Bundesbank: "Mein Entschluss: Anschluss-Plus" - Germany Reveals The European Annexation Blueprints

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We were wondering how long it would be before Germany, following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner, would formally announce to the world that with it now openly calling the shots in Europe, it would be its way or the mutual assured destruction way. We just got our answer courtesy of the just released August Outlook from the Bundesbank, in which the German national bank lays out the framework of the upcoming European anschluss play by play, as Germany prepares to roll out the Fourth Reich welcome mat without ever spilling a drop of blood. After all: why injure the soon to be millions of debt slaves? To wit from the report: "Unless and until a fundamental change of regime occurs involving an extensive surrender of national fiscal sovereignty, it is imperative that the no bail-out rule that is still enshrined in the treaties and the associated disciplining function of the capital markets be strengthened, and not fatally weakened." Translation: "we will gladly help everyone out... in exchange for a little of that vastly overrated fiscal sovereignty... Did we say a little? We meant all of it..."

Here are the salient points from the just released Bundesbank manifesto of Mutual Assured Anschluss or else:

Overall, there is a risk that the originally agreed institutional framework of the monetary union will increasingly become eroded.

As noted, there is but one proposed solution:

Unless and until a fundamental change of regime occurs involving an extensive surrender of national fiscal sovereignty, it is imperative that the no bail-out rule that is still enshrined in the treaties and the associated disciplining function of the capital markets be strengthened, and not fatally weakened.

You want your stupid brilliant monetary union? Fine.

You want us to pay for it? Sure.

The cost? Your "extensive" national independence.

Full passage:

The recent resolutions transfer sizeable additional risks to the countries providing assistance and their taxpayers, and go a long way towards communitising risks caused by unsound public finances and misguided macroeconomic policies in individual euro-area countries. This weakens the foundations of monetary union, which is based on the principles of national fiscal responsibility and the disciplining effect of capital markets, without noticeably increasing the influence and control over individual national fiscal policies as a quid pro quo. Overall, there is a risk that the originally agreed institutional framework of the monetary union will increasingly become eroded. While fiscal policy will continue to be determined by democratically elected parliaments at national level, the resultant risks and burdens will increasingly be borne by the Community in general and the financially sound countries in particular, without this being offset by any concrete powers to intervene in the sovereignty of national fiscal policies. No comprehensive change in the European treaties is currently envisaged that would democratically empower a central entity to exert some control over national budgetary policies. This means there is a danger that the euro-area countries’ propensity to incur debt may increase even further, and the euro area’s single monetary policy will be increasingly susceptible to the temptation to adopt an accommodating stance. Unless and until a fundamental change of regime occurs involving an extensive surrender of national fiscal sovereignty, it is imperative that the no bail-out rule that is still enshrined in the treaties and the associated disciplining function of the capital markets be strengthened, and not fatally weakened.

h/t Geoffrey Batt

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slewie the pi-rat's picture

hey, CPL!

as i posted when the early lies abt fuk_u were coming in: "oncologists on the west coast are now ordering their new tesla roadsters"

re libya:  when i checked i got 143 tribes, plus the berbers;  and yes, how they "coalesce" here, politically, into 10-12 groups, provided the moQ's head is raised in a pike, will be v. intersting, especially when they realize how fuked they are by "NATO" and the "transitional goobermint", compared to the moQ! sonuva BiCh that he may be, does anyone believe that he absolutely loves (loved?) libya, especially viz-a-vis the NWO?

and jalil?  yes he certainly loves libya and the NWO, doncha think? good luck with that!  eh?

wasn't it funny over the weekend when the NWO "reported", as they went into tripoli with armor, that the moQ had "fled by sea" so everybody can just rejoice now, and, of course, surrender their arms to those who have US drones as "air cover"?

my dad recently told me that NY, the "empire state" is going to open its own casinos!  for the benefit of the poor and downtrodden who will probably receive a share, like the the tribal memberz, and, of couse, the sicilian "tribes" will be strictly forbidden to participate, doncha think?  /s/

hmmmm...do we have any stats abt how TPTB treat varous "tribes"?  L0L!

Herbert_guthrie's picture

Yes, I am also curious as to your "time is up" prediction from a couple weeks ago.

I believed you, packed up the wife and kids, and we have sat outside DIA waiting to be processed into the nuke shelter ever since.......

You wouldn't just sound an alarm on ZeroHedge based on bad rumor, now would you?

CPL's picture

See above post


Besides where would you run?  Radioactivity only moves around lead.  Since there has been a lead shortage for around ten years, there aren't enough fishing wieghts to build a house out of.

Herbert_guthrie's picture

Running in circles might prevent neutrons from fixing themselves to cells. It hasn't been proven, but so far I am non-cancerous!

Ahmeexnal's picture

So that's why they removed lead from paint.

Now your walls can't protect you from radiation.

Azannoth's picture

Nothing new the Bankers put the burden on the (German) taxpayer for their World hegemony

schadenfreude's picture

This will result in massive protests on the street here in Germany.

The discussed Euro Bond light (just the 60% base of EU-countries debt are covered) means about 5tr. EUR, which means about 1.3tr. for Germany. This would bring debt ratio to GDP to a whopping 160% if the EU project fail.

Who said, that the Germans are going to have the lead in the EU government, because the article doesn't say they have to give up their fiscal sovereignity to Germany but to a "EU government" ? Once again a French / Spanish / Italian etc.... politician who leads this shit?

Looking at the ruins of US of A I really do not want to have a US of E going the same road as US is going.

Sequitur's picture

Eurozone goes "boom."

scratch_and_sniff's picture

Not much of a slave if you can turn around and tell your master to fuck off when ever you fancy it.

Jim in MN's picture

Are your taxes are belong to us...and now is the time in Bundesbank when we dance!

Cue Kraftwerk at top volume

Bastiat's picture

That is worse than Rick Roll.

Esso's picture

11 ups & 1 down? Sorry, Tyler, I gotta junk that on principle. This is supposed to be Fight Club, not Apple Polisher Club.

Zero Debt's picture

And all our debt are belongs to your children, and all their debt belongs to their grandchildren, and so on and so forth, with interest.

hognutz's picture

Sieg Heil!  Deutchland Uber Alles!

jakethesnake76's picture

Hell Ya they don't even have to fire a shot unless you count rubber bullets and water cannons on the few protesters ;-) win-win for the banks. Meanwhile back home we bailing out the soon to be defunct BoA...http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-08-21/wall-street-aristocracy-got-1-2... tax payers rejoice ;-)

Sudden Debt's picture




Dr. Richard Head's picture

I always wondered why so much poop porn had the porn stars speaking German. Apparently the German people like being shat upon. 

krispkritter's picture

I've grown cabbages but never 'moustages'. Is this a new variant?

Dr. Richard Head's picture

It's like a landing strip, only smaller and stinkier.

He_Who Carried The Sun's picture

Go  f***  your  fat racoon and enjoy!

Oh regional Indian's picture

Aaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnd the 4th reich states it's case.

In no uncertain terms. Be afraid Europe, very afraid.

Vivek (ORI)


scratch_and_sniff's picture

See the posted sprockets video above and go away and have a good think about that.

Oh regional Indian's picture

On dial up, so will not. I'm sure your send off is politely well intention-ed, thanks. But I'm only saying what I've said and known for the better part of a decade.

The reich is rising back in the Fatherland. The homeland, which I presume you call home (USSA) was a holding/plundering station, is all. Perhaps the truth will be obvious before years end.

Meanwhile, the interwebs are full of information that shows exactly that. 

The entire US MIC is based on Operation Paperclip.

Vivek (ORI)

Bastiat's picture

Yeah, you might have to become competent at something . . . and work!  The horror!

Oh regional Indian's picture

What? Are you responding to me? Whatever, you are not a follow-up guy anyways, so worthless to engage.

Vivek (ORI)

Jim in MN's picture

He was helping you warn Europe. 

Oh regional Indian's picture

oops Bastiat, my apologis, I mis-understood.

Vivek (ORI)

Internet Tough Guy's picture

Fourth Reich? Hyperbolic rhetoric, engage! Set phasers on TEOTWAWKI.

GCT's picture

I was discussing this last week over at Mish's and I was called an idiot by a couple of posters and here it is.  May go over there and call some of them sheeple.  Welcome all to the Dictatorsip of Europe without a shot fired.  Will this actually happen?  I am not so sure.  This will require each soverign country to give up their soverignty.  I  am sure some of the PIIGS nations may well do this.  Each country will have to change its constitution. This is no small thing. 

I can see this already.  Greece and others will now have the central enforcers coming to their homeland when they do not meet thier goals.  Tax collectors from the central authority enforcing collections.  Retirement age will be the same across the countires that agree to this. The riots could get real ugly this time. This is dangerous in my mind.

PulauHantu29's picture

Deutschland über alles...... looks like Germany is the powerhouse of the EU....again.


Will they work harder to bail out Greece? Italy? Portugal? Spain?

Is it their duty to do so?

Durchbruch's picture

Deutschland über alles !  El pueblo europeo unido jamas sera vencido !  Europe will come back from this crisis more powerful than ever. 

alien-IQ's picture

Oh this is going to end well...

NotApplicable's picture

It's definitely going to leave a mark.

kato's picture

Stupid, ugly, ignorant misrepresentation to say 'Fourth Reich' and most everything else you say about Germany.

SheepDog-One's picture

Right, the 4th Reich is actually here in the US!

eureka's picture

The Anglo Derivative Reich Variety.

Confused's picture

Thank you. Germans, much like the Americans, are at the mercy of TPTB. Which are all part of the same club.

rwe2late's picture

 The US has also been pressuring US-occupied Japan to re-arm and re-militarize.

the tower's picture

Most people on this site don't seem to have a working knowledge about anything else than the USA... but they insist on having an opinion and come up with lame ww2 shit... if there's one country that 100% surrendered to commercialism it's the USA. Shut down your fucking computer and start building a life and a country you fucking American morons, before it's too late!

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

Yeah, those non-commercialist Germans, with their substantially better lives built around activites like.... drinking beer.... and watching sports on television.... and buying stuff.... and making stuff that other people buy!  So much better than everyone else!!!

Ausperity's picture

Reichbonds, Bitchez!

lolmao500's picture

So how long before they make an European army and invade Russia again?

rwe2late's picture

 Are you referring to the US-led NATO?

DefiantSurf's picture

each passing day  the previously unbelievable becomes more and more believable and in some cases comes to pass...


I don't discount any opinions anymore



SheepDog-One's picture

Sure, we'll bail you out, after you sign over all your assets and lands are belong to us!

Sieg HEIL!