Brussels... We Have A Problem

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The following chart from Ray Dalio's Bridgewater probably explains why the words "funding gap" (or "math") will never be uttered by any Eurocrat as that would mean the jig is up. It is also quite self-explanatory: it simply presents visually all that ZH and others have been saying for years.

And to think Europe already spent €2 trillion in bailout cash achieving... nothing

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Dive! Dive! Dive!


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Tax evader Tim Geithner to the rescue!



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Merkel illustrates what is coming to the eurosheeple:

"stimmulus für die Schafe"

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I am shocked and appalled at the immaturity of European politicians and central bankers. I can’t help but empathize with President Van Rompuy as he strives for a united Europe, only to be met with cowardly and childish political gridlock. It is true that Europe is suffering from a lack of integration and monetary union, but more fundamentally Europe is suffering from a sense of political identity. Europeans need to start believing in politics again. They need to start believing in the dream to which visionaries like President Van Rompuy and commissioner Barroso have selflessly dedicated their lives. A dream of a united Europe, with organized, efficient government that delivers what the people need when they need it, and a thriving economy, guided by the best and the brightest economic planners, with freedom, liberty and prosperity for all.    


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lol..not bad MDB (not your best, but not bad).

Van Rompuy..."visionary"...ha.

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Reductio Ad Absurdum, FTMFW!

With a little Poe's Law thrown in for maximum troll-bait.

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Why don't these charts ever go past 2012?

...Oh. Well, shit.

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'Funding gap?, please, just borrow it...


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I don't understand who is giving MDB the down arrows. This is indeed good stuff.

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MBD, you want a job at the Fed, don't cho? You are awesome at spin.

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now give me my $3,000 thingamajig'z

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There's a Mr. Farage on line 2 for you. He's asking for your address and mentioned something about 'kneecaps'...

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Gold is prone to long booms and busts. Before its latest dip, it multiplied five times in value over a decade, mocking stocks and other investments. Before that, it lost money for 20 years.


How Much Gold Do Investors Need? Zero Should Suffice

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>one last piece of advice: Forget about Krugerrands. Buy your spouse something expensive, lovely and high-carat.


Spoken like someone who has never held a krugerrand.

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"In other words, gold might suffer from a multiple personality disorder."


Yeah like when it goes under $1000 an ounce.

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There is nothing more bullish than articles like this in WSJ!


This makes me feel great

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I don't know if I should laugh or cry at this troll post, it's ridiculous yet it is reality in the EU...

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You should submit stuff to the onion.

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lmao I'm loving the sarcasm! Brilliant M$B.

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"I can’t help but empathize with President Van Rompuy"

No surprise there, you also have the charisma of a damp rag, and I wouldn't be too surprised if you have the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk.

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Mr.Trololo just passed away today... :(

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The fucka Barroso is still here, damn day!

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Please let me know who your supplier is, because I want to smoke the stuff you are smoking.

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Please let me know who your supplier is, because I want to smoke the stuff you are smoking.

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...and who, disguised as clark kent, fights a never-ending battle against Progressive boobs, butt-wipes and the endless parade of useful idiots!

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More silly, clown-like material from MDB.

Europeans need to start believing in politics again.

All of them believe in politics, they just do not believe in the same politic thought, and there is no chance of that changing, right now.

In so far as believing, again, I am guessing that the first (and last) time they ever believed in the same political thought was when the Roman Empire dominated Europe. 

What Euros need to learn to do is get off their lazy behinds and work.


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'They need to start believing in the dream...'

Best advice yet...

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Europe aint dumb enough to fill that gap but they do have Ben Bernanke/IMF on speed dial.

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As if the quantitative trends werent bad enough, the qualitative trends (the ideas surrounding this clusterfuck) are even worse -- look at what the european voters and politicians are saying they want.... a supernova is inevitable.

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Timmah has a master plan to save the Eurodisneyland Union. Arithmetic will be banned for everyone except those who hold an official government sanctioned License to Figure.

Arithmetic performed by Figure Licensees is subject to modification by the Eurodisneyland Union Ministry of Figures.


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I gave you an arrow up, not because this was funny, but because it is simply true.

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The math part had already been accomplished. They refer to is as "Outcome-based Education."

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... better bring a lot of salvage equipment.  The e.U.-471 was on the surface trying to fix their ballast tanks.

Probably not going to come back up since they left the screen door open to boot.


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When this whole game implodes, it will change the way that countries (if they are the same after the implosion) will ever do business again.  We will have a world wide hyperstagflation and most of the currency will be worth nothing.

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$3k worth of peas is all we need now to stave of any liabilty.

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He didn't mention if that is $3K in today's dollars or post printing press dollars...

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Can't Europe find a thingamajig to fill that gap?

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Would you put your thingamajig in there? I'm not putting my thingamajig in there, unh-ah.

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Not even if it was the very last hoohah.

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Not while the entire business community is bullish on Widgets.


Thingamajig's and whatchamacallit's are in a holding pattern until the guy with the stuff shows up and does something about the situation.


Clear as mud.

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Suicide markets.

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I hear that their airport security is making sure that every passenger has a gun AND a bomb when boarding.

Janet Napolean-wanto is crapping in her nylons.