Both Chicago PMI And Consumer Confidence Disappoint

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The adverse data onslaught continues with both the Chicago PMI and the UMichigan Consumer Confidence numbers coming in weaker than expected. Chicago printed at 58.8 on expectations of 60.0, down from 61.1, while consumer confidence was quantified with laser-like precision by UMichigan at 63.7, below expectations of 64.0, and the lowest since March 2009. The data behind the headlines was even uglier, as the Employment index in the PMI printed far lower, from 58.7 to 51.5, even as priced paid increased (yes, inflation) from 70.5 to 71.7, while new orders declined from 61.2 to 59.4. At the same time long-term inflation expectations are getting anchored ever higher, as the 5 year inflation rose from 2.8% to 2.9%, while the condition index plunged to 75.8, the lowest since November 2009. At least people's outlook on the future was unchanged at 56.0. Then again, all economic data is now irrelevant as everyone is preparing to listen to the republicans, the teleprompter and the democrats in that order imminently.

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It's okay the recovery is just gaining steam.

caerus's picture

green normal...move along...nothing to see here...

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Find something to short...... ???

fuu's picture

He said "to short" not "too short".

Spitzer's picture


I am shorting Canadian financials. They have a long way to fall compared to the US

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Short Robo's momos and short the dollar.

Is anyone short gold anymore?  Anyone?  Bueler?  Bueler?

Just a nasty breakout.  Look at the upside go.  New high...followed by a new high...

Blythe don't surf!

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How long PA is that bellend Simon Hobbs from CNBC? Anyone catch him almost in tears practically begging Akin to change his tune and vote for the Boehner plan. Who would have thought they actually buy into their own bullshit.

firstdivision's picture

...and yet we're 10 handles off the low already.  PPT must be jamming the "buy everything" button, but where are they getting the money?  Oh wait, it's basically a black ops operation, so they have no limit. 

kaiten's picture

QE3. Stagflation. Collapse.

djsmps's picture

And as every round of bad news hits, the markets gains strength.

EscapeKey's picture

DJIA now down 89. That's up 30 points since the release of said disappointing data.

But of course, it was priced in already.

The USD/JPY hit an intraday low of 77.011. When will 76 be broken?

fuu's picture

DXY under 74. Ben's making it rain.

firstdivision's picture

actually the rats are looking for better ships. 

Cdad's picture

Actually, that is Wall Street trying to do anything and everything possible to ramp equities...and it will fail.  I would not be short US dollars just now.

surfersd's picture

Why doesn't the FED just sell some of its stocks that it has been buying every afternoon? It can take the money from its E trade account and just wire it over to the Fed. Problem solved!!!

trentusa's picture

so, whatever doesn't kill u makes u stronger?

bigdumbnugly's picture

well, from recent experience if that data doesn't move the market up i don't know what will

slaughterer's picture

Those weekly SPY calls are too good to be true right now.  10 Handles up in 30 minutes.   Cashing out and heating up the popcorn for the DC show ... NOW!

JasperNewtonDaniel's picture

Looks like the Fed is once again the buyer of last resort for all asset classes.  Helicopter Ben just grabbed the collective and has pitched this bird into the air!

trentusa's picture

Ron Paul had the correct solution. The Fed Reserve owes the US taxpayer $1.6 trillion from when our own central bankers print money and then lend it back to US gov't- at interest.

     So we write off our own debt to ourself, bc it isn't a real debt like to China.

      We can default on ourselves w/ no consequences, pay all our other obligations, and the gov't gets to keep its AAA credit rating meanwhile most taxpayers don't even qualify for a credit card

JW n FL's picture

Morning Star

Video: Fear Trumps Greed in June Flows

Christine Benz and Kevin McDevitt comment on trends in U.S. mutual fund flows.


High Yield Bonds are getting crushed! Out Flows are nothing short of Record Breaking!

thecoloredsky's picture

Lady on bloomberg talking about a Yahoo story, says great things and that the stock is up. Before she could finish the stock went red and they sort of moved on quickly to the next story. haha! They can't even pump a stock for 30 seconds.

rubearish10's picture

What's so disturbing is the chart patterns remain "in place". This only means the bots are still in command backed by TPTB. Still looking for the "emotional" side of things. Not today.

Cole Younger's picture

The PPT is hard at work right now.

caerus's picture

go go gadget market manipulator!

mynhair's picture

Please!  Attention to your Teleprompter-Repeaters!

4shzl's picture

At the same time long-term inflation expectations are getting anchored ever higher, as the 5 year inflation rose from 2.8% to 2.9%

Meanwhile, the yield on the 5-yr. augers down to 1.4%.  I'll bet on the folks who bet with their money, not their mouths.  Deflation, bitchez!

WW's picture

Attention Tea Party Anarchists!

We the People want our Flags and history back.

People who live  in what is still the #1 country in the world should expect to pay taxes.

People on the left should expect to pay for their safety nets.

Where is the sanity in the middle?

It's the best country in history. As everyone on this blog knows there are no perfect countries.

Temporalist's picture

"It's the best country in history" is a bunch of bullshit.  That rah rah peabrain mentality is just used to keep people toiling for scraps while the true masters live anywhere they choose.

WW's picture

You're right!

We're peons.

I just try and follow the scraps.

There are many advantages to living in the US though.

Many more opportunities.

Most of my visits overseas are like a big USA appreciation tour.

Temporalist's picture

I was trying to add to my post before you replied.


The U.S. is the best possible attempt at good government, i.e. small government, in the history of the world I would agree with.

Lady: 'Sir, what have you given us?'

Benjamin Franklin: 'A Republic Ma'am, if you can keep it'...'s picture

As everyone on this blog knows there are no perfect countries.


Of course there are no perfect countries -- their governments are simply gangs of thieves writ large. Sovereignty lies with the individual alone. There are no perfect individuals either but each of us has a far better understanding of ourselves, our talents and our needs than does Obama or Boehner.

"Don't Tread on Me" is in no way a collectivist plea. It's the only flag I truly respect.

WW's picture

O' Bummer and Boner following the script still!

espirit's picture

C'mon, what are the real numbers?

Caviar Emptor's picture

Hat Trick!!! GDP, ISM Chicago, U Mich !

And all of it is confirmatory to Biflation theory: 

-GDP: core PCE came way above expected, while growth sagged below a low expectation

-Chicago PMI: PMI weak, employment and new orders disapoint but not prices paid! 


The pattern is set, bitchez

WW's picture

The Remocrats are still trying to scare us so we will accept whatever ridiculous "plan" they come up with.

Didn't we do this under Bush1?

Canceled a perfectly good super collider project. Now the world goes to France for Physics expertise.

Having stated my disgust with politics as usual -

I don't think that I would have done as well as I have almost anywhere else. 

There are too many class and financial barriers elsewhere.

WW's picture

Soft Patch turning into hard patch!

I think I'll go watch Cowboys and Aliens this afternoon.

That makes more sense to me!

JW n FL's picture

I dont know who the idiot junkers are this week.. but I am sure they are well paid by the Remocrats!! LOVE THAT!! REMOCRATS!! I amy have to share that one! it has legs!

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