


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WTF 'consumers' spent $130 billion, and theyre 'uncomfortable'? Are you not entertained??

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It's all very bullish, and funny.

Matt1973's picture

Fade the Rally?

Oracle_of_Offenau's picture

Good... Easier to beat.


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I've said this many times lately...if you're bearish on the market, I don't know how you can bullish on silver.  The correlation between the two is spot on right now.

tmosley's picture

I don't think so.  You'd best do some statistics to show that.

Some people claim that silver and oil are correlated to, but the daily perfomance only shows correlation on cherry picked days.  Some days they move in opposite directions, sometimes the moves have different magnitudes, etc.  I suspect the same thing is happening here.

Johnny Lawrence's picture

Pull up a daily chart and compare silver to SPY.  Starting from the late July/early August equity correction, the direction of the charts is very similar..with one exception being mid to late August.  Other than that, it's pretty spot on.  Whether this continues, we'll see...but the recent trend is unsettling to me.

traderjoe's picture

Physical silver or paper silver? Store of wealth or a trade?

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Seriously, what does it matter?

I mean i have sympathy for the 40m yanks living in poverty. The no middle in middle class, the no jobs for university graduates with $100k in student loans, and on and on and on.

But except for some political rhetoric what does it matter?

The puppet masters, and those at the end of the strings, want the sky to be red - IT WILL BE RED. Career Risk deems it, it will be.

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Yeah but I'm feeling wealthier everyday with these market rallies  ~sarc~ . Too bad Joe six pack can't participate.

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"You know Honey, we can get two new iPads if we don't pay our mortgage this month..."

So many difficult 'choices' these days..

(Cramer this morning said that millions of people not paying their mortgages is bullish for glass (large screen TVs) and consumption)). He was his usual giddy little self.

If only we had a moratorium on housing & student loan payments.

Dick Darlington's picture

And CNBC running the same "breaking news" since open that S&P, DOW etc seeing THE BIGGEST gains EVER. Lol! We truly are fooked, fellas.

poor fella's picture

S&P positive for the year!

whew....   feel better? 

belogical's picture


What are you worried about the GDP came out at 2.5%

It's 1999

Hedge Fund of One's picture

Well, we know what happened in the stock market shortly after Feb 09 consumer confidence low, right?

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QE<insert #>








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And we wonder why the housing market is continuing to be in the tank!

Despite the GDP numbers, we have never recovered from the tanking of consumer confidence in 2008. We are still stuck in a rut.


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