Boehner Retorts To Obama, Presents Republican Position On Jobs Plan

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By now we have repeatedly seen and heard Obama's vision of the American Jobs Plan, which as has been discussed previously is dead on arrival, specifically due to Republican opposition. As to what the republican oppose specifically, watch below as Boehner gives the first public appearance presenting the republican talking points on the AJA.

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And here are the prepared remarks from Boehner's website:

In an address to the Economic Club of Washington today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) will call for bipartisan action to “Liberate America’s Economy” from the shackles of excessive regulation, higher taxes, and out-of-control spending that are stifling private-sector economic growth and job creation.  Here is a preview:

  • President’s Proposal Offers “Opportunities for Common Ground,” But No Substitute for What’s Needed “To Remove Barriers to Job Creation.” “Boehner will say that while the House will consider Obama’s proposals -- some of which offer opportunities for common ground -- they are no substitute for the pro-growth policies needed to remove barriers to job creation in America. He will discuss the GOP’s ‘Plan for America’s Job Creators,’ which is focused on streamlining and reforming the tax code, stopping regulations, and cutting Washington spending.” (NBC News, 9/15/11)
  • Key to Jump Starting Growth is to Get Government Out of the Way.” “Boehner’s policy prescriptions are expected to mirror the Republican Party's long-running position that the key to jump starting growth is to get government out of the way and allow the private sector to do its thing. That means less regulation, lower taxes and big reductions in government spending.” (CNN, 9/15/11)
  • “Tax Increases…Are Not An Option.” “[B]oehner will prod the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction lower the corporate rate and close loopholes — the preferred GOP method for cleaning up the nation’s tax system. Tax increases, Boehner will say, are not an option as they seek to close a gaping $14 trillion budget hole.” (Politico, 9/15/11)
  • No More “‘Short-Term Gimmicks’ That Could Worsen the Environment for Job Creators.” “The Republican plan is focused on streamlining the tax code, stopping ‘harmful regulations’ and cutting federal spending…In a rebuke to some ideas in Democrat Obama’s plan, the speaker, an Ohio Republican, will also say that Congress shouldn’t focus on ‘short-term gimmicks’ that could worsen the environment for job creation.” (Bloomberg, 9/15/11)
  • “Address the Structural Problems” That Put America “In Danger of More Job-Destroying Downgrades.” “The speaker is also expected to explain his belief that the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction ‘should advance fundamental tax reform to support private investment and job creation, and address the structural problems in our entitlement programs that have put our country in danger of more job-destroying downgrades.’” (ABC News, 9/15/11)

In his address, Speaker Boehner will describe a path forward for Congress and the President to work together to seek common ground on proposals to remove barriers to private-sector job growth, such as those the new House majority has already put forward with the Plan for America’s Job CreatorsTune in here on Facebook to watch Speaker Boehner’s address live at 1:00 pm EST, and learn more about the GOP’s plan for jobs at http://Jobs.GOP.Gov.

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Clueless Economist's picture

For once, an adult talking sense...get GOVT out of the F&&king way!

SuperRay's picture

you have an accurately named handle.  You think this moron is going to do anything helpful or useful?  He's as clueless as you are..

Melin's picture


but you're spot on re: Boehner.

whstlblwr's picture

Get government out of way in financial market too? Problem here not taking cheats to jail. What about danger of Federal Researve monetary policy Boehner? Look today they coordinate save for Europe bank and look what it's doing to dollar and price of gas and food.

Get to work Zero Hedge readers. I'm on facebook and twitter showing this to friends. It's clear as day. Look at price today of gas. It spikes the minute of intervention. You can show them. It's not some slow long process of inflation, it happens in second. The second the Federal Reserve prints money for Europe banks.

Spaceman Spiff's picture

I really wish we could say Boehner was the adult in the room.   He had his shot at it, but he has absolutely sucked in getting meaningful cuts during the budget and debt debates.  I know Republicans only have one branch of government to bargain with and the cutting the budget stance is politically unpopular, but hell, someone has to take a stance sometime.   


With that being said, he is still better than Pelosi.   What an f'd up country.

whstlblwr's picture

Quit whining and do something.

Fukushima Sam's picture

It is unfortunate that there is no mention of cutting the costs of wars and other foreign entanglements.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

That is because the likes of Limbaugh and O'Reilly program their viewers to only look at "on-budget" costs and therefore see Social Security/Medicare as the biggest threat to our country's finances.  "Off-budget" items don't seem to exist in their reality, so no need to mention them or address them.  Class warfare is easier to misdirect the people (I often fall prey to it with the seniors).

topcallingtroll's picture

That is understandable.

Seniors would vote for stalin and hitler as long as they promised to burden their grandchildren with debt so they can have their new electric scooter and visiting nurse and physical therapy for that back ache.

Ooh yeah. Just a little bit lower..right there...aahh.

bid the soldiers shoot's picture

I don't have grandchildren. Can I burden yours?

wisefool's picture

And dont mention the Republican Norquist pledge of "no net tax increases." which means the tax code can never get fixed. The democratic two party quantum entangled particle to Norquist is the populism of elizabeth warren. "You should not have to pay more than $5 to use an ATM, which gives you the ability to withdraw cash, against your bank acount, anywhere in the USA and likely the world.  But if you spend 40+ man hours a year doing your taxes that is a-okay."

  • Ron Paul
  • Herman Cain
  • Huntsman
  • if we cant get one of these, lets go "Full Keynes" and change the constitution so
  • G-Pap from Greece can be our leader.
topcallingtroll's picture

The tax code can be fixed without any net increases.

wisefool's picture

Not when the rushbo/hannity/boehner crowd thinks that business is done on the golf course, so golf trips are 100% deductable.

the left is just as bad. Notice all the back to school "sales tax holidays" so that if you buy your kids an I-pad for school, we can reduce the burden on over worked 3rd grade math teachers.

RockyRacoon's picture

Eliminate the "seminars" and "professional lectures" at ski resorts and golf meccas and you'll see some crashed economies at Vale and other posh locations -- doctors, lawyers, and financiers would have to find another way to write off their deductible vacations.

Vagabond's picture

Don't we have to restructure our currency before any meaningful change takes place anyhow?  How can there be such thing as equilibrium in a debt based currency.  We need increasing amounts of debt in order to sustain the ponzi.  How can we fix this system without fundamental change?

baby_BLYTHE's picture

not much needs to be legislated either. Simply following the Constitution recognizing only gold and silver as legal tender as intended by the founding fathers as well as enforcing the Coinage Act of 1792- which would see the likes of Volker, Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson and Geithner executed for crimes of intentional debasement of the dollar- would go a long way to restructing our currency and economy.

Spaceman Spiff's picture

I do plenty.  


If only people could vote for their party's leadership in Congress directly.  

DirtMerchant's picture

its all bullshit, if Boehner or any of the other shills on the hill had any interest in fixing any of this they would be getting behind Ron & Rand Paul and backing them for permanent fixes for this horseshit. Boehner is part of the problem, not the solution.

disabledvet's picture

We're printing money for European banks? COOL!

A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000's picture

I think a major component of the Jobs Plan involves selling fake tan spray to Boehner

Fukushima Sam's picture

No, all these "gentlemen" do most of the time is play golf, so they don't need the spray. 

Here Boehner fills in his friend Biden on his golf game:

NumNutt's picture

Hmmm...interresting, anyone catch his comment at about 46:46 when he said "Life is like a poker game. You have to play the hand that you are delt. It would be great to be delt 5 aces every time but that doesn't always happen." HUH!!! What!?!?! 5 aces? The poker games I attend, you lay down 5 aces you better be ready to be dragged out into the alley out behind of the building and get your ass kicked. What kind of card decks is he using that has 5 aces? Let me think Spades, Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds, am I missing something. I guess that is why I am just a dumb fucking tax payer, I was always playing the game with decks that only had 4 aces! See damn politicians, can't play fair at any game...

StychoKiller's picture

So, your deck doesn't have the Ace of Printers?

SheepDog-One's picture

Get bankers out of the way. None of them are saying that, so theyre all just spewing BS.

disabledvet's picture

You strike me as someone who wants them in the way... so you can run them over. Correct me if i'm correct.

XRAYD's picture

Everyone knows there are THREE kinds of economists - there are those who know how to count, and there are those who don't.

tekhneek's picture

I've got three words for you: not good at math.

The Deleuzian's picture

I've never before 'replied' to you tekhneek but you are one of the posters that has been 'greyed' for some time!

disabledvet's picture

Yeah...what the hell does that mean?

Jason_1sandal's picture

Greyed: I believe it means that all your posts are marked for reading....

tekhneek's picture

Ah... well in that case, I'm truly sorry.


Dr. Acula's picture

A lot of pseudoeconomists are great at mathematics.

The problem is that there is no means to quantify, compare, or add  the subjective valuations of different individuals. To understand economics, one must understand praxeology. 

Cliff Claven Cheers's picture

I'm not sure what that means Dr. but it sure sounds good.

Variance Doc's picture

Yes there is.  It's called subjective probability (e.g. Bayesian probability) and utility.  STFU about things you don't understand.

Cliff Claven Cheers's picture

That sounds really good Doc, not sure what it means though. 

RockyRacoon's picture

Aha!  An imposter.  I thought so.   The REAL Cliff Claven would never have admitted that.   A little known fact.

Hot Apple Pie's picture

Absolutely! The sooner we lift eliminate any and all restrictions on Wall Street, the sooner they can create more jobs and save us all! The invisible hand of the market will ensure that we are all provided lube as we're fucked in every orifice.

monkeyshine's picture

I will take one or the other but not this fake hybrid BS. Don't tell me we have "regulated markets" with an SEC and congress and NASD (which doesn't have our interest at heart) asleep at the wheel, HF computers allowed to trade in ways that would be illegal for 1 or 2 humans to collude in, suspiciously collusive practice by Fund managers, market makers exploiting loopholes for specific advantage, securitization of MBS, selling CDOs to unrelated parties, and so many other countless ailments in the markets. If we want regulated markets, let the civil system reign, let all data flow in real time to all participants, force reporting of all hedge funds in real time, force short and long disclosures in excess of 1%, SEC should encourage civil suits and profit share in settlements and wins in court.


Give us complete laisser faire, and everyone will know that stepping into the vipers nest is going to be poisonous.

I don't want to pretend the markets are fair and safe when they aren't. There are many ways to reform and improve the markets through honest regulations but we won't get that until there is a firewall between the SEC and the markets, make them adversarial, give SEC profit sharing on fines, and forbid SEC employees from ever working on or for WS.

disabledvet's picture

Does that include former Chairmen of the SEC? And are you including media appearances in which these same former Chairmen announce who they work for and follow that up with "damn Skippy!" i mean REAALLLY! On THAT paycheck?

55 men's picture

Peter Schiff knocks it out of the park in front of the Congressional Job Committee yesterday! You have to watch this!


Here is somebody who speaks some truth!

GFKjunior's picture

All talk no action

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Come on already.  Aren't you so happy about the Republicans winning Weiner's seat?  Almost 100 years with a democrat sitting there and now we have the republicans in there.  They certainly now unerstand the folleys of their past ways.  /sarc

Left, right, left, right, left, right - It doesn't matter as the march is the the end of the cliff......WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SheepDog-One's picture

2 wings of the same american bird symbol. 

Dr. Richard Head's picture

damn straight.  oh well.  I had fun when i lived in my ignorant dream world of Fox news and voting straight R.  The good thing about being in a dream state is that the pain is not obvious thus it can be ignored.  Being awake sucks at times.  The inflationary depression/currency crisis should be fun, so at least we have that going for us.

Clark Bent's picture

Pffffft! Look, there is a huge difference between Republican and Democrat. The Democrats today are not looking out for the little guy, they outright Soros controlled marxist automatons. The ones that don't recognize that are pathetically stupid. Your comment is better aimed at acknowledging that while the republicans run on platforms that promise they will fix things, and institute practices that actually will work, and then, unlike Bush, represent the citizens of the country, they consistently fail to hold up their end. But, through steady pressure they are improving. Third party alternatives are unappealing for many reasons, so we need to move forward where we may. First halt the damned totalitarians and try to deter the rest of the world from attacking the weakened behemoth. The attitude of surrender we can do nothing will net exactly that result. We need to get our asses in gear and make this happen, this is not an unpopular movement.