BoJ Follows In China's Foosteps, Defers To Fed On Easing

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Disappointing the liquidity-starved masses, the BoJ wholeheartedly believes that this time it's different and their economy remains more or less flat and shows signs of picking up leaving hope for another massive LSAP (and a disappointed SocGen) having to wait for the Fed to pick up the pieces of a global slowdown. The BoJ maintained the size of its asset-purchase fund, credit-loan program, and ZIRP noting that, via Bloomberg:


It seems the Japanese are following China's lead (since China's economy posted a trade surplus on expectations of a deficit and following the biggest import surge since 1989, this means that the hard landing is delayed as the PBOC is far more concerned about the pockets of food inflation noted yesterday and as such will be far less willing to proceed with the easing everyone demands) and deferring to the Fed for the next global liquidity pump (remember its flow not stock so this is bad news for risk-on - as can be seen in AUDJPY, Oil, and Copper). Gold is so far enjoying this as one by one global central banks check to the Fed's check-raise expectations.


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Wait for it...wait for it...



20 lost years.  Do I hear 30? 

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Looks like it's all up to the ECB now!

Get ready for the EUR to commence base jumping w/o a chute.

Get your pry bars ready boys!  This isn't going to be buying the dip, it's going to be prying gold coins out of the crater...  If you know what I mean.

Those with really big balls (and really tiny brains) are invited to short everything denominated in anything other than EUR (except the EUR).


Japan beats them to it!!!  In which case, EUR goes down less hard, and everything else (except the...  Gasp...  USD) craters HARDER.

...What a crusterfruck.

Not that this scenario changes the endgame at all, mind you.  USD is still taking a dump for the ages.  Just spitballing the near term here.

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The whole global economy is breaking down!


Bowmaking Classes - Wild Edible Tours

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japan never had their banks write off their bad debt, either

deja vu

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I hear the sucide culture is back with a bang in Japan. No surprise, eh?

Polar bears showing signs of radiation poisoning. What do we think is really going on in Japan.

For anyone who has interacted extensively with Japan/ese, it was never a functioning global economy. It was a little island, totally cut off from the world except for "Made in japan" goods, crazy trends (Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Manga) and a populace forever caught in "knowing' English but never able to speak it.

And interestingly enough, they are doing well enough from a power perspective, with only 1 reactor on-line. 

In a word, Japan is merely the 51st state. All this BOJ talk is moot. BoJ is a subsidiary of the Fed.

And they were given the curse of free energy. 



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I'd be watching India, still got a long bet that they will go at it with China say end 2012 early 2013 over gas reserves off Vietnam.  Hence India getting cushy with Pakistan.

War was always on the cards, but inflation/energy scarcity will drive us closer to the edge.  All thanks to the central banks.

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Chump, sadly, China and India will go at each other when their masters tell them to. But yes, all the elements are there, border tension, huge and exploding military budgets, starving millions, the script si taut and reay to go anytime.

Plus, all border indians, most of them culturally more chinese than Indian are easily swayed by Propaganda.

Wait and watch, but again, some black swans (for the good side) are definitely circling. Hope they manage to land before the red button is pushed anywhere.


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Why would Japan want to be responsible for the end of the global economy when they can defer to the Federal Reserve?  The Fed is already in the throws of OT and QE 2.5, why not just let them continue to lead the way in bringing this farce to an end?  Besides, Japan has plenty to deal with on their glowing problems in the north.  Keep your eyes on the horizon.  The firestorm is projected to make landfall soon.

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LOL.  Central Bankers and their momo chasing nut huggers, paralyzed with fear.  Welcome to the choas you created.

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I guess they are concerned QE would push USDJPY to 75 <--death match Guro level

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usd/jpy + aud/ usd = 79 and some change ( aud/jpy)

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any nyquil left? 

where does the elevator stop?

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BOJ will trigger another mass consumer widget gimmick to help the sheeple overcome radioactive Central Planning failure.

Lewis Black - Milk & Water

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When this happens, things are really, really, really bad.


If anybody need enlightening as to what I'm talking about, you may want to watch this again.


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He's either pig food, or in Vancouver.

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 Canadian Bacon!



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 I can't stop laughing! That was funny.

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Thanks. Very kind of you to say.

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Yep, gold is up alright.  But the interesting story is silver.  Its minute-by-minute volatility is interesting for the last 24+ hours.  Its as if someone trying to cap the price is having a little trouble keeping their systems continuously operating.

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Could be a fight between two trading strategies:

One holding a ratio basket of gold+silver so when gold goes up, they have to buy silver to retain the proportions.

The other one selling a basket of commodities including gold when stocks fall, to retain a proportionally allocated basket of "risk assets" e.g. stocks commodities + "safe haven assets" e.g. bonds.

Either way, if gold goes up when both stocks, bonds and commodities go down, the algos will most certainly get confused on how to classify gold.

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Yep, gold is up alright.  But the interesting story is silver.  Its minute-by-minute volatility is interesting for the last 24+ hours.  Its as if someone trying to cap the price is having a little trouble keeping their systems continuously operating.

Stop teasing my cock, Blythe!  God I hate upper class bitchez.

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We all know the Fed is going to print (someone has to buy all those T-bills) - the question is when. It's going to take longer than a week or two to reverse course. I think Ben needs the markets lower...much lower.

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Print WHAT?!?!?!  That's crazy talk, son.

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Whoa slow down.  Japan and China net importors of oil, with Iran war now looming at least for May 2012.  The Fed prints and China WILL go to war.

Fed will stand pat. 

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generalHaig to the white courtesy phone in the bequerelBar, please...

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USD is bid ala Asia watching it now

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April 10th and this gentleman has been out of pocket since just before the "coup" rumors started in China

Probably unrelated ... probably

Meanwhile, the ADHD-generating MSM (seriously, how can you not see the relationship?) continues to seek distractions from reality. The "white Hispanic" thing hasn't played out very well. The "unelected judges" effort backfired - Obambi denounces them and their popularity increases ... that's funny, I don't care who you are.

And the "elites" around the globe are deferring to Ben "Jawbone-of-an-Ass" Bernanke to make the first move with insufficient probable cause from the markets ... ANY of the markets.

Turn off all the "noise" and listen to your heartbeat ... the paralysis is growing globally and you won't hear the first cracks of the collapse if you don't pay that close of attention.

One other thing you can count on, all of your usual sources of information (maybe even ZH) won't be looking in the right direction when it starts. By the time everybody is looking at it, it will be too late to take a position on it.


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1) Nobody knows what to do...

US Fed, it's your move... and we'll react to counter your actions...



2) CB's are trying to coordinate some sort of action.

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1) Nobody knows what to do... Harry Reid 2008

know your quote sources

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So does this mean that yes equals no or no yes?


      Something doesn't seem right. 
      CNBC Doomsday Homes


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      ???  Can't we all just get along?

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    The first page was goofy hahahahaha

    Martin Prince: [in the Pool-Mobile] Take your best shot! I'm wearing seventeen layers!
    [all kids gather around Martin and snatch all of them]
    Martin Prince: [gasps] I brought this on myself.
    [runs away]

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    What happened to the Eagen Jones downgrade? Have we collectively induced short term memory loss? The US credit rating went from AA+ to AAPL....go fiqure. It's gonna be an epic earnings me aguanto!

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    Sell everything. Go to cash.

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    When your bucket is full of holes you may be forgiven for thinking you have a liquidity problem when in actual fact it is a structural problem.

    So it is with the FED. The FED cannot fix the problems created by idiot politicians and greedy elite bankers by simple engaging in QE and ZIRP.

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    silver/g old still the place to be IMO

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     Lacy Hunt who was previously the senior economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and the chief US economist for HSBC now with Hoisington thinks we're all going down the gurgler

    Great interview


    (I think you have to join to view but worthwhile)

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    Nice summary of the s*** storm we're facing.

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    "Sackie Boy's" been laid off. As when an exec leaves a company, that's gotta be a sign, not all is well at the top. Perhaps the safety net won't be there this time?

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    Japan is too busy spreading radio - active material around to care about its monetary problems.

    I hear they are taking radio active waste material from the Fukushima area, and loading it into trucks, driving it to uncontaminated spots in souther Japan and then and there burning it out in the open, spreading the radio- active waste into the otherwise uncontaminated sections of Japan...... these people are sick... murdering their own people like this intentionally....



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    This is like some little kid that can't (read won't) tie it's shoe laces and expects daddy to.

    Or is this a total head fake and any day they will devalue the yen.

    Remember to work it has to be unexpected and swift.

    Otherwise the Japanese motor industry (the 'engine' of the Japanese economy) will soon have completely shifted offshore.

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    10 year bond yields.  Looks at where the "BRICS" are at:


    Brazil 12.55

    India 8.78

    Russia 6.00

    China 3.55


    Japan although has the biggest deflating currency borrowing cost is 1 percent a year.


    Is growth associated with super high borrowing costs? 

    I'm confused it has been a major problem for Italy Spain Ireland and Portugal to go over 7 percent a year.  Brazil is at over 12 percent.  Is this where my money should go?


    USA debt to GDP went up from 57 percent to 93 percent from 2000

    Germany debt to GDP went up from 59 to 83 percent from 2000

    Italy debt to GDP went up from 109 to 119 percent from 2000

    Brazil debt to GDP went down from 66.7 to 66.10 from 2000

    India debt to GDP went down from 71 to 69 percent from 2000

    Russia debt to GDP went down from 59.9 percent to 9 percent from 2000

    China debt to GDP went from 16.4 to 17.7 from 2000


    My only question is what the heck is the USA doing borrowing all this damn money for? To support Saudi Arabia and the BRICS?  Although a couple countries lowered their debt to GDP substantially including Bulgaria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar the USA can do the same too.


    I'm hungry and thirsty. Time to get something to eat.




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    Repeat USSA is Not Japan Yet, soon will be. Lost Decade or two. Welcome to the USSA.

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    Great USSA I like it. 

    When can we dump the shit states?

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    actually I was disappointed too

    youngman's picture

    So does this mean that Japan will not be a big buyer of our treasuries now......I think so...