British Leaders Suggest Panic Buying Of Gasoline To Avoid Panic Buying Of Gasoline

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The threat of a gas tanker-driver strike has brought out the best in British political double-speak to calm a fearful nation. Queues Lines are forming at every and any gas station as fears of an Easter-break strike has the blokes back in blighty filling up every and any container they can to stockpile petrol. In response to a panic-worthy statement by Cabinet Minister Francis Maude who said "People should take precautions, just in the way the Government has taken precautions doing some sensible planning," and drivers should keep their tanks at least two-thirds full in anticipation of a shortage, sales of Jerry cans have risen this week. This pre-emptive stockpile-driven panic-buying to avoid real panic-buying should the strike occur spurred some calming words from Energy secretary Ed Davey "I don't think they (drivers) need to queue, I don't think they need to change their behavior very much,". Too late mate! More economically concerning were comments, cited by The Telegraph from the government that "We are under no illusion, the impacts of a tanker strike could be very severe for our economy, could really disrupt the lives of millions of people." As the head of the retail motor industry federation noted "I think the government have mishandled this from the very start" and in the pun-of-the-day, Sky News notes the government "made a crude decision to play politics with petrol without regard for the consequence." When will the Fed's actions finally lift sales of currency-stockpiling wheelbarrows we wonder? Or alternatively, a Toilet Paper run based on the Treasury's relentless "actions"?


The Daily Mail on the mixed messages from the government:


and memories of years gone by - "Don't Panic Mr. Mainwaring":

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Leadership, innit?

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Blimey, I need to get me some Gerry cans for my petrol.

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For those willing to thumb their noses at America's CARB laws

CARB laws = emission laws?  (or no?)

Is it illegal to store some gas?



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Ohhh...the Fuel Can Oracle you seek.

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Ohhh...the Fuel Can Oracle you seek.

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The NSA is monitoring hh's internet activity again... causing the double post...

Problem Is's picture

The NSA is monitoring hh's internet activity again... causing the double post...

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For the record, Americans should never break the law by carrying fuel in these fuel cans, only carry non-potable water in these fuel cans.  Also, for the record, it is my firm belief that NSA employees are underpaid, highly productive, and generally very attractive individuals with great senses of humor.

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For the record, Americans should never break the law by carrying fuel in these fuel cans, only carry non-potable water in these fuel cans. Also, for the record, it is my firm belief that NSA employees are underpaid, highly productive, and generally very attractive individuals with great senses of humor.

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well, that's really no different than the aapl philosophy in the states.

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Now when the petrol situation gets out of control in old Blighty, they'll have someone to blame.  "Now let's all remember how we stood shoulder to shoulder against Jerry during the Blitz."

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So it MUST be Iran that is making your tanker drivers strike , you see we need to invade them to stop this , but whatever you do don't panic. Preppers sit back ,get a deck chair at the gas , sorry petrol stations and laugh at everyone.

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Actually I don't think it would be a bad idea to stockpile some here in the US. I have a few 5 gallon containers. Not much, but maybe enough to avoid any couple week long clusterfuck.  Of course I wouldn't really recomend this if you don't have a safe place to store it lol.

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I've saved and filled all my paper milk cartons for a year.  I store them next to my gas water heater.   

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All underwater mortgages should follow suit

rsnoble's picture

LOL. Nice.  You'd be surprised how stupid some people are with this stuff however I doubt many of them are on ZH.

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I think I know where you're going with this...all of your guns and ammo on the other side of the water heater will also go up in flames.

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You can buy a mini fuel pump and storage for the garage or shed at Canadian tire.  Otherwise you can call an HVAC guy to come and install a fuel tank on the property to do a proper job of it and make sure you've got 500 gallons on site.

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Does this mean there will be a run on sauerkraut and cauliflower?

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So let's say five europe-bound tankers suddenly sink in the Persian Gulf this coming Monday night?

Then another five next Friday night.

Bwahaha WAGFDSMB's picture

I don't know.  How many tankers does it take to match Deepwater Horizon?

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It is odd with trillion dollar deficits the USA has never had such a comparative advantage. Thank God we don't have any odd..."foreign entanglements"!

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Yeah, *blush* went panic buying for diesel yesterday. Third gas station lucky. Only a 15 mins wait. Got a full tank now, so bring it on fuckers.

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Filled up my five cars yesterday, so I'm sorted mate.  I prepare prudently, you stock up, he/she hoards criminally.

and along those lines:
I am firm, you are stubborn, he is is pigheaded
I'm a freedom-fighter, you're a rebel, he's a terrorist.

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Panic is the new normal

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Matt Simmons suggested..when our finished motor gasoline stocks were 78 million ... that if every car in the US.. all 250 million vehicals or so, would wipe out the stocks .. today the stocks are about 59 million barrels.  

If US consumers all fill tank at same time.. all the finished stocks woudl be in our gas tanks... there would be no more gas at the station bitchez.


course he's dead now ..

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Don't worry, a long overdue market take-down will do the trick.  Bernanke must have been asleep at the wheel.

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Gas is so expensive around me the gas stations are empty, no waiting on all 10 pumps......

mayhem_korner's picture



That's prolly more a function of the fact that no one is employed.

dark pools of soros's picture

double it and the roads will be empty - wheee!!   Hopefully the cops go broke buying gas too!!

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Queues Lines


Can I click 'Like' on the above a hundred times?

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Don't tell em your name pike!

I have a funnel and hose pipe, so will go and fill up at night when needed.

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To suggest that the fiat paper dollar can be used as toilet paper I think is an insult to toilet paper.

Worse than waterboarding would be stuffing all the fiat paper dollars up the butts of the people who originated them.

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The queue forms at the rear.

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The funny bit is that the tanker union hasn't even confirmed if they will be going on strike or not and even if they did, they have to give a one week notice.

The whole think is like this enormous example of government shooting themselves on the foot ... with a shotgun ... while simultaneously trying to suicide by self-chocking.

I for one vote for them to post lots of "Keep Calm and Carry On" signs all over the place.

Non Passaran's picture

I recommend to panic comes to one's mind.
As far as signs go, I prefer that flashing "PANIC" sign from Airplane.

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You forgot about the orange in the mouth whilst strangling themselves with electrical cable and finally dressed up as a woman... the Tories love the kinky stuff.

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This is damn scary (and fucking ridiculous).  If people are panicking this much at the hint of a strike where the strikers would need to give seven days notification, then what will people be like if/when the shit-hits-the-fan and there's a real crisis?

I had this feeling last summer when the cities were in flames - people are really jumpy and it doesn't seem to take much for the herd to panic.

I don't think we'll cope well when things go really pear-shaped - Martial law and rationing, I guess.

Western societies may be closer to collapse than they appear to be :(

Flakmeister's picture

Yep... a brave new dystopia beckons....

pods's picture

Come to North Carolina when snow is mentioned on the news.  You will see just how "in time" our just in time deliveries are.


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That's because nobody trusts the politicians in the UK.

It's a bit like the reverse of the "Boy that cried wolf" story - in this spin doctor age, politicians spend most of the time telling us everything is alright and that they have things under control while it usually turns out that it's not so, so by now nobody believes their words of comfort.

Also, it doesn't help that blunders are frequent and nobody really gets punished for them.

When SHTF things are going to be a mess around here.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

Have to deal with Gas vapors and then the gas goes bad over time.  Storing it needs allot of stuff.

Calmyourself's picture

Yes lots of stuff, a vent and stabil.. Sigh, the decline of Western manhood...

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"A bit of extra fuel in a Jerry Can" is hardly an invitation to panic-buy.

It is for once, a sensible bit of advice from a Government.


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It's none of government's business to advice and consult.