Bond Complex Modestly Lower As Newsflow Slows To A Trickle

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After mysteriously, and briefly, appearing two weeks ago, and then again last week, we are once again experiencing one of those eerie "cross the streams" kind of moments, when both stocks and bonds are sold off (and gold jumps to record highs) on renewed concerns that the ponzi is unwinding and central planning committees around the world are furiously scratching their bald heads for contingency plans (that do not involve a Gulfstream and a crate of sold gold) which do not exist aside from doing the same old even more furiously. Below is how tonight's modest sell off in bonds looks like. In the absence of any additional newsflow (don't laugh, read this) we expect the mean reversion bots and buythedip-o-matics to get us green overnight, totally screwing up Obama's plan to scare the bejeezus out of any of his GOP adversaries on the debt hike issue courtesy of a market plunge. Elsewhere, be on the look out for yet another BOJ intervention should "newsflow" return as Japan’s Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda says “will take resolute actions when necessary” in currency market. Then again he has been saying that for two weeks straight now, and absolutely nobody is taking the BOJ seriously any longer.

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Damn.  The bear party really started going and then Drudge had to put something up on his website.  The guy has been a fade for the last few months.



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What the hell is "something"?

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I love Drudge, but ZeroHedge just gets more (more in quantity, more targeted, more in-depth) news faster. All my F5's belong to ZH these days.

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as expected, ZH is always excited about any US negative news.


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Don't let the digital door hit you in the ass on the way over to Huff-Puff.

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"Negative news"... that's a reallllly relative term. Negative to TPTB is positive to anyone who desires freedom. So yes, we rejoice over "negative" news here.

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Oh yes. So excited. That must be the reason why ZH has been constantly reporting/warning about the fundamental flaws in our economy and how they can be fixed. ZH is so negative that it is trying to wake people up and offer perspective on how we can protect ourselves. It makes perfect sense.

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Yeah - fuck you, jackass.

-1 Junck fucker.

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MOPE will win. S&P, bonds will drop tomorrow. need something to 'light a fire' underneath the paid elected crew....should get some kind of 'deal' tomorrow to settle the nerves/markets.

tink.....tink....tink...tink.tink.tink.inkinkink......can being kick down the road...just a bit farther.

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Where did the double post button go???

Moe Howard's picture

Where did the double post button go???

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  Interesting. 10 yields are 11 basis points over 3%...  Everyone knows ASIA  NEVER FOLLOWS   London and N.Y.

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You don't really think they curtailed the Space Shuttle program do you? There's a complex on Mars where all the banksters plan to go. With less gravity they can take their gold with them and it won't be so heavy. Poor guys.

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C'mon us the "Right Stuff" (think gold bars littered all over the Cape).

Yen Cross's picture

 Best wishes to your family, and of course "Your Self" Snowball.   YEN

chump666's picture

wow does that 3yr LIBOR look like it's gonna spike or what?

RiverRoad's picture

Wouldn't it be a hoot if the Dems gave a "Panic" and no one came?!  Thanks to ALREADY being hedged in gold.  Yawn.

johny2's picture

Panic is going to happen, algo herd trampling anything in its way.

Spastica Rex's picture

What if they gave an apocalypse and nobody came?

Kali's picture

Oh, man, let me borrow your pipe.  I am not fucked up enough this early to get that deep.  : ) 

Reptil's picture

I can use a toke too. LMBAO

chump666's picture

EUrozone back in the news again, seems like the retreve just expired.  rating agencies are on the revenge trip

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And quelle surprise: Moody's at midnight downgrades Greek bonds further, basically guaranteeing money will flood into U.S. Treasuries in the morning. Probably got a 12 a.m. call from Ben and Tim.

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 can we discuss CHF/ YEN?

chump666's picture

FX crosses should start flippin out on this EURO CDS spreads blowing out again

*06.40GMT Tradeweb, iTraxx  2.5bps wider @ 113.5, HiVol  2bps wider @ 169.5
 Crossover was 10bps wider @ 423.

gettin messy out there again

and there is gold...incredible

Yen Cross's picture
 Lets discuss SPOT and the 1.43's Don;t play games with me! Your  Spreads, and crossovers are old!!!  way old!


     They don't make sense?   BPS? VOL You are just a clown that is loking for a ppos.... Beast it HI VIOL!!!!ass clown!

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I do not trade yen, but I think that if you have discipline or even better do not have to use leverage at all, selling CHF is reasonable trade at these levels. 

Yen Cross's picture

 Margin " Jonny" Margin

johny2's picture

well, good luck. Or rather just be safe and bear in mind that even though chf is a huge bubble, it can get even bigger, before it collapses.

Yen Cross's picture



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I am just a lowly sportsgambler here in Las Vegas.  From my interpretation of the markets, I think they might have finally gone ahead and realized the obvious.  Ponzi ends within 6 months-1 year FOR SURE, but do the real markets adapt faster than sports betting markets?  I guess that's my question.

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