Boston Bruins Goaltender Releases Statement Explaining Absence From Obama Meeting

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While his colleagues from the Boston Bruins were visitng the White House earlier today, goaltender Tim Thomas was absent. Here is his personal explanation for why he did what he did. We can only hope more role-models follow in his footsteps.

Thomas statement on White House absence (via the NHL)


"I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People.


This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government.


Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL.


This is the only public statement I will be making on this topic. TT"

And from USA Today:

h/t Not_Jim_Cramer

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Hopefully this will help to wake some sheep!

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i feel for the guy and his family because the dude's about to get either assassinated or abducted and detained in 3..2..

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Baby steps Plad. One principled soul at a time.

Well done TT. I hope that it is not your last public statement on these matters though. We need folk in highly visible positions to spread the news. Kudos.

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So while the world collapses around him, this asshole can take time to give a speech about some fucking shitfuck team that shouldn't even have made it past round 1, he cant take 5 minutes and open the fort knox doors for us? 

Ponzi Continuum 101. 

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the guy is OBVIOUSLY a racist

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As a Canucks fan, I hate Tim Thomas (not as much as Brad Ratface Marchand).

Now I love Tim Thomas more than Roberto Luango

nope-1004's picture

As a Canuck hater, I still hate the Canucks.  Roberto Luongo is an overpaid, overpriced, over praised meat head.  He stands there and has others take pot shots at him, making millions doing so.  Something clearly wrong with this world.


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You don't like Bobby Lou? LOL...

Go Timmy! Tell it like it is brother...

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 I just watched the clip. What a fucking asshole Obama is. Can't even deliver a speech. If this is the calibre of individual the New World Order puts as "king of the world" then it's not going to be hard to defeat them. 


Fuck you Obama!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Tell it like it is brothers!  

+ 1 to almost all of you upthread.

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Bravo Tim!  Good luck getting through TSA from now on, though.  Keep Rand Paul's cell number handy.

But in case anyone was unaware, there is a liberty movement occurring right now that absolutely supercedes party.

Do you hear the people sing?  Singing the songs of angry men.  It is the music of a people that will not be slaves again!

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May God bless you!  (Because you are going to need it to keep Big Bro off your back)

Now Let's Go Rangers!!

Cadavre's picture

My god, its full of stars!

Richard Chesler's picture

Just pushing the limits of I N D E N T A T I O N.


GetZeeGold's picture



That Bruin is a freakin Patriot!

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Wish he had added one more line to his statement,

"I support and will be voting for Dr. Ron Paul, a true champion of liberty and the Constitution". 

Then it would have been perfect.

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Nice! This is how to win the infowar!

JeffB's picture

I think they're still readying Rand Paul's cell for him, and I'm pretty sure that those Guantanamo cell numbers are classified information.

rocker's picture

 White Man can't jump.

 Black Man can't play Hockey.   ........

Who really cares.  It's about the message.  Both parties are destroying our Freedoms.

Gavrikon's picture

Rocker, didn't you get the memo?  Race is an artificial construct and there are no differences between the races.  Oops, did I just contradict myself?

JimBowie1958's picture

It is an artificial construct in terms of the science behind such things.

There are more white people in the US with african heritage in their DNA than there are blacks in the US.

In terms of DNA differences, the progession from one ethnic geological origin to its neighbor shows a gradual transition from one to the next, largely. For exampe many Meditteranean ethnicities carry the cycle cell anemia DNA as their neighbors in Africa do.

Some groups that migrated out of Africa in prior intergalacial periods evolved differently than other groups that they were later isolated from when that intergalacial period ended, and then they all mixed again when the modern human population spread out from Africa with the last intergalacial period. Whites appear to be white in part because we still retain a small amount of Neanderthal DNA.

But the fact of the matter is that other methods of differentiating people tells more about them than what their race is. Morphological groupings tell us far more about the shared health concerns and general behavior of a person than what the color of their skin tells us. A fat black man has more in common biologically with a fat white man than either have a with a tall skinny man of either race.

Our pseudo-science regarding race is an historical anachronism that is more about ethnic groups than about race.

Like it or not, your roots are out of Africa, and the vast majority of DNA in your body is shared with the rest of humanity with race being a largely insignificant indicator of anything important at all. We are all the same race, scientifically, except maybe for Aspergers people likeme who might be the next step in evolution upward from our jungle forebears.  (just kidding about the Aspergers thingy)

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Archie Bunker has entered the building!  ;-)

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1004- I have many fuckers taking pot-shots at me as well, but for a lot less than millions. What's the problem? ALL whores name their price, even oil-field whores/merchant mariners.

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As a Habs fan - well you know. Kudos to him for taking a stand. And he has a lot to lose like endorsements etc. (which he will). Should be NHL player of the year.

dick cheneys ghost's picture

Sheldon Adelson wants to rename las vegas......."Las Zion"........newt will do it too.........

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

He is god awful without a telepromter. 

Uh, the Bruins [looks down] they are [looks down] a good team.  [Looks down]  They played [looks down] well last year [looks down] and had long playoff beards to show for it!  [Looks down]  Bla bla bla, uh [looks down], bla bla bla.  [Looks down].....

55 men's picture

Good for this guy!  Hopefully they don't do to this guy what they did to john kerry, 2 black eyes and a broken nose...and they say he has been playing a lot of hockey....Yea right, he got his ass kicked by somebody.

SokPOTUS's picture Teresa Heinz Kerry, obviously...that bitch is nasty...

Ahmeexnal's picture

Exactly, there is no way anyone can play hockey with a bullet lodged in their right buttock and a purple heart medal up their ass.

Imminent Crucible's picture

All he said was, "Honey, it's Sunday night, and...." That's as far as he got.

eatthebanksters's picture

His wife caught in the closet with Barry O and kicked the shit out of him!

Gavrikon's picture

Barry does like those MANly-type women!

nmewn's picture

They make wireless hand held teleprompters now?

Caviar Emptor's picture

America's Gulag Archipelago: (about 1% of the population in jail, 3.5 % under correctional supervision)

The accelerating rate of incarceration over the past few decades is just as startling as the number of people jailed: in 1980, there were about two hundred and twenty people incarcerated for every hundred thousand Americans; by 2010, the number had more than tripled, to seven hundred and thirty-one. No other country even approaches that.

jeff montanye's picture

the war on drugs:  if one can get them in maximum security prisons, what's the point?  r.p. '12.

(it's one more way to keep the 99% afraid and in line)

I Got Worms's picture

The Prison Industrial Complex says "Hi!"

pods's picture

Well if drugs were legal, the CIA would go bankrupt!


nmewn's picture

I've long held the view we have too many laws.

I propose for every new law put forward, ten must be found to repeal before it passes from commitie for a vote. I'm of the opinion you and I couldn't walk or drive two blocks without breaking a local, state or federal law.

No loitering, spitting, disturbing of the peace, stay in your lane/crosswalk, signal before turning (but not too late or too soon), go faster or slower or else you're just a "revenue stream" ;-)

Caviar Emptor's picture

When enough laws get passed, we'll all be guilty until proven innocent

richard in norway's picture

when enough laws get passed we'll all be guilty.


there i fixed it for you

ClassicalLib17's picture

Amen nmewn,  My municipality's ordinance book is 3 inches thick.  You can add volumes and volumes more for county and state gov't.  Laws get passed in a knee jerk reaction and forgotten until it becomes advantageous for gov't revenue drives.  In Illinois, our state legislature enacted a law several years ago that requires automobile headlights to be turned on whenever it rains.  My state is fucking bankrupt and this is what our state legislature does with their time in session.  I told my useless state representative that she should go over to the local welfare office and spend the week there as she might learn something valuable.  She said their problems stem from a lack of funding and staff.  I will probably go down with the ship because our taxes and liabilities are making our homes unsaleable.  A-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h